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SalesLoft Product Overview


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Here at SalesLoft we have multiple products for B2B sales reps. These sales intelligence products are developed for sales reps to access information about companies and people our reps care about. SalesLoft connects with web-based CRM system to capture intelligence around job changes, news and social profiles. We deliver this information through a customizable and accessible stream, as well as in daily emails for our users. Check out an overview of our products in this Slideshare.

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SalesLoft Product Overview

  1. 1. Offering
  2. 2. Free Job Change AlertsforConnectionsReceive triggers when the people in your LinkedIn networkchange jobs or get promotions.#1 Get started here!
  3. 3. Over 5,000 Users • Free • 15 Second Sign-Up
  4. 4. Job Changes Live in Stream App
  5. 5. Available via Daily Email
  6. 6. Job Change AlertsforFind CRM contacts and follow for job change alerts,regardless of whether you’re connected to them.Get started here!#2
  7. 7. Connect automatically to in 30 seconds14-DayFreeTrial$29per user per month
  8. 8. Live in Stream Application
  9. 9. Available via Daily Email
  10. 10. News onCompaniesReceive news alerts on the companies that matter to you.Get started here!#3
  11. 11. Loads automatically from CRMAction items for news articles allow you to correspond withprospects over major news events
  12. 12. Available via Daily Email
  13. 13. ProspectingToolExport lists of LinkedIn contacts directly to spreadsheets.Get started here!#4
  14. 14. Chrome Extension
  15. 15. Results in Google
  16. 16. Results in application
  17. 17. Results in SpreadsheetTip: Build lists to follow with Job Change Alert for CRM
  18. 18. Pricing
  19. 19. Sincerely,Share on orCheck out our products yourself.We’d love to hear your feedback!