20111125 AIPC Facilitation at #EIBTM11, Barcelona Spain


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15:00 – 16:30 The Visual Shift Participant Led session
Ruud Janssen, Managing Director | The New Objective Collective
The goal of this final session is to enhance the learning and exchange that has taken place over the course of the two day summit and provide attendees with an opportunity to obtain the collective advice and expertise of their fellow attendees on the specific issues they have in their centre. This innovative approach to problem solving will experiment with new ways of thinking about issue resolution that can be taken back and applied at their respective centres.

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20111125 AIPC Facilitation at #EIBTM11, Barcelona Spain

  1. 1. The Visual ShiftParticipant Led session
  2. 2. TNOC Basel, Switzerland @ruudwjanssen www.tnoc.ch serial entrepreneur in bespoke social media & online collaboration accredited trainer & facilitator MPI Global Training co-creator Event Camp Europe TEDx curator project meeting architecture author slowfood enthusiast & bloggerRuud Janssen, CMM
  3. 3. where to start?
  4. 4. AIPC Facilities Operations Summit 2011 image credit: David Armano adapted by Ruud Janssen
  5. 5. AIPC Facility Operations Summit 2011 - Attendee Led Visual Shift Experiment Photos of the sessions where Visual Shift | Solution Room Experiment User Experiences/ References / Previous application Visual Shift Attendee Led Closing Session to start? Video Testimonials June 2011, Villach Austria Convention4U 15:00 - 16:30 Facilitation Monday 28 November 2011 Ruud Janssen, CMM Team meeting & room setup check Preferably rounds of 8 rounds of 10 programs in place at every seat? (Lunchtime or C/T break Mindmap tabletops in place w/ markers room setup check 12:00(?) Presentation / sponsors / feedback info? Audio check 15:00 doors open Projection with program hightlights on main screen Start on time if logistically ready Attendee led session Identify what is in & out of the Welcome & Objectives comfort zone Intro 15:00 - 15:10 intro Issues Years of experience in the industry Stand up and Accomplishments visualize the Discuss how to deal with Comfort Zone - with regard to the main position Reflection Fireplace warm question on first next step / Question 1 Igloo ice cold 15:10-15:25 Structured White space Outline & Timing Objectives Instructions - where to sit Mindmapping instructions Collaboration and imagination 15:25 - 15:35 Your responsibility to be involved in the discussion or move tables if you feel another table could / is more engaging Start experiment AIPC Facility Experimentation 15:00 - 16:30 What have you heard/seen at the summit that you would 15:35 Monday 28 November 2011 Operations like to activate but you donot know how to do (yet?) 1 Question Summit 2011 - Create value and business impact Conclude experiment 15:35 Attendee Led (ROI) by changing behavior Measure quality of output per individual in physical measurement Visual Shift 1 will not do this On a scale of 1 - 10 how certain are you you will try to change what you just discussed Experiment Rely on participants to extract learning 10 = will certainly do this and actions from Summit In or out of comfort zone 0 Mindmaps on the paper table cloths 1 2 As a result of participating in this session - How 16:20 - 16:30 Crowd sourced discussion and content 3 many participants have you met and gotten insights from that you otherwise would not have Format 4 Comfort with tackling main learning from Summit met in this summit 5 Level of experience 6 Number of participants of interest met in Visualize position 7 last session of summit 8 Demonstrate ROI of the session just attended 9 Debriefing interview of selected participants with iPhone video clips 16:30 Debriefing of presenters and mentors / observers 16:45 Timelapse photos Create framework for presentation / visuals Presentation Format presentation Spread in room Moderators/ Advisory team To dos Markers on table Highlight key topics on mindmaps consolidate mindmap and publish case study of experiment Highlight learning points from AIPC Facility Operations Summit Post event iPhone interviews by presenters20110926_AIPC 2011 Participant led Structured White Space Session.mmap|Ruud Janssen|26/09/2011|Rev.47
  6. 6. how do meetings deliver value?
  7. 7. let’s stop for a minutethink what 1 item you wouldlike to activate from thissummitget peer consulting + helpon your very next step
  8. 8. self analysis - empathy map
  9. 9. 2 resources for you
  10. 10. http://bit.ly/tnocbookhttp://www.tnoc.posterous.com
  11. 11. http://bit.ly/tnocbookhttp://bit.ly/tnocbook
  12. 12. TNOC Basel, Switzerland @ruudwjanssen www.tnoc.chRuud Janssen, CMM
  13. 13. The Visual ShiftParticipant Led session