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Machine designs

  1. 1. ByShrikant AthavalePrathith ConsultantsPune India114-06-2013
  2. 2. 214-06-2013We OfferMachines Designs forSpecialtyAdhesive / Cost film CoatingMachineAndConverting Machine Designs
  3. 3. 314-06-2013Adhesive Tape Coating Machine withon line Printing and Back side Releasecoating
  4. 4. 414-06-2013Coating methods
  5. 5. 514-06-2013
  6. 6. 614-06-2013Machine Design
  7. 7. 714-06-2013Machine Photo
  8. 8. 814-06-2013Coating Machine for breathablesubstrateBreathable Barrier CoatingonNon Woven Fabrics
  9. 9. Coating Method : Gravure ( Standard )dryingtunnel
  10. 10. The ChallengesThere are two challenges in this Product Development1. The coating is water based , but the min. coat wt. requiredis 10 gm / The original Air Permeability / Porosity , must bemaintained
  11. 11. dryingtunnelGap ofapprox. 10microns
  12. 12. 2. The original Air Permeability / Porosity , must bemaintainedThis can be met with help of a Air Blower attachment asshown in the figure on the next slide.
  13. 13. drying tunnelAir BlowerAir under pressurewill be blown on thecoated fabric justafter the Myer bar
  14. 14. The Air velocity could be easily altered by adjusting thedampers on the Air Blower.By blowing air on the coated web just after the Myerbar location, the porosity of the fabric will bemaintained.
  15. 15. Other Coating ParametersThis is a water based coatingThe temp setting inside the Drying zone as underZone 1: 70 deg CZone 2: 80 deg CZone 3: 120 deg CZone 4: 70 deg CCoating Speed for the Trial Run : 20-25 mtrs / min.
  16. 16. 1614-06-2013Coating Machine for Split LeatherManufacturingWater borne adhesive is coated on release liner, by commacoating method ,the same is dried in the drying tunnel andthen it is laminated with the leather sheets at the laminationend. We have specially designed the lamination , so thatleather can feed in sheet form with help of a conveyorFirst Pass
  17. 17. 1714-06-2013Coating Machine for Split LeatherManufacturingSecond PassOn another release liner , water borne , polyurethane ,skin coat is applied , dried, and rewound.
  18. 18. 1814-06-2013Third passIn this pass the body coat is applied on , the sameside as skin coated side , earlier in second pass.The dried web is wound on the rewind station.Coating Machine for Split LeatherManufacturing
  19. 19. 1914-06-2013Innovative Coating Machine forInsulation Tape ManufacturingCoating pass no. 1 :On the first Coating station, PU water Borne dispersion( Ready to use ) is coatingon , Silicone Release liner ,by Kiss Roll coating method. The coated Si liner thenenters the drying zone, toflash out the solvent that iswater , to obtain a uniform ,dry PU film .A dry coat weight ofapprox. 10 Gm/ sq. Mtr isdesired and achievedCoating pass no. 2 :The coated web thenenters the second coatingstation . Here the RVNRLcompound is coated onthe same side as PUcoated earlier , by CommaCoating method. Herealso the coated Si linerthen enters the Dryingzone , similar to coatingPass no. 1A dry coat weight ofapprox. 35 Gm/ sq. Mtr isdesired and achievedCoating Pass no. 3 :The coated web thenenters the Third coatingstation . Here the HM PSAdhesive is coated on thesame side as ( PU +RVNRL )coated earlier ,by Roller Coatingmethod.A coat weight of approx.25 Gm/ sq. Mtr is desiredand achieved.
  20. 20. 2014-06-2013Innovative Coating Machine forSurgical Tape Manufacturing
  21. 21. 2114-06-2013Innovative spray Coating MachineAndLamination for Foam ConversionThe water borne adhesive is sprayedDried with help of hot air impregnationAndThen laminated with other substrate online
  22. 22. 2214-06-2013The adhesive coated substrate in roll form islaminated with other substrate in roll or sheet formonline
  23. 23. 2314-06-2013For Paper Saturation
  24. 24. 2414-06-2013No Noise Packaging Tapes
  25. 25. For more Information : www.psadhesive.comContact DetailsEmail : shrikantathavale@psadhesive.comPersonal Email : psatechno@gmail.comCell : 00 91 75882882042514-06-2013
  26. 26. 2614-06-2013Tell me moreThe heart of a meaningful conversationDesigned to share knowledge andUnderstanding for mutual benefit