Success Mantras


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Make your life a masterpiece!

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Success Mantras

  1. 1. Success Mantra !
  2. 2. ! So What is your Success Mantra?
  3. 3. ! 7 Areas of My Life Intellectual Health Social FamilyCareer Financial Spiritual
  4. 4. ! Attributes to Success I would like to place Positive Thinking at the top of my list of factors that has helped me succeed in life. Intrinsic: • Self Confidence • Persistence and Passion to Execute my job well • Value add in whatever way possible • Zeal to Learn Extrinsic: • Love and support from family
  5. 5. ! Make your life a Masterpiece •  You can’t hit a target you can’t see. •  You can’t accomplish wonderful things with your life if you have no idea what they are. •  So give yourself a vision, of the kind of future you want to create for yourself, and make it your motivator for driving you onward. •  Decide exactly what “success” means to you. •  You have to decide what your life would look like if you made it into a masterpiece. •  You will see, that all great achievement begin with your deciding what it is you really want and then dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to attaining it.
  6. 6. ! Know yourself •  Know what you want to achieve – nothing happens unless first a Vision •  Powered by Desire and fuelled by the Dream you hold •  Build a bigger picture of your Dream, to define and refine it until you get it just right in your mind •  Develop Will power and Persistence •  Deploy your Intellectual factors as they hold the potential for enormous good •  Ignorance and paradigms are the enemy that we must defeat. Vision and Desire have to be the focus of your attention if you're going to develop Persistence into the great ally it can become.
  7. 7. ! Your first job is to create a blueprint, a clear picture of where you are going and what it will look like when you get there.
  8. 8. ! Peace of Mind •  Living in harmony with your highest values and your innermost convictions •  Essential for the optimal performance •  The wonderful truth about peace of mind is that it is your normal, natural condition. •  Achieving inner peace must be a central organizing principle of your life. •  You are only successful as a person to the degree to which you can achieve your own happiness, your own contentment, you own sense of personal well-being- in short, your own peace of mind.
  9. 9. ! •  Key to Happiness - systematically eliminate, or minimize, the parts of your life that cause you negativity or stress of any kind. •  Mountaintop thinking •  Imagine your ideal life •  In your working life, create the ideal future vision of what your job or work would look like if it was absolutely excellent in every respect. •  What would you do more of or less of, to achieve higher levels of harmony and cooperation in your work environment?
  10. 10. ! Health & Energy •  The next ingredient of success is health and energy. •  Peace of mind is your normal and natural mental state •  Health and energy is your normal and natural physical state. •  Your body has a natural bias towards health. •  Preserve, use and enhance your energy levels •  It produces energy easily and in abundance in the absence of mental or physical interference. •  If you achieve all kinds of things in the material world, but you lose your health or peace of mind, you get little or no pleasure from your other accomplishments.
  11. 11. ! Loving Relationships •  This ingredient is about relationships with the people you love and care about, and the people who love and care about you. •  A measure of how well you are doing as a human being. •  Essence of your personality •  The Laughter Test •  This is true for organizations as well. High performance, high profit organizations are those in which people laugh and joke together. They enjoy one another and their work. They function smoothly and happily as teams. They are more optimistic, more open to new ideas, more creative and more flexible.
  12. 12. ! •  One of your chief aims in life must therefore be to create a human environment in which you can be happy, contented and fulfilled •  Examine your relationships •  Develop a plan to make each of them enjoyable and satisfying •  Only when you have your relationships under control and functioning harmoniously can you turn your thoughts toward the self expression and self-actualization that enable you to fulfill your true potential.
  13. 13. ! Financial Freedom •  To be financially free means that you have enough money so that you don’t worry about it continually, as most do. Achieving your own financial freedom is one of the most important goals and responsibilities of your life. It is far too important to be left to chance. •  When you decide exactly what you want your financial picture to look like, you will be able to use this system to achieve your goals faster. It all starts with your defining your financial future clearly and then making a plan to realize it.
  14. 14. ! Worthy Goals & Ideals •  To be truly happy, you need a clear sense of direction. You need a commitment to something bigger and more important than yourself. •  You need to feel that your life stands for something; that you are somehow making a valuable contribution to your world. •  Happiness has been defined as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. You can only be happy when you are working step by step toward something that is really important to you. •  Think about what sort of activities and accomplishments you most enjoy. What were you doing in the past when you were the happiest? What sort of activities give you your greatest sense of meaning and purpose in life?
  15. 15. ! Self-Knowledge & Self-Awareness •  Throughout all of history, self-knowledge has gone hand in hand with inner happiness and outer achievement. •  To perform at your best, you need to know who you are and why you think and feel the way you do. •  You need to understand the forces and influences that have shaped your character from earliest childhood. •  You need to know why you react and respond the way you do to people and situations around you. •  It is only when you understand and accept yourself that you can begin moving forward in the other areas in your life.
  16. 16. ! Personal Fulfillment •  The seventh ingredient of success is a sense of personal fulfillment. This is a feeling that you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming. It is the sure knowledge that you are moving toward the realization of your full potential as a human being. •  Psychologist Abraham Maslow called this “self- actualization”. He said it was the primary characteristic of the healthiest, happiest and most successful men and women in our society. •  These seven ingredients of success shall help to achieve and maintain a positive, optimistic and cheerful mental attitude. Defining the seven ingredients of success shall give you a series of targets to aim at. When you define your life in ideal terms, when you have the courage to decide what you want, you begin the process of unlocking your hidden powers to succeed.
  17. 17. ! Critical for Success •  Knowledge •  Discipline •  Empathy •  Enthusiasm •  7% •  8% •  35% •  50%
  18. 18. ! What you need Enthusiasm Passion Extreme Excitement
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