Summer Project Report And Certificate


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The internship at C.Tech Labs, Kresit IIT Bombay was Industry sponsored project by India's top MNC-Mahindra & Mahindra Pvt.Ltd under Prof. Kishor Munshi, IDC, IITB.The objective was to study & design the Interior Lighting systems for vehicle model,Mahindra Scorpio.Project follow with rigorous user research, fieldwork, lit. searching, extensive analysis of design process & final recommendations{36} as a part of presentation to the client.UX played a vital role for recos submitted

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Summer Project Report And Certificate

  1. 1. INTERIOR LIGHTING SYSTEMS IN VEHICLE PROJECT OBJECTIVE The internship project is part of the consultancy project of interior lighting system undertaken at the CTech labs, Kresit, IIT Bombay. The main objective of the project is to study the current scenario of the interior lighting system in Indian vehicles & to identify the requirements of interior lights inside vehicles & thereby proposing the final recommendation for designing the interior lights of vehicle suitable for Indian roads. "Together with novel interior design, interior lighting adds value to the vehicle and the brand." Interior lighting, which was once limited to serving basic functionalities such as instrument cluster lighting and storage lighting, has evolved to include a variety of innovative applications including ambient lighting. It is of major interest to vehicle manufacturers, as there is always scope for value addition and improvement through the incorporation of a mix of lighting technologies such as light emitting diodes (LED), electroluminescence (EL) and fibre optic light pipes. Interior lighting is now a key contributor to augmenting the appeal of a vehicle’s interiors to consumers with advanced lighting technologies that were once offered only in luxury cars, now available in other segments. These pioneering technologies offer new opportunities and design freedom for vehicle designers to incorporate new styling features in automobile interiors. Project Highlights:  The internship project is the consultancy project offered to Prof. Kishor Munshi, IDC, IIT Bombay by one of India’s top companies Mahindra & Mahindra Pvt. Ltd. for redesigning the Interior Lighting systems & design of the upcoming model of Mahindra Scorpio.  Project follows with rigorous user research, modern literature searching, extensive analysis, design process & final recommendations {36} as a part of presentation to the client.  The project methodology framework is divided in two parts the current scenario & the missing scenario of the interior lighting system in vehicles depending upon the need of usage & the need identification of the consumer. # Note : The main part of project recommendations cannot be reported due to the confidential memorandum of understanding with the client. Following attached is the project certificate :