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  1. 1. How Rakuten is planning to run their entire business in English? S1160114 Yuta Shiroishi
  2. 2. Introduction Rakuten sells a lot of goods thorughthe Internet. And Rakuten is known allover the world.
  3. 3. Rakutens goal Rakutens goal is to beacome the No.1Internet service all over the world. Rakuten want to create new valuebetween the Internet and traditionalbusinesses.
  4. 4. History Part11997 : Rakuten is established by Mikitani Hiroshi. “Rakuten Ichiba” is opened.1999 : MDM.Inc became Rakuten.Inc.
  5. 5. History Part22000 : Rakuten open to the public their stock.2001: Rakuten starts the service that reservation of the hotel.
  6. 6. History Part32002 : Rakuten introduce the new system Which is "Rakuten Super Point Program". It is new membership program.2004 : To start professional business, Rakuten found “ Rakuten Baseball. Inc”.
  7. 7. History Part42005 : Rakuten gets 100% stock of the Link Share.2010 : Rakuten form a merger with Baidu. Inc.
  8. 8. Major Business Lineup• Rakuten Ichiba• Rakuten Action• Rakuten Books• Rakuten Downlods• Rakuten GORA• Rakuten Business
  9. 9. Goods Rakute sells a lot of goods.• Clothing• Watch• Food• Sports and Outdoors• Computers
  10. 10. References