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Mozilla Nigeria Coffee presentation


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Mozilla Nigeria Coffee presentation

  1. 1. Soki Briggs
  2. 2. TextIntroductions Who was here?
  3. 3. Agenda•Mozillas Mission, Objectives, Products.•Introducing the Mozilla Nigeria Community.•Getting Involved – Volunteering.•A Review of Events and Mozilla Projects in 2012.•First Quarter Goals.
  4. 4. Mozilla• Mozilla is a proudly non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands through communities, volunteers and projects.• No Profit Margin; We answer to No one but YOU!• Mozilla operates a Meritocracy system of Governance: a political philosophy that holds power should be vested in individuals according to merit• When you use Firefox, or any Mozilla product, you become a part of that community, helping us build a brighter future for the Web.
  5. 5. What Mozilla Is Upto• Firefox OS• Firefox App Days• Firefox Flicks• #GenOpen Project
  6. 6. Mozilla Nigeria CommunityUsersContributorsStudent RepsMozilla RepsDevelopersTestingSupport (SUMO)Webmakers @MozillaNigeria
  7. 7. Get InvolvedYou don’t have to be a C++ guru (or even know what that means!) to get involved. You just have to love the Web.
  8. 8. Events in 2012•Mozilla WebmakerKitchen Table event.• #MozParty HackJam•Software FreedomDay #SFDBonny2012
  9. 9. Future events ???• Firefox Clinic?• More #MozCoffee ?• Webmaker events?• Campus Tour?
  10. 10. Questions, Comments… Portions of this Presentation are ©1998–2013 by individual contributors. Content available under a Creative Commons license.