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WorkFromAnywhere H4R Stanford 2020

WorkFromAnywhere H4R Stanford 2020

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WorkFromAnywhere H4R Stanford 2020

  1. 1-Click Relocation 60 Interviews (+24 today)Mentors: Craig Seidel, Adi Bittan
  2. Christina Pan Alisha Adam Aaron Mitchell Edward Sanders Degree / Major University Stanford affiliation Stanford BS, MS in Computer Science Stanford BA International Relations, MS Computer Science BFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art Stanford MBA LinkedIn profile URL or online bio /christinaapan/ /alishaadam/ /aaron-mitchell-design/ /sandersedward/ Are you a subject matter expert (SME) for this team? No Yes – exposure to urban mobility and hospitality No Yes – aviation & tourism Anything interesting we should know about you I work as a software engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Launched Uber in my hometown (Vancouver, Canada), which was previously the largest city in NA without ridesharing I’ve worked as a designer in tech for 8 years including at a startup accelerator and at Rover, a pet care marketplace Launched the first low cost airline in Japan
  3. What we observed before class started Day 1: 1-6 month stays in domestic USA Day 2: 1-2 month stays in non-touristic domestic USA towns Day 3: Two-sided marketplace for towns to incentivize relocations Day 4: Door-to-door relocation service for ‘multi-mover’ WFHers Company policies encouraged/mandated WFH Technology was – mostly – up for it (zoom preschools!) People had a preference to be nearer to family & friends, nearer to lifestyle features and in lower cost regions What we thought happens as a result More people move More permanent moves More frequent, temporary moves What we tested to try serve this big change
  4. What we learned: “Cleveland is not sexy” Most people had predetermined reasons for moving somewhere Maybe towns need to try harder… so could we match people, like a date/job offer, with towns who want them to relocate? What we learned: “You couldn’t pay me $10,000 to go to Tulsa” Most people had predetermined reasons for moving somewhere The pain less finding somewhere to move, but doing the move itself What we learned: No-one thought of 6m WFH as ‘working while on vacation’ Value proposition not evident for tourist destinations with own ‘pull’ / brand equity People were keen to get away and had an idea of where already
  5. DAY 1-4 Two MVPs used DAY 4 We built a simple landing page advertising 3 cities that are currently offering incentives for remote workers to move there. Objective: Collect emails and capture a signal if users are interested in learning about city offers or a door to door moving service Results: 25 unique visitors. No email signups. Feedback that this was intriguing, but people are still wary of moving “anywhere”. They would be more open to offers within a state/region where had already decided to move DAY 2 Part A: Simple, interviewer-directed Q&A to collect customer needs and expectations objective: gather use- case information to test hypothesis on duration, destination, cost Part B: Clickable airbnb style prototype that lets users compare six different destinations objective: gauge reaction to non- traditional destination and content displayed; gather other information like price and decision criteria
  6. Relocating to a new city Moving Working Living Finding new work space Disconnecting wi-fi & utilities Choosing the right city Choosing a neighborhood Finding an apartment Furnishing the apartment Building a local community Connecting wi-fi & utilities Cleaning the apartment Adding personal touches Level of pain: High Med Low Finding hobbies / leisure Buying the essentials Packing stuff up Shipping to destination Unpacking at destination Finding storage Finding packing materials Selling furniture Moving into storage Travelling to destination Maintaining productivity Local transportation Packing up work space Customers: Learning about where there’s pain “If it wasn’t such a hassle to relocate each time, we would move twice a year” “I’ve got friends all over the country. With WFH you can spend proper time with them, not just a weekend trip” DAY 5
  7. WFA Agreed Relocation Requirements Partners Partners: Learning about where there’s value Relocation activities Base rate Storage $100-200pm Furniture sold / bought $500-5,000 Packing & shipping $2,000-4,000 Housing (temporary, longer term) $500-3,000pm Utilities (wifi, cable, power) $200pm In home services (cleaning, essentials) $100-200pm Out of home services (gym, office-share) $100-400pmCustomer Potential for affiliate or management fees “We only do corporate moves. If you’re an individual, try calling a shipping company.” DAY 5
  8. Relocation Companies Owned Property Property Marketplace Towns & Cities 11 responses for requests to book one month stays This business is incredibly fragmented (corporate-only vs. regional-only vs. cross-country) It’s incredibly hard and time consuming to figure out which relocation company is right for you. White glove services impose a minimum weight, which means smaller moves are overcharged. Delivery timelines are 1-3 weeks, meaning that individuals need to plan for this time gap. Lease arbitrage, with a 20% margin at best, high operating cost and the risk of vacancy loss is “kind of shit” “It was a mistake to treat perishable product like software.” Marketplace vs. control: Trying to combine the two is hard. Marketplaces are more efficient (Airbnb) but lack the consistency to deliver high quality product. Direct management ensures quality but lacks scale. Generally good understanding of the requirements to host prolonged WFH guests Frequently cited the following ● wifi speeds ● wifi range ● addition of new desks ● suitability of workspaces ● other guests’ WFH experiences at the property (positive and negative) Small towns and their quality of life are highly desirable in the current environment, and they are seeing an influx of people and companies Small towns want to attract remote workers and are investing in the infrastructure to serve them (fiber internet). Struggle quantifying value of new workers and finding the resources to invest in attraction. The lack of expertise may be an opportunity to partner and provide value. Key Partner Learnings DAY 5
  9. Where we are... Find as many people as we can who are moving this year to validate the customer journey & level of pain that we’ve heard so far Do a detailed value/value-capture of what potential payments could be available by speaking to agencies, vendors, partners “Free Gopher”-version to get real experience managing someone’s move …and what we’re excited to do next DAY 5 There is a customer segment that wants to move often and finds moving painful Affiliate and management-fees are known to industry insiders The team have all done self moves and/or corporate relocations, but never managed another person’s move
  10. Thank you!
  12. Carlos “The hardest point is making this space look and feel like home again.” Customer Personas ● Age: Late 20s ● Current housing: Living with his partner in Boston ● Work: PM at Google (office closed until 2021) 1. Take advantage of the opportunity to live where he wants, unconstrained by company location 2. Choose the right neighbourhood for his lifestyle 3. Negotiate discount for a medium-term rental (6 months) Demographics Goals & Needs Arif ““I truly don’t care where we move to, it’s about the people I’m going with. My criteria are nature and wi-fi.” “ ● Age: Late 20s ● Current housing: Living by himself in Brooklyn ● Work: Healthcare start-up (remote until 2021) Demographics 1. Comparing across states based on high-level criteria (proximity to national park) 2. No source of truth on storage needs / cost - called individual companies for comparisons 3. Doesn’t trust listings on platforms such as Craigslist without seeing them in person Goals & Needs
  13. Describe your competition with Petal Leaf Diagram Work From Anywhere

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WorkFromAnywhere H4R Stanford 2020


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