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Reasons you should be tested for Dyslexia.


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Getting tested for dyslexia may make the difference between just getting by and rapidly advancing in your personal life and your career.

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Reasons you should be tested for Dyslexia.

  1. 1. ==== ====Dyslexia seems to plague those with this condition. It can affect your work, personal and socialcircles. Taking high quality nutritional supplements as well may help you. Heres to your health ! ====Reasons You Should Be Assessed For DyslexiaDyslexia is a condition that you should not be afraid of. Additionally, it is something that you shouldnot be ashamed of. In fact, a lot of dyslexic people are very much successful. Some of thesepeople are Da Vinci, Einstein, Susan Hampshire and Jackie Stewart. They are just a few of themany dyslexics that are very successful in what they are specializing in.These people are proof that as a person that is suspected to have dyslexia, you should not beafraid at all. Even though dyslexia is considered to be a learning difficulty, a lot of geniuses haverisen from the condition. In fact, people with this problem tend to have a different kind of thinkingand way of solving things, which most of the time appears to be their advantage to normal people.Most of the time, dyslexic people appear to be very gifted in visually-based skills like sculpture, art,architecture, design, and engineering. They are also usually original, creative, and lateral thinkers.Being one, you can devise your own original, often extremely successful, if quite unusual, ways toproblem-solving. Because most dyslexic people have to try hard in able to succeed, a lot of themusually develop qualities like determination and extreme attention to detail, to a notable degree.Why Get An AssessmentGetting a formal assessment can be very helpful to you, especially if you are already in college orworking. In this way you can know what the real reason is for all the difficulties that you areexperiencing. Other than that, there are other advantages that assessment can bring about. Hereare some of them.The Need For Additional GuidanceGetting a formal assessment for this condition can reveal if you are in need of additional guidanceor not. It can show whether you have to take some extra training or get some instructions from aprofessional. Sometimes, people with dyslexia have to undergo language therapy with a speechand language pathologist, to cope up with the skills that he or she is having difficulties with.In fact, there are some difficulties that one can overcome as a dyslexic, provided that you undergothe right training for it. Thus, you can still get some improvement, if only you would allow for it tohappen.ClarificationDyslexia is a somewhat misleading condition. People who are not aware of it may think that theyare simply being stupid or careless. That is why; you should get an assessment, so that you can
  2. 2. get some clarification on the real reason why you have these difficulties. Getting to understandwhat dyslexia and its nature can be your very first step on battling with it.Also, with this clarification, you can actively participate on developing appropriate strategies foryour problem. You should understand that your condition can not change if you are not willing toact on it.A Change Of PerspectiveAs said earlier, dyslexic people are usually thought of to be stupid. If you are a dyslexic, thatmaybe already be your outlook to your self. That is why getting an assessment can change yourperspective on whatever difficulties that may come your way. You can also identify your areas ofstrength. In this way, your outlook on your problem can entirely change, since it would not be allnegative, now that you know your strengths.==== ====Dyslexia seems to plague those with this condition. It can affect your work, personal and socialcircles. Taking high quality nutritional supplements as well may help you. Heres to your health ! ====