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The Fabulous


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The Fabulous

  1. 1. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  2. 2. WHAT ARE WE SOLVING ? The Fabulous allows you to instill healthy and productive habits into your life by a set of effective reminders & integrated coaching. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  3. 3. USE CASES : HOW ARE WE HELPING OUR USERS • Writer :TheFab motivates me to write each day. • Language Learner : I’m usingTheFab to track my progress while learning a new language. • Insomniac : TheFab helped me install an evening ritual for better sleep. • Active Women : TheFab is helping me to lead a healthier life by a step by step program. I meditate every day now! • Manager :Thanks toTheFab, I start my day with exercise and a great breakfast. • Parent : TheFab is helping my daughter adopt healthier habits while she’s having fun. • Patient : I’m using theFab to remember when it’s time to take my medication. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  4. 4. WHY ARE WE DOINGTHIS ? • Sami Ben Hassine, CEO Entrepreneur, Dev, Blogger, and Public Speaker (LeWebVid :, co-founder and president of an ngo specialized in E-democracy, started 2 companies and co-created a successful media website - certified in NLP and Hypnosis. • Amine Laadhari : CTO Hacker & Dev, 10 years of dev experience in web, finance and geo, Machine learning guru. • Sami Slim : COO VP of Strategy in the European subsidiary of a big japanese carrier (at 27 years old),Acquired startups for his employer in France, President of an entrepreneurship ngo, created a startup contest for foreigners installed in France.VP of Sales in Data Center in Cloud business. TheFab came as a direct result of our constant failure on following on new year promises, our short memory never able to track our progress, our need for constant reminding and rekindling and our constant need for coaching & supervision. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  5. 5. THE PROBLEMS WITH RESOLUTIONS • We Forget • A few days after adopting a new resolution, we tend to totally forget about it to only be reminded about it the year after. • We read self-dev books and articles, but we never get to apply their advices. • We don’t know what to do • Even when we decide to learnYoga or Exercise, we don’t really know what to do. • Once deciding on living a healthier life, we’re stuck on where to start. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  6. 6. THE PROBLEMS WITH RESOLUTIONS • We loose motivation • Our motivation is always on a slippery slope, we forget the reason why we were motivated on the first part, and we’re almost never able to achieve mastery of a skill. • We don’t receive feedback or supervision • We’re not able to track our progress or to see how far we have gone. • Having a personal coach might be the best solution, but this is unaffordable for most of us. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  7. 7. THE PROBLEMS WITH RESOLUTIONS • We act once but we don’t believe • We use our self-discipline to push ourselves into action the first time, only to abandon after a few trials, simply because the right mindset is not in place. Nobody today in the market, apart from hypnotists, is dealing with mindset change. • We get distracted • We start learning a new skill, but we get generally distracted and interrupted in a matter of minutes.We’re not able to fully focus anymore. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  8. 8. THE SOLUTION IS... mercredi 24 juillet 13
  9. 9. SELF-MASTERY mercredi 24 juillet 13
  10. 10. EFFECTIVE REMINDERS • Real Personalized Human Voice. • Learn from your old behaviour & Adapt. • Use Music,Voice &Visual to trigger you into action. • Highly Personalized SMS & Voice Calls to push you. • «Google Now»- like experience. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  11. 11. INTEGRATED COACHING • Voice & visual Coaching for all the habits. • Coach you through changing your environment to make new habits easier to install. • Offer a gamified environment to help you install healthy habits. 20 Mn Add a strengh training to your workout... DoneSkip SnoozePause 7 MIN WORKOUT 20 Mn Just two days left for a streak! Keep it, you’re almost there mercredi 24 juillet 13
  12. 12. CONTINUOUS FEEDBACK • Track your progress. • Game Mechanisms for putting healthy pressure on you. • Learn from your habits and suggest you what to change. STUDY SPANISH 20:43 Mn You’re 3h from the 20h milestone A good spanish course is Pimsleur DoneSkip SnoozePause Already studied for 15 hours STU mercredi 24 juillet 13
  13. 13. GOOGLE NOW OF CHANGE • Only shows you what you need when you need it. • Your one-stop application for improving your lifestyle. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  14. 14. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  15. 15. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  16. 16. SLEEP AT MIDNIGHT 20 Mn Just two left for a streak! Don’t exercice just before sleeping DoneSkip SnoozePause Keep it up, you’re almost there mercredi 24 juillet 13
  17. 17. PACKAGE ONE Step 3 learn meditationStep 1 add a morning ritual Step 2 exercice first thing in the morning Step 4 eat healthy Just like in a game, you’d evolve from one level to the next learning how to add these habits into your life Step 4 organize your day mercredi 24 juillet 13
  18. 18. ALREADYTHERE? • Integrated in IDEO presentations for Fortune 500 companies. • Incubated in one of the best incubator in France : TheFamily. • Currently beta testings with various customer segments. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  19. 19. UNDERTHE HOOD • Applied knowledge from Hypnosis to make users change their behaviors. • Machine Learning of Habits and Natural language Coach. • Highly personalized SMS/Voice-Call/Email to get people to act. • Use of Music, Sound & to effectively motivate users into installing habits. • Game System based on gambling games to push users into a flow state. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  20. 20. OPPORTUNITIES • Health & Fitness Apps : a market of 341 million $ in US (ABI Research). • Wearables market will generate more and more users input to transform into habits and actions. • Mobile is meant to be the perfect health and well being companion for people. mercredi 24 juillet 13
  21. 21. 2013 / 2014 PLAN • November 2013 : First Release of the Android App • Hiring a game developer • Filming High Quality content to create the first coaching package. • Launching the Companion website • Launching the iOS version mercredi 24 juillet 13