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A Presentation created for a University Media Studies assignment to fulfil a Manipulating the Media module. Answering the question, "In France, Canal Plus are to close down their 3D television service after just 18 months. To what extent does new technology shape our viewing practices, or are social contexts more likely to shape the technologies that succeed?"

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Retro Falcons New Technology

  1. 1. <ul>3DTV and New Technologies </ul>By Retro Falcons University of Winchester Students
  2. 3. To what extent does new technology shape our viewing practices Or Are social contexts likely to shape the technologies that succeed?
  3. 4. Social Technological Historical Economical
  4. 6. What effect does 3D have on our viewing practices?
  5. 7. 3D Cinema in the 1950's 3D Cinema in the 1980's
  6. 8. 'Audiences complained of eye strain and headaches when the projections were not aligned correctly' (Pocket Lint, The History of 3D Cinema , 2009)
  7. 9. 'change our film going experience forever'
  8. 10. &quot;The only thing I get annoyed about is the image being a little dull. It does feel like you're looking at the movie with sunglasses on.&quot; (BBC, 2010).
  9. 11. 'Children could potentially suffer permanent damage from regular and extensive exposure to 3D images on a screen.’ (BBC, 2011)
  10. 12. 'Charging customers of 3D films up to 41% more than those seeing standard films' The Daily Mail
  11. 14. 'Even though everybody at the time thought that Betamax was ‘technologically superior’ VHS had a better marketing strategy Jack Schofield’s report in the Guardian (2003)
  12. 15. ‘ It lost because, at the time, it could not do what consumers wanted: record a whole movie unattended. And although Betamax playing time was extended, they never caught up with VHS.’ The Guardian 2003
  13. 16. 'VHS won because the’ whole product’ did what people wanted at a price they were willing to pay’ The Guardian 2003
  14. 17. The social contexts shape the technologies that succeed, and subsequently the technologies that succeed shape our viewing practices.
  15. 19. In Conclusion... People are just generally NOT interested in 3D
  16. 20. Thank You, Retro Falcons
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