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Brain conference flyer[1]


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Brain conference flyer[1]

  1. 1. The  Aim  of  the  Conference:   This  conference  will  provide  a  guide  to  the  dynamic   fields  of  neuroscience  and  brain  research,  including   prac-cal  strategies  and  applica-ons  to  enhance  learning.  Sessions  are  aimed  at  learning  providers  of  all   age  ranges  from  early  childhood  to  adult  learners.The   objec-ve  is  to  connect  educators,  scien-sts  and   researchers  to  develop  a  greater  understanding  into   the  latest  research  in  brain  func-on  and  how  this  can   assist  teachers. How  much  does  it  cost? Who  Should  A*end:   Early  Bird  Registra-on:  350  Euros Educators,  educa-onal  leaders,  parents,   (register  before  June  21st  2013) administrators,  learning  specialists,  learning   support  educators,  professional  development   Delegate  Registra-on:  400  Euros coordinators,  reading  specialists Register  today! Places  for  this  conference  are  limited.  To  avoid  any disappointment,  please  register  your  place  early.  Registra-on  is quick  and  easy,  simply  visit  our  website Interna-onal  School  Prague LO RE M E N I M Presented  by  ISP  and  Greenleaf  Learning R E A L E S T A T E Contacts:  Tony  Mobbs: Lorem Ipsum et: Bob  GStreet Work reenleaf Work City, Work State Work ZIP
  2. 2. The  Speakers Some  of  the  leading  and  most  prominent  experts  from  around the  world  will  be  joining  us  over  the  course  of  the  conference to  present  and  share  their  research,  thoughts  and  insights. And,  as  well  as  enjoying  their  presenta-ons,  you  will  be  able to  aXend  the  ‘round  table’  discussion  sessions  they  will  each be  hos-ng.  It’s  a  great  chance  to  meet  them  personally  and fully  absorb  their  ideas. FEATURED  TOPICS  INCLUDE: • Digital  technologies  &  the   21st  Century  learner • Brain  based  teaching   applicaFons • The  impact  of  emoFon Dr  Robert  K.  Greenleaf Dr  George  McCloskey • Reading  dysfuncFon • Maximising  memory • Changing  mindsets • The  Brain  and  early  years • Pink  Brain/Blue  Brain • ExecuFve  funcFonMargaret  Glick LaVonna  Roth Dr  Barrie  BenneX This  unique  event,  proudly  hosted  by  the  InternaFonal  School   of  Prague  and  Greenleaf  Learning,  aims  to  bring together  educa-on  professionals  from  all  spheres  with world  class  experts  to  examine  and  explore  the  latest  ideas in  teaching  and  learning  methods.  The  conference  will  let you  discover  the  tools  you  need  to  implement  posi-ve Dolor adipiscing: User Last Name Office: Work Phone change  with  new  ideas  and  inspiring  experiences. Cell: Mobile Phone Email: Work Email