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Accelerate Brand Publishing Overview Guide 2012


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Digital Chameleon's Accelerate Brand Publishing course overview for its e-learning curricula

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Accelerate Brand Publishing Overview Guide 2012

  1. 1. Accelerate Brand Publishing Module Overview From Traditional Marketing to Brand Publishing Rebooting EVERYTHING Brand publishing ignites the Learning potential for every brand to Objectives become a publisher. Digital story telling is arguably the Recognise how some biggest challenge to tradi- brands are building content tional marketing since the marketing strategies and opening of the digital fron- why tier. It puts all brand assets Learn about some of the into play and harnesses tactics and strategies of untapped expertise and basic content creation knowledge that resides in every nook and cranny of an Identify some approaches organization. It short, it to take in using social me- demands a reboot of every- dia can become a powerful thing traditional marketing channel for brand publish- ing rests on. The Accelerate Brand Pub- lishing course explores and explains simple and effective approaches to launching a brand publishing strategy. Three Keys: Strategy, Content Creation and Social Media & Content together a content marketing Key Take Aways campaign and considers some Content is fungible and in- metrics for content marketing fuses all elements of brand ROI. communication strategy New platforms, rules and Content Creation: Explains how types of media represent lots to commission a content-based of challenges (and opportu- program, how to utilise tried and nities) for brand marketers true techniques and processes for When content strategy is brand publishing and identifying infused with social media how to integrate multimedia con- flavours, the result is a pow- tent into a content plan. erful brew of brand publish- Accelerate is made up of three ing modules: Social Media & Content: Under- Any brand can (and should) stand the relationship between be a content publisher Strategy: Reviews the changing content and social media, learn Smart beats big budgets; trends and behaviour that is revo- how to construct an integrated content marketing levels the lutionising digital engagement’ content/social media approach playing field. looks at how brands are already and how to listen to what your driving content marketing efforts, audience is saying (and what they covers the basics of putting want from your brand).© Digital Chameleon or visit
  2. 2. Overview Experts and Practitioner-based InstructionFrom TraditionalMarketing As a learner, you want to hear from the people that areto Brand Publishing “doing it” and you want Real World perspective, not theo- What’s in the ry. That’s why Accelerate was designed with input from Accelerate experts whose day jobs are spent tackling content mar- Brand keting challenges. You’ll find their commentary throughout Publishing each module, often with spe- cific tips you can put to work Modules? right way. Total time: 3 ½ hours Total exercises & quizzes: 13Total resources (files & links): 45 “To be effective in Total videos: 29Total interactive panels: content marketing, you have to be willing to 22 break through silos.” Total glossary terms defined: 78 No. ofpractitioners &experts in com- munity, socialmedia, content, B2B & niche and search: 5Page 2© Digital Chameleon or visit
  3. 3. Real Brands, Real Examples Overview From Traditional The Accelerate Brand Publishing modules put Marketing the spotlight on brands who are succeeding in to Brand Publishing many different aspects of content marketing– from banks to brewers, toymakers to automak- ers and everything in between. Processes & Principles Accelerate learning is designed to share practical and applicable approaches, with step-by-step explanations on how to achieve spe- cific results. Page 3© Digital Chameleon or visit
  4. 4. Term Definition Overview From Traditional Marketing Atomising breaking your core content down in to formats suitable for different mediums e.g. to Brand Publishing forming a Tweet out of a the subject of a white paper Curate Select and organise information Image content strategy devising a strategy around the images associated with your brand, whether they are in existence or newly created Infographics graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge Link bait any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website Long tail journalism tailoring content for long term exposure and engagement, as opposed to more immediate "big bang" impact Morphing taking core content and changing it into different offerings e.g. information from an e-book into an infographic Multi-tweeting creating different Twitter accounts for different audiences Retweet republishing someone else’s tweet although the original tweet along with author is included So/Lo/Mo Social-Local-Mobile Social media marketing efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks Tweet Post of under 140 characters on Twitter Viral An image, video, or piece of content that is circulated rapidly on the Internet to engage with a follower Page 4© Digital Chameleon or visit