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ESR User Generated Content Cases


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Live Autopsy - Dissecting user generated content at the European Conference of Radiology - A sessi

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ESR User Generated Content Cases

  1. 1. ESR SM Project Overview April 2013For Ruud Janssen / The International and European Associations Congress / 1. Draft 5.4.13ECR Live & Social Media Wall (ECR 2013)Nearly the whole congress streamed live for free, including Social Media Wall that was also visible forthose who were at the congress. The Social Media Wall combined Tweets, Facebook Wall Posts, Google+and Comments from ECR Live Chatbox into one Stream for every room. (19 different Social Media Walls,one general Social Media Wall combining all messages). A lot of sub-sections within this (for example:should the SMW be visible throughout the whole presentation or only afterwards, how to organise theinformation flow of the social media wall, ...) 1
  2. 2. Photo Competition (ECR 2013)Photo Competition from ECR 2013. People were able to participate in traditional ways (submit via email)or via Twitter and Instagram including a spezial Hashtag. Many submissions via SM. 2
  3. 3. Pin to Win Game (ECR 2013)Onsite game where you could win prizes by hunting down at least 10 different pins. Hints for pins werealso found via Social Media, the whole campaign was sponsored. 3
  4. 4. ECR „Scandal“ Video (ECR 2013)A video where we used criticism we got via twitter to show that we are aware of them and will try ourbest to make it better next year. 4
  5. 5. #RadXmas (ESR & ECR 2013)We tried to get radiology themed christmas messages, photos or videos and reward the 25 best with aprint publication of their choice. Didn’t work out as we hoped (only got a handful of submissions),probably because the task was too compilicated for the prize we offered. 5
  6. 6. International Day of Radiology (ESR)To celebrate Radiology within the community and raise awareness within the general public we askedpeople to send us a picture of their hand with a white ring (IDoR symbiol) to be part of it and also to bepart of the IDoR 2012 window installation. Great response. 6
  7. 7. Dr. Pepe, Diploma Casebook, Blog (ESR, EBR, ECR)The ESR runs a blog which also features cases with Dr. Pepe (a muppet) to help people prepare for theEuropean Diploma in Radiology (from the EBR [which is part of ESR]) which then can be taken at theECR. 7