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Year 6 talk to parents


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brief talk to parents as part of parent intro

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Year 6 talk to parents

  1. 1. “Kids need reading stamina”Developing a reading culture at Thomas Deacon Academy
  2. 2. Why read? Why books?
  3. 3. The ability to read is one ofthe strongest predictors offuture success. Although reading can be taught in a classroom, it must be practised.This slide and next: Are librarians really worth it? Available online at:
  4. 4. CulturalReading forpleasure = heritage Creativity and imagination Language development Increased self- esteem Emotional development Sustained concentration
  5. 5. So what couldwe do?
  6. 6. “Parents must remember its not their job toteach kids to read, it is to encourage them to love books.” Michael Rosen 2012
  7. 7. Those that read a book aweek or more were likely to enjoy reading and do better in school