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  1. 1. SOFTBANK 黃淯榕 沈佳慧 馬岍婷 洪士閔
  3. 3. ABOUT SOFTBANK • Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation • Scope of business: broadband, fixed-line telecommunications, e- commerce, Internet, broadmedia, technology service, finance, media and marketing, and other businesses. • Purpose: becoming a company contributing to people's happiness and joy, and to the future of the world, not only pursuing the profit of the company
  4. 4. MASAYOSHI SON Chairman & CEO • Korean, Japanese businessman • According to Forbes Magazine, his net worth is $9.1 billion as of 2013 and he is the second richest man in
  5. 5. KEN MIYAUCHI Representative Director, Senior Executive Vice President
  6. 6. DIRECTOR Ronald D. Fisher Yun Ma Manabu Miyasaka
  7. 7. COMPANY NAME a key source of infrastructure for the information society SoftBank started out in 1981 as a distributor of computer software. As software is called “soft” in Japanese, the name “SoftBank” literally means “a bank of software.” We chose the word “bank” based on our grand aspiration to be a key source of infrastructure for the information society.
  8. 8. FONT TYPE We use Mincho font for the font of “SoftBank” representing our wish to be creative and build new era while respecting a history.
  9. 9. This symbol represents our ardent passion for the kind of enterprise that makes people happy through the Information Revolution and will be admired by people around the world 30 or 300 years from now.
  10. 10. LOGO banner of a 21st-century Kaientai Two lines represent “= (equal)” or “answer.” Answer:This symbolizes our wish to provide “answer” for the information network in Japan so that everyone can fairly enjoy it.
Equal:Explaining the answer equals to SoftBank, and at the same time, this symbolizes interactive communication and unlimited possibilities of the Internet.
  11. 11. BRAND LOGO IS DESIGNED BASED ON THE BANNER OF KAIENTAI, A COMPANY LED BY RYOMA SAKAMOTO. • When he founded the Company, Masayoshi Son had a vision. 
Now, people who share that vision voyage together through turbulent waters to ensure that it comes to pass. • SoftBank is a ship of comrades with the banner of a 21st-century Kaientai flying on its mast. 
This symbol represents our ardent passion for the kind of enterprise that makes people happy through the Information Revolution and will be admired by
  12. 12. HISTORY Sept. 1981 SOFTBANK Corp. Japan (Yombancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) established. Commenced operations as a distributor of packaged software. 孫正義於東京都千代田區成立軟銀前身「日本軟體銀行」 May 1982 Entered publishing business, launching Oh! PC and Oh! MZ, monthly magazines introducing PCs and software by manufacturer. 進入出版事業,月刊「Oh! PC」、月刊「Oh! MZ」創刊。 1983.02 1985.01 1985.041984.01
  13. 13. Mar. 1994 Established SoftBank Holdings Inc. in the U.S. to gather information on U.S. Internet-related companies with a view to strategic investment. 在美國成立「SOFTBANK Holdings Inc.」。 July 1994 Registered with Japan Securities Dealers Association. 向日本証券業協會登記股份。 Jan. 1998 SoftBank Corp. listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. 軟銀正式在東京証券交易所第一部掛牌上市。 Sept. 2001 BB Technologies Corporation (currently SoftBank BB Corp.) launched commercial service of Yahoo! BB comprehensive broadband service. 軟銀發表寬頻綜合服務「Yahoo! BB」。 Dec. 2004 Decided the name of the new professional baseball team as Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS, a change from Fukuoka Daie Hawks. 軟銀向日本職棒太平洋聯盟福岡大榮鷹隊進行收購,並更名為「福岡軟銀鷹」。
  14. 14. Apr. 2006 Acquired shares of Vodafone K.K. (currently SoftBank Mobile Corp.) through public tender offer, converted company to subsidiary, thereby entering the mobile communications business. 軟銀宣佈收購日本沃達豐的協議,以進入日本手機市場。 Oct. 2006 Company name of Vodafone K.K. changed to SoftBank Mobile Corp. 日本沃達豐將其公司名稱、手機品牌名稱與手機電郵地址分別改為 SoftBank Mobile、SoftBank及。 July 2008 SoftBank Mobile Corp. released iPhone 3G. May 2010 SoftBank Mobile Corp. released iPad. Oct. 2012 Agreed with Sprint Nextel Corporation (U.S.) (currently Sprint Corporation) on strategic acquisition. 軟銀宣布以201億美元收購美國第三大移動通信運營商Sprint Nextel的70%股份。 之後會完全收購。 July 2013 Sprint Nextel Corporation (U.S.) (currently Sprint Corporation) made a subsidiary.
  15. 15. Oct. 2013 SoftBank Corp. and GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. jointly entered agreement with Supercell Oy (Finland) to jointly acquire its shares. GungHo與日本軟體銀行合資,以15億美元收購芬蘭知 名遊戲開發商Supercell 51%股權 Jan. 2014 Brightstar Corp. (U.S.) shares acquired and made a subsidiary. 軟銀同意以12.6億美元,收購無線設備經銷商Brightstar 公司57%股權。
  16. 16. SEGMENTS
  17. 17. MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS SEGMENT Becoming No.1 in mobile Internet Main Businesses •Provision of mobile communications services in Japan •Sales of mobile handsets and accessories accompanying the above services(Offering attractive mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and SoftBank smartphones.) •Sales of PC software and peripherals •Production and distribution of online games for smartphones, and other devices Core Companies •SoftBank Mobile Corp. •eAccess Ltd. (Japanese only) •Wireless City Planning Inc.(Japanese only) •SoftBank Telecom Corp. •SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. •GungHo Online Entertainment,Inc.
  18. 18. OVERVIEW • The SoftBank Group has set a target of achieving consolidated operating income of more than 1 trillion yen in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. • Expanding customer base: In focusing on smartphones and tablets. Customer satisfaction, particularly with the iPhone, has been high and sales remain strong. • Enhancing the network: Connectivity and speed are seen as two important factors in improving customer satisfaction with the SoftBank Mobile network. 1. Connectivity: From July 2012, SoftBank Mobile started communications services using the 900 MHz frequency. Known as the platinum band, this frequency offers coverage over wider areas more efficiently. 2. Speed: From February 2012, SoftBank Mobile has been utilizing the network built by Group company Wireless City Planning to offer SoftBank 4G, which boasts the industry's fastest downlink speeds at up to 110 Mbps.
  19. 19. SPRINT SEGMENT Main Businesses •Provision of mobile communication services by Sprint in the U.S. •Sales of mobile handsets and accessories accompanying the above services •Provision of fixed-line telecommunications services by Sprint Core Companies •Sprint Corporation (the third largest mobile communications company in the United States)
  20. 20. OVERVIEW • Offering a comprehensive range of mobile and fixed-line communications products and services that are designed to meet the needs of individual consumers, businesses, government subscribers and resellers. • Sprint's services are provided through its ownership of extensive mobile networks, an all-digital global long distance network and a Tier 1 Internet backbone. • Sprint's true differentiator is “unlimited,” including an Unlimited Guarantee, which provides customers unlimited talk, text and data. • The American Customer Satisfaction Index rates Sprint as the most improved in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries, during the last five years.
  21. 21. FIXED-LINE TELECOMMUNICATION SEGMENT Offering innovative services that take advantage of synergies with mobile communications Main Businesses •Provision of telecommunications services such as fixed-line telecommunications and data communication services, etc. to domestic corporate customers •Provision of broadband services to domestic individual customers •Services accompanying the above services Core Companies •SoftBank Telecom Corp. •SoftBank BB Corp. •eAccess Ltd. (Japanese only) •Yahoo Japan Corporation
  22. 22. OVERVIEW • SoftBank Telecom differentiates itself through price competitiveness, network reliability and ICT solutions, building on its trusted reputation and strong track record in the fixed-line telecom market. • SoftBank Telecom provides tailor-made, total ICT solutions with a focus on five core business drivers: direct connection voice services (OTOKU Line), data transmission services, mobile services, cloud services, and PHS. • In February 2010, SoftBank Telecom introduced cloud computing services, collectively known as White Cloud, for corporate customers, strengthening its lineup by introducing new services such as White Cloud Desktop Service, a secure cloud-based desktop environment. • In October 2012, SoftBank Telecom launched an O2O (online to offline) service called Super O2O Solution “ULTRA” in collaboration with Yahoo Japan. This service links brick-and-mortar stores with the Internet to promote customer visits and drive sales.
  23. 23. INTERNET SEGMENT Yahoo! JAPAN — Always with you, ready to go Main Businesses •Internet advertising •Operation of e-commerce sites such as Yahoo! Shopping, etc. •Membership services Core Companies •Yahoo Japan Corporation
  24. 24. OVERVIEW • Aims to be a “Life Engine” that makes people's daily lives richer, more convenient and more fulfilling. • It is a core part of the SoftBank Group's Internet Culture segment. • Yahoo Japan Corporation continues to recognize the convenience, public nature, sociality, and potential of the Internet and strives to offer customers a more enhanced service. • The Yahoo! JAPAN portal site continues to grow by delivering new and convenient services such as online auction and news aggregation site. • In 2012, Yahoo! JAPAN transformed its management team as part of a bold shift of business focus from PCs to smartphones. • Looking ahead, Yahoo Japan Corporation will work even more closely with SoftBank Mobile and other SoftBank Group companies with strengths in smartphones and aim for further growth.
  25. 25. MOBILE Products Networks Services Online shop
  26. 26. PRODUCTS
  27. 27. NETWORKS • SoftBank Wi-Fi Spot Enjoy free Wi- Fi service! • Satellite phones
  28. 28. Satellite phone service area
  29. 29. SERVICES • Prepaid services For short-term residents or people who make multiple trips to Japan every year, our Prepaid services makes it quick and easy to get connected. • Global services Use SoftBank handsets inside/outside Japan. International Call Service, International Messaging Service, and Global Roaming Service.
  30. 30. ONLINE SHOP
  31. 31. Subsidiary Companies
  32. 32. Yahoo! BB(ヤフー! ビービー) 負責提供ADSL、FTTH還有網路電話的公司 Yahoo!BB (board band) 硬體式網路電話, 其外型跟一般電話機沒兩樣,裝在客廳裡面接上ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)寬頻,使用方式跟就像一般電話可以直接撥號。 2001年Yahoo!Japan發表了Yahoo!BB並在同年9月開始商業服務。以每月 3017日元就有8Mbps的ADSL成功威脅到當時的日本電信龍頭NTT。 2002年5月 Yahoo! BB用戶數突破50萬戶 2003年8月 Yahoo! BB用戶數突破300萬。 Yahoo! BB(ヤフー! ビービー)
  33. 33. 使用方式
  34. 34. 孫正義拿著打火機,衝進日本電信省官員的辦公室, 「讓我們做個了斷吧!你要 是不幫我,我就立刻往身上澆滿汽油,然後用這個一美元的打火機自焚給你看」 孫正義曾經公開指出這段歷史事件,威脅電信省的官員,再不修改立法,讓壟斷 電信骨幹的NTT開放線路給其他業者,他就要引火自焚。孫正義說:「遲早!所 有的事情都將會移到寬頻上去」 Yahoo!BB由來 「既然個人電腦都可以成長四十倍,我想網際網路產業未來十年至少有三十倍, 甚至比個人電腦來得大。在我堅信的『宗教信仰』上,我不願意和不信的人多說 些什麼。」在日本作家瀧田則一朗所寫的《孫正義》一書中,日本軟體銀行創辦 人暨總裁孫正義說了這段話。 在看到網路應用將成為主流之際,他花了三年的時間去突破日本網路通訊的獨 占事業,從二○○二年開始的七十七萬用戶,快速成長到今年的五百萬用戶,三 年就成長五倍,十分驚人。 Yahoo BB草創時沒沒無名,也不被同業看好。孫正義想出以低價策略進攻市場, 搭配上網路電話、以網內互打免費的需求,來吸引廣大的使用者。一時間造成 轟動,也逼得日本電信老大哥NTT不得不跟進推出相同的服務。
  35. 35. 行銷方式&客群 目標客群:日本地區滿18-25歲的人
  36. 36. 核心價值 happiness for everyone becoming the corporate group needed most by people around the world (by softbank) 提供比競爭對手價格更低、頻寬更大的寬頻服務
  37. 37. >450萬用戶資料被一名內部員工竊取,並以DVD光碟的形式對外兜售,因為影 響範圍太大,Yahoo!BB受到日本社會嚴厲譴責,在事件曝光後,公司主動向用 戶道歉並發給每個人500日元,但是仍有一部分用戶聯合起來提民事訴訟,最後 法院裁決Yahoo! BB應賠償原告每人6千日元,總計Yahoo! BB為此事件付出了近 23億日元。 2004年2月27日 軟銀社長孫正義將連續六個月減半薪,相關主管也將連三月減薪30%,以示負責。 大阪地方裁判所認為,BB TECHNOLOGY並沒有在會員資料庫中多設一層與員工 密碼不同的保護,也沒有禁止外部電腦連接公司內部伺服器,導致資料庫容易被 不法人士侵入,未盡到注意義務之責。 Yahoo! BB顧客情報漏洩事件 外洩內容:用戶姓名、電話、地址、E-mail、註冊ID及註冊日期 影響數量:將近450萬用戶
  38. 38. SWOT Strength: Yahoo!知名度 Opportunity: 網路通訊使用度增加 Weakness: 經營信賴度問題 財務狀況 Threat: 其他公司競爭
  39. 39. SOURCE 交大管理科學系碩士論文研究-以破壞性創新與科技產品行銷理論 分析網路電話之創新模式 -Skype 與 Yahoo BB 個案研究