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Js meetup | Yeoman generators


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How to setup Yo scaffolding tools and start developing angular apps

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Js meetup | Yeoman generators

  1. 1. How to build webapps with TOOLS Pasindu Perera
  2. 2. How to build 1. Create a boilerplate / structure 2. Add libraries/dependencies/assets 3. Code 4. Test 5. Deploy
  3. 3. Tools in showcase today
  4. 4. To install ● Node ( ● Yoman (npm install -g yo) ● Grunt (npm install -g grunt-cli) ● Bower (npm install -g bower)
  5. 5. YO ● Scaffold the application o Configurations o Adding new assets
  6. 6. YO ● Package management o Dependencies o Possible conflicts o Update packages
  7. 7. GRUNT ● Run Tasks o Running the server o Watch for changes o Minification/Uglifica tion o Deployment o Running tests o Branding