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The learn by doing team

  1. 1. The Learn by Doing Team Challenge Assumptions Part 2 – Brainstorming 100 Solutions to the Question: How Do We Make Quality Sleep?How can we use systems, technology, architecture, furnitureand/or product design to change our sleeping environment,strengthen relationships, create narratives, and add or changebehaviors to ... produce Quality Sleep?
  2. 2. New Spouse Donate kids/adopt Kids New House/New Apartment New job New car Make a or several Major Life Changes New partners / collegues Move Sex surguries Avoid Tobacco Change your life Talk to Doctor about apnea, asthma Help other People Join an NGO Build your own company Recognizing the importance of sleep and rest, instead of the praising overrushed people who do Medical Changes many things all the time until they are burnt out Snoring Avoid Caffine 8 Hours before bed time Anti Caffine/Stimulants Pill - removes caffine and all stimulatnts from the Have a glass of warm milk body Dont eat heavy food 3 hours Sex Surguries before bed Eat Fruit Diet Changes Drink relaxing tea Get massage Keep hydrated Cuddle Cuddle before bedtime Eat a meal with lots of carbohydrates Go to Sleep and Wake at the Triptophan same time every day Be in bedbefore midnight Take time for hobbies Go Fishing knit/crochet/sew Stand on your head Virtual reality sleep therapy - providing the sleeper with the narratives/stories that quiet the Make Physical contact Animal Contact mind and allow for deep sleep. Idea for Virtual Reality 6 Product6 Human Contact Make love Practice Active or Guided Meditation7 take a walk Invent a story (father would invent story based on childrens ideas before Physical Changes Running bed. ) Exercise during the day (better Got to the Gym Invent a story and make in the morning than in the it"real" in your dreams evening) Yoga Read a special book to our Stretch partner or our partner read it to us. Listen or tell a story to your Kid Curl your toes/stretch muscles Experience a Story Imagine you are in a relaxing Spend a lot of time outdoors location, waterfall, mountain top Cycle to and from work/supermarket/activities Think about calming past memories, favorite places that you have been Go out Dancing1 too. improve your posture develop core muscles Mother telling child who cannot sleep: "I forbid dreaming of a white Have a bed designed to fit. bunny" Write a book / novel Have bath before bed (getting warm and then cooling down makes you sleepy) Watch a movie Audiobooks - drifting off to sleep whilst listening to a story Aromatheapy Pajamas. Night Aromatherapy dress Drink alcohol, suggestion; red wine Idea for Project: Sleep 5 Better living through (chemiestry, Solutions ambient malatonin) Homeopathy Yoga Other Remedies/Treatments Meditation Practicing Reiki before bedtime Bed that is "Made to Fit" Clean Comfortable Bed Deep breathing Clean comfortable Pillow Brainstorming: 100 Solutions to "How do we make Quality Laughing therapy Keep your room cool __ F or __ C Sleep?" Think in positive Practice / listen philosophy Live in a Green Area Go to psychologist Optimise sleep in society Live and work close to our community Exercise: Go on foot / bicycle to work Less polution Idea for Proposal re Working Less traffic jam Closer to Our Community.. Live close to work Less noise Wake up later Tell the ones you love that you love them call your Mother live closer to friends & family Drunk dial your friends Meet more often friends Practise Gratitude: Giving and receiving recogniition 2 Use a White noise machine Live and work close to my community Turn off all Lights and Leds on count in reverse ear plugs/eye patches computers, etc.. Keep your room dark count sheep Buy quiet appliances (check noise rating) read favorite or funny book before sleeping Take out all distractions from sleeping area - work related items computers, smart phones and remove all other Write down what you want to do photos and other items that might distract you from the following day sleeping. Environmental Changes Write a diary Pick a place to live with low noise (e.g. not by airport, plane take off and arrival Think Positive listen / practice oriental philosophy paths Coaching sessions Make sure house or apartment has insulated walls and double pane windows to keep noise Be happy down Get Therapy Buy draperies, shades that keep noise and light out. Practice Active or Guided Meditation Tent, Japnanese Sleeping Units, Sleeping Bag, Practice Deep Breathing Pillow cave that kids make, paneled tent, Clearing your mind cardboard box. Prayer (Mental/Psychological Changes) a) "made to fit" the individual sleeper program that identifies the Listen to relaxing music or natural perfect bed, covers, pillow, lighting, alarm, white noise or noises (rain,the sound of the sea, calming sounds and remedies that match the customers needs. Idea for a Proposal: A Sleep Coccon birds...) LInked to Armoatherapy PJs Exercise your Mind b) could include a program for your smartphone Linked to Sleep Pet Idea that reminds you to get ready for bed/ Stop emails and phone calls 1 incorporate behavior changes to provide a good hour before you sleepLow-gravity environment, so you can nights sleep.sleep without feeling the weight of your Create a ritual of quiet before going to sleep3 Sleep Hygiene in Spainbody Stop watching TV 1 hour before sleeping Use lightbulbs with warm, soothing colors. Do not watch the evening news Paint rooms in smoothing colors, inviting sleep. Be fair with people Live in green areas Be Ethical Ventilate the room Philosophy Aromatherapy Edcuating people about sleep - a play or TV following insomniacs through their attempts to Sleep is good for the Brain Educate people on power of sleep4 get a good nights sleep. Create a Game that reimforces good habits for sleeping Call your Mom Go to psycologist Get a hug Hypnosis Travel Voodoo Have a Companion Listen and be listened to Be Connected (Not Lonely) Talk to friends & family talk to friends Spend time with friends Sleep with your pet Make love Idea: Sleep Pet - cuddle, warm, purrs, sleeping pillow kind of like a ariplane neck pillow but for bed sleeping.
  3. 3. For a Closer View …
  4. 4. Notes1) Go out DancingUse bonbillas with warm, soothing colors.2) Practise Gratitude: Giving andrreceiving recogniitionQuoting Cicero, Ms. Schiano points out that gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. see the link formore....3) Create a ritual of quiet before going to sleepSocial Media clearing.Journal entries.Write down stray thoughts.Eat something light.Use the bathroom.Visualization exercises.Light stretching.Read some fiction.Sleep.See the link for more details.4) Educate people on power of sleepThe benefits of Sleep ...see the two links..5) Idea for Project: SleeprSolutionsSee separate Mindmeister for more on this diea6) Idea for Virtual Reality 6 ProductSee level 6 of the Virtual Reality levels at this website -7) Practice Active or Guided MeditationGuided meditation is a form of stress relief that is conducive to relaxing the whole body, in part by finding a way of peaceful and calmingrelaxation from within the body. Guided meditation may utilize soothing photographs or scenarios to enhance the ability of the mind to relaxand guide the body to a point of relaxation so that the person in meditation can find a true sense of inner peace. Quite often, guidedmeditation will be accompanied by soft music or sounds of nature. (see the Link for the rest of the article.
  5. 5. Thank You!∗ Omar E. Avila, Madrid, España – Team Leader∗ Milton Kristoffersson, Stockholm, Sweden∗ Marta Lopez, Madrid, España∗ Fanny Nordberg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands∗ Patricia Ponzini, Santa Cruz, USA∗ Marguerite Wilbur, Millbrae, USA