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Slides from my session on Webmaker from the second day of MozTI @ BESU

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  1. 1. Mozilla Transposing IdeasBengal Engineering and Science University 6th January 2013 - Sayak Sarkar -
  2. 2. The Mozilla Mission Our mission is to promote Openness, Innovation, and Opportunity on the Web.We believe in the power and potential of the Internetand want to see it thrive for everyone, everywhere.
  3. 3. “Mozillians are people who make things.Moving people from consumption to creation is Mozilla’s goal.” – Mitchell Baker Mozilla Chair / Chief Lizard Wrangler
  4. 4. This is where MozillaWebmaker comes in!
  5. 5. Mozilla Webmaker is an initiative towards moving people from consumption to creation.
  6. 6. It is a new program to help peopleeverywhere make, learn and play using the open building blocks of the web.
  7. 7. Mozilla Webmaker wants to help youmake something amazing with the web.
  8. 8. We’ve got new tools for you to use, projects tohelp you get started, and a global community of creators — educators, filmmakers, journalists, developers, youth — all making and learning together.
  9. 9. The goal of the program is to helpmillions of people move from using the web to making the web.
  10. 10. As part of Mozilla’s non-profit mission, we want to help the world increase theirunderstanding of the web, take greater control of their online lives, and create a more web literate planet.
  11. 11. OK, so lets get into a bit more details about these offerings!
  12. 12. Tools • Authoring tools and software, designed and built with our community. • From supercharging web video with Popcorn Maker, • To exploring and remixing with the X-Ray Goggles, • To making your own web pages with Thimble.Like a Swiss Army knife or “superhero utility belt” for webmaking.
  13. 13. Projects • Practical starter projects, • How-to’s and recipes, • Designed to help people at all levels make something amazing.• From tweaking your blog template to building apps that change the world.
  14. 14. Community • Bringing people with diverse skills and backgrounds together. • Teachers, filmmakers, journalists, youth. • From web ninjas to newbies.• Connecting at events, meet-ups and hack jams everywhere.
  15. 15. Interested? Join us for the hands-on session on the Webmaker Tools today! orYou may check out https://webmaker.org in the meantime for further details!
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. Get in touch with me! Sayak Sarkar Mozilla Representative @sayak_sarkar sayak.bugsmith@gmail.comhttp://sayaksarkar.wordpress.com