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Overview on Digital Chameleon's learning and development programs for digital marketers. Our approach is based on elearning modules and face-to-face workshops that are metrics-driven, enterprise-scalable and affordable.

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Digital Chameleon Learning Solutions

  1. 1. Digital Marketing & Advertising Learning Solutions Learn to adapt Digital Chameleon helps you stay ahead of the competition by enabling your organization to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital, social and mobile marketing and media quickly and cost-effectively. We turn our customers into Digital Chameleons. Digital Chameleon enables com- panies and individuals to adapt to The Digital ever-changing digital media. It Chameleon does this through its market differ- Approach to entiator of providing real-world, Learning practical information from expert practitioners. This is not theory. Lastly, it does this through cost-  eLearning mod- effective, scalable learning solu- ules provide funda- tions. mental principles and concepts The eLearning Difference  Face-to-face ses- Digital Chameleon offers eLearning sions build on modules that cover more than a eLearning by work- dozen areas focusing on key digital shopping REAL skills, techniques and processes. Our eLearning is: team challenges Our modules have been developed along instructional design principles  Truly interactive, including point and co-authored by real world prac- and click opportunities to explore  Learning metrics content at will establish program titioners. They are updated regular- ly and represent the “state of play”  Practitioner-based, including inter- ROI. Progress re- in a constantly shifting digital land- views with digital thought leaders porting and final scape. assessments en- in many modules sure achieving or-  Practical, with actual problem- ganizational goals Metrics-driven Learning solving scenarios for learners to work through Digital Chameleon provides you with accountability around your invest-  Expert authored by working digital ment in organizational learning. By marketing professionals conducting pre– and post program surveys, we can demonstrate  Fun, with immersive games in Our Solutions... which learners participate in growth in skills and confidence lev- els around digital marketing. By online role playing  Maximize learning supplying regular reporting on user while minimizing  Supported by a robust eLearning progress, we can ensure complete online community developed by travel and time away engagement with the program. And Digital Chameleon from job by providing a final assessment for each user, we can guarantee your  Geo-versioned for Australia/New  Increase the Digital/ learners will leave the program as Zealand, Asia Pacific and US/ Social IQ and confi- confident, skilled up and ready to Canada markets. dence of individuals take on their digital marketing chal- and entire organiza- lenges. tions  Cost-effectively Let’s talk about Scalable Learning today! scale learning Digital Chameleon offers a complete end-to-end learning solution you can deploy across the enter- across your organization TODAY. Unlike traditional training, our blended learning prise – to the right approach provides a scalable solution that will dramatically increase your team’s audience at the right confidence and skills levels before, during and after face-to-face sessions. And time our metrics-driven approach guarantees success. Contact us today!© Digital Chameleon or visit