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Mundu entertainment Storyboard


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Mundu entertainment Storyboard

  1. 1. Mundu Entertainment Product Vision & Design Plan
  2. 2. Current State Mundu TV & Mundu Radio are two independent apps Design Lab 2
  3. 3. Planned Future State – Unified Entertainment App  Umbrella app  TV & Radio play in silos  Integrated settings Register / Login TV • Browse/search channels • Watch • Subscription • Personalization Radio • Browse/search stations • Listen • Bit-rate Settings • Personalization Sharing Account Settings Design Lab 3
  4. 4. Tasks  Registration  Browse  Search and filter  Consume (Watch or Listen)  Personalize (Add to Favorites, Track History, Get System Recommendations)  Share (Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS)  Manage Account (Profile, Network) Design Lab 4
  5. 5. Registration Mundu TV Mundu Radio 30-days trial without registration for all channels on iOS and 5 free channels in other platforms  Mandatory registration after 30-days to continue viewing   All stations free for unlimited time  Registration not mandatory  Registered users can use add to favorites and twitter sharing • Make Registration mandatory to support TV subscription model • Save credentials unless user explicitly logs out Design Lab 5
  6. 6. Registration (contd.) Email is used as identifier for logging in i.e. no need to create and remember a user name User can request a new password in-app in a modal screen In-app registration with optimum credential entry Design Lab 6
  7. 7. Browse Mundu TV  List of channels alphabetically ordered • To accommodate ever growing list of channels, recommend 2-level browsing Design Lab Mundu Radio List of browsing options through categories like News, Sports, Music etc.  List of stations under selected category  • Optimize browsing experience (Details -TBD) 7
  8. 8. Browse (Contd.) A screen based on “hub and spoke” navigation model forms the homescreen Settings App level settings common across TV & Radio are placed on this screen Users can directly enter TV or Radio app to browse available channels/stations Home TV Radio Or Directly start watching last played channel or listening to the last played station Design Lab 8
  9. 9. Browse (Contd.) Changes to existing designs of TV and Radio app limited to tactical level to bring in parity TV Search Search Subscribed Channels Favorite Stations All Channels All Stations Subscription Design Lab Radio 9
  10. 10. Search and Filter Mundu TV  NA • Introduce search Design Lab Mundu Radio Searches for genres, artist or stations.  No filtering possible  • Optimize searching & filtering experience (Details -TBD) 10
  11. 11. Browse, Search and Filter – TV Users have to go back to “Home” to switch to Radio Searches for the channel irrespective of its validity or subscription status (Screen not designed yet) List of only subscribes channels each indicating its validity Genre-wise categorized list of all the channels on Mundu TV Users can also subscribe to currently unsubscribed channels Design Lab 11
  12. 12. Browse, Search and Filter – Radio TV Since there are many stations available, list of categories is provided List of all channels by categories List of categories - List of sub-categories (Music) - List of stations marked favorites act as a starting point inside Radio Radio List of stations - Filter by country Music takes users to a screen with sub-categories such as African, Rock, Pop etc. since this category has a lot of stations Search is persistently available even at this level All categories lead to list of stations filterable by country on a modal list screen The list of stations is alphabetical and anchors for alphabets will appear on the right as soon as user starts to scroll Design Lab 12
  13. 13. Consume Mundu TV Mundu Radio Channel playing in full screen landscape  Set video quality   • Add sharing option if possible at a channel level to maintain parity Design Lab Channel playing in full screen portrait  View lyrics, artist info, station details and song information • Optimize station playing screen to bring hidden actions upfront 13
  14. 14. Personalize Mundu TV  History – Plays the last watched channel • No enhancement Design Lab Mundu Radio History – Listen to last played station  Add to Favorites  Love Song (  Contextual Mode (Car)  • Remove car mode • Do we need “Love Song” and “Scrobbling” both? 14
  15. 15. Share Mundu TV  Email invitation Mundu Radio Facebook  Twitter  Scrobbling (  • Allow sharing at app-level via Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS • Allow sharing at radio station playing or TV viewing level on Facebook and Twitter Design Lab 15
  16. 16. Consume, Personalize and Share (contd.) Takes users back to channel list “Favorites” or “All Channels” TV stops playing Channel or station level sharing allows users t put on Facebook or Twitter what they are currently doing Takes users to list of stations they came from i.e. “Favorites” or “all Stations” or search results Radio plays in the background unless user presses on “home” Users can add to favorite this channel by tapping on the star Screen can be slid to left or right to read artist info, lyrics or view album images Design Lab TV Radio Media controls as existing Media controls as existing Share Share - Add to Favorite 16
  17. 17. Manage Account Mundu TV Mundu Radio Profile  Network (Wi-Fi or 3G)  Device Logout  Subscription   Profile  Network (Wi-Fi or 3G)  Bit-rate limit option • Unified settings for profile management, Wi-Fi use and logout • TV subscription details within TV app Design Lab 17
  18. 18. Manage Account (contd.) Modal screen users can access only from the home screen About the app information Settings include: 1. Profile 2. Network – same as Radio 3. Device – same as TV 4. Tell a friend (Email, Facebook & Twitter) – This allows user to recommend app 5. Send us Feedback – same as Radio Design Lab 18
  19. 19. Summary of Screen Flow Channel List TV Home Channel Playing Media Controls Twitter Facebook Subscriptions Media Controls Settings Radio Design Lab Categories Subcategories Station List Station Playing Twitter Facebook Add to Favorite 19
  20. 20. Platform Prioritization  iPhone  iPad  Android  Blackberry Design Lab 20
  21. 21. Thank You Contributors:  Sandeep Supal Version Date Notes 1 22 Dec 11 Comparative study to understand integration 2 03 Jan 12 Editing some decisions from comparative study 2 06 Jan 12 Adding wireframes mapping to the different task areas