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    1. 1. Madras Rubber Factory, popularlyknown as MRF, is a major tyremanufacturing company located inChennai,Tamilnadu,India.It is mainlyinvolved in making vehicle tyres.
    2. 2. Overview Founded in 1949 at Chennai Headquarters is at Chennai India’s largest tyre manufacturing co. Exports to more than 75countries 6 production facilities in India.
    3. 3. About the company1946A young entrepreneur, K.M.Mammen Mappillai,opened a small toy balloon manufacturing unit in a shed,Tiruvottiyur, Madras.1949They introduced a variety of products ranging fromballoons and toys to industrial gloves and contraceptives.1952MRF ventured into the manufacture of tread rubberand with that, the first machine, a rubber mill, wasinstalled at the factory.
    4. 4. 1955MRF soon became the only Indian-owned unitto manufacturer of the cushion-backed tread-rubber,enabling it to compete with the MNCs operating inIndia at that time.1960The Company was incorporated as a privatelimited company on 5 November. The CompanyManufacture automobile, aircraft, cycle tyres andtubes in collaboration with the Mansfield Tyre &Rubber Co., Mansfield, Ohio, U.S.A.1961The Madras Rubber Factory Private Limitedwas converted into a public company on 1 April.
    5. 5. 1962They opened a main plant for production of tyresand tubes on december 41963They opened nylon hot-stretch unit on november1964They started exporting tyres.1967MRF became the first Indian company to exporttyres to USA - the very birthplace of tyre technology.1973MRF scored a major break through by beingamong the very first in India to manufacture and marketNylon tyres.
    6. 6. 1980The Company crossed several milestones in itshistory. It went into technical collaboration with BFGoodrich Tyre Co., USA in the year.1983The Company finalised a technical collaborationagreement with M/s. Marangoni TRS SPA, Italy for thesupply of manufactured pre-cured tread rubber forretreading industry.1984.MRF tyres were the first tyres selected for fitmentonto the Maruti Suzuki 800 - Indias first small, moderncar.1985The co. planned to go in for a joint venture with
    7. 7. the aero tyre division of B.F. Goodrich & Co., forretreading and for manufacturing aircraft tyres.1989Government approved the technical collaborationwith Goodrich Tyre Co., U.S.A., for importing latesttechnology for bias ply/radial aircraft tyres for a periodof 5 years.1991The Company has formed a new Company viz.MRF International Ltd, and it has received thecertificate of commencement of business1993K.M.Mammen Mappillai was awarded the Padma-shri Award of National Recognition for his contributionto industry - the only industrialist from south india to be
    8. 8. accorded this honour.1995The Company has received the Top Export Awardfor the year from All India Rubber Industries Association1996 The Company has received an award fromCAPEXIL - Certificate of Merit based on the exportperformance for the year. It also received the Far Eastern Economic ReviewAward was presented to MRF for the fourth year insuccession in recognition of excellence.
    9. 9. Analysis and researchMRF put up a new plant in Pondicherry for theproduction of radial tyres.The company set up the Arakkonam plant in Chennaito produce bicycle tyres and tubes.MRF began manufacturing tyres and tubes intechnical collaboration with Mansfield Tyre and RubberCompany,USA. MRF has launched Nylogrip Zapper, a highperformance tyre for new generation bikes
    10. 10. 1998MRF Tyres has signed an OEM (originalequipment manufacturer) alliance with Siel Hondamotors and Hindustan Motors. It has launched a marketsampling operation for the MRF Zigma.1999The Company has entered into agreements withthe depositories viz., National Securities DepositoryLtd[NSDL] & Central Depository Services (India) Ltd.2000The Company has set up shop in Dubai to targetmarkets in the UAE as part of its export thrust .It haslaunched a steel-belted premium radial tyre variantcalled `MRF ZVTS‘.
    11. 11. 2002MRF was ranked highest in customer satisfactionalong with multinational Bridgestone in a studyconducted by JD Power Asia pacific.2004MRF Tyres became the biggest consumer of naturalrubber in India and it ties up with Maruti Udyog to boostmotorsports in India.2007MRF Ltd launches premium truck tyre Super Lug50-FS.
    12. 12. MRF tyre manufacturer have to plan and adapt to changes incustomer demand, fluctuations in raw material prices andavailability. So they introduced SAP.For this1) A Core Team called the Power Users team was formed todetermine the requirements of the company and the selectionof a suitable ERP solution.Benefits2) SAP came out on top in terms of product superiority, post-sales support, and record customer satisfaction.Strategy today
    13. 13. 3) With SAP ERP, the company has one harmonized,standardized and integrated solution.4) The solution has enabled MRF to transform its businessoperation management from time consuming and inflexible toreal-time and adaptable.5) SAP is playing a major role in enabling efficient logistics,sales operations, safeguarding market share, and providinggood customer service.2)It offered a clear solution for MRF’s manufacturing operationswhich include process as well as discrete production.
    14. 14. PresentIt is also involved in a range of otheractivities via subsidiaries. Funskool, a Joint venturebetween Hasbro and MRF, is a major toy manufacturingcompany in the country.Sports MRF has been involved in the developmentof cricket through its sponsorship of many cricketersand MRF Pace Foundation. At one point of time, MRFwas the bat sponsor of world-class batsmen includingBrian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar,and former Australiancaptain Steve Waugh. After Waughs and Laras retirement from
    15. 15. from international cricket, on 4th September 2009,MRFs contract with Sachin Tendulkar too expired.Sachin now uses Adidas bats, and MRF are currentlysponsoring Gautam Gambhir and Rohit Sharma twoother members of the Indian cricket team.At IPL 2010, MRF got the charge of the moored balloonfloating above the cricket grounds. It contained a high-definition camera recording live actions of the cricketmatch.
    16. 16. THANKS