Newsletter August 15 2010


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Newsletter August 15 2010

  1. 1. Campaign Commentary 1432 Ferncliff Road Charlotte, NC 28211 704-366-8748 August 15, 2010 Campaign Update Charlotte, NC Campaign Commentary from Rep. Ruth Samuelson With the heat index still solidly in the 90s, it is hard to imagine that there are just 11 weeks left until Nov. 2, Election Day! That is when voters across the country will cast ballots in a crucial midterm election. Mecklenburg County voters will choose a new District Attorney for the first time in 35 years, pick from a competitive slate of County Commissioner candidates, and likely be heavily courted by the U.S. Senate candidates as they crisscross the state. With all that going on, it’s understandable that state House and Senate elections might get overshadowed. But they are important! Our state will face myriad difficult issues in the coming months, and the people of North Carolina will need competent, fair-minded legislators serving them. It has been my honor to represent the 104th House district for the last four years, and I hope you will continue to support me in my bid for a third term.
  2. 2. New Email Series! In an effort to help voters be more informed when they go to the polls, I’ll be sending out a series of emails between now and Nov. 2 regarding many of the critical issues of the day. Some of those issues will be familiar to you. First and foremost, there’s the economy -- including jobs, the state budget and taxes – as well as education, transportation, and the environment. I’ll also discuss matters that may be a bit more obscure – such as the importance of the upcoming redistricting process for all state and federal districts. You’ll receive the first of these issue emails in early September. Others will follow as Election Day approaches. For now, however, I’d just like to wish you a blessed final few weeks of summer! I, for one, am about to take a week of real vacation -- for the first time in ages -- to recharge before the campaign season begins in earnest. I do have an opponent this year, and while the early support I’ve received is encouraging, I’m certainly not taking anything for granted! I’m excited to have this opportunity to communicate with you, my constituents and supporters, on these important issues at this critical time. If you want to suggest a particular issue to be featured in this upcoming series, please go to my website – – and click on “Ask Ruth” to submit your idea. There you will also find more information about me and my campaign as well as opportunities to get involved if you desire. I can always use the volunteers! As always, if there is ever anything I can do to help you with a legislative issue, please don’t hesitate to call. My assistant Susan is still in the Raleigh office when we are out of session. Together, we will do our best to help. That number is 919-715-3009 or and Endure (or ignore!) the heat and enjoy the rest of your summer! Best wishes, Ruth Samuelson District 104, Mecklenburg County