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Sub-genres In Horror


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  • Hi, nice slides, but I think you could have gone deeper here...for example, can 'gothic horror' and 'body horror' really be put on the same level as Zombie or Slasher horror genres? Can action horror really cover such a wide area?
    If you are interested, you may want to check out this horror genres chart, and let me now:
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Sub-genres In Horror

  1. 1. Sub-genres in horror
  2. 2. ACTION HORROR• Action horror is a sub-genre that combines the intrusion of evil, an event or the supernatural in horror films with the gun fights and frantic chases that are performed in ACTION-GENRE..• Themes and elements that are often prevalent in action-horror include most commonly zombies, along with demons, gore, vicious animals and vampires.• Examples include, dawn of the dead, from dusk till dawn and blade• THIS CATERGORY also fuses the fantasy horror genre, for example resident evil,. Ghost rider and planet terror
  3. 3. Body Horror• Where horror in generated from the degeneration or deconstruction of the human body. limbs use d to create monsters out of human body parts., or unnatural movements and dysfunction to create fear.• David cronenberg is a well known director for this type of genre.• Some body horror films include, teeth, the invasion and cabin fever.
  4. 4. Comedy Horror• Combines elements of comedy and horror fiction. The horror genre almost always inevitably crosses over with black comedy.• The film “The legend of the sleepy hollow” is cited to be the first and greatest comedy-horror genre..• Examples include. Scary movie , slither ,Shaun of the Dead and gremlins.
  5. 5. Gothic horror• Gothic horror contains bot elements of gothic and horror. Some of the earliest horror movies were of this genre..• Gothic horror films normally includes features such as castles, dungeons ruined landscapes , extreme landscapes and magic/the supernatural..• Examples include Dracula, Frankenstein and the mummy
  6. 6. Psychological horror• Relies on a characters fears, guilt and belief , emotional instability and at times the supernatural to build the tension and further the plot. The horror comes from the reality of this particular sub genre..• Examples include, the shining, the ring and the exorcist
  7. 7. SCIENCE FICTION HORROR• Often deals with the paranormal but is not limited to mad scientists and /or experiments going wrong.• This genre can also deal with the fear of technology• Examples include Alien and the mist
  8. 8. Slasher film• This subgenre deals with a lot of violence which usually revolves around a psychopathic serial killer stalking and killing a numerous amount of victims. The killer usually uses a specific weapon of choice to kill his victim.• Slasher films are also built up on a lot of mystery and suspense and may sometimes overlap with crime.• Example include, PSYCHO, THE Texas chains saw massacre AND PROM NIGHT
  9. 9. Zombie film• ZOMBIE FILMS PORTRAY VIRAL RELIVING CORPSES/ MINDLESS HUMANS THAT FEED OFF OF THE LIVING.• Examples include, night of the living dead , dawn of the dead and I am legend