Wasc revised action plan draft final 8 may 2010


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Wasc revised action plan draft final 8 may 2010

  1. 1. Chapter V: Revised School-wide Action PlanIntroductionThrough a variety of meetings in April and May 2010, the administrators and faculty collaborated to revise the original School-wide Action Plan to align withthe Visiting Committee’s first critical area for follow-up; namely, to “Redraft the action plan around a limited number of goals that are clearly focused onimproving or supporting student learning. The plan should allow accountability by specifying measurable success indicators, deadlines and responsiblepersonnel.”Below please find the Revised School-wide Action Plan.Key to abbreviations:HOS Head of SchoolAHOS-Academics Assistant Head of School-AcademicsAHOS-Operations Assistant Head of School-OperationsIT Integrated TechnologyOD Organizational DevelopmentUbD Understanding by Design
  2. 2. GOAL 1: Create and implement a coherent, accessible, articulated K-12 curriculum that includes standards, benchmarks, and assessments to ensureimproved student learning.Rationale: Recommendation from WASC Visiting Team report , April 2010Evidence of Success: 1. Improved student learning shown in qualitative and quantitative evidence 2. Coherent, comprehensive curriculum in Atlas, supporting Understanding by Design model 3. Minutes from regular K-12 subject, curriculum, division, administrator, and Board Academic Committee meetings Actions Steps Person(s) Deadline People and Resources to Steps toward Person(s) Monitoring Responsible help complete the task evidence of goal and Reporting completion Completion to Greater Community1. Create a status report for each • AHOS- • October 2010 • K-12 Curriculum • Completed statussubject area showing progress on: Academics leaders report from each • HOS • Assistant to AHOS- subject area and • AHOS-Academics a. Research base on best practices Academics division, showingin the subject area • Division Principals grade level. • Various grade • Written b. Standards in place, agreed level/division/team/ documentation of K-12 meetings each subject, (K-12 c. Benchmarks for grades, • Effective meeting (including BS) indivisions norms and other Atlas Organizational d. Assessment practices, common Development skillsassessments, student work samples • Principals’ Academic meetings2. Revise and implement the • AHOS- • ES Language Arts • Action plan isCurriculum Review Cycle (CRC) Academics process written for each • HOSin light of best practices and in • BS process for subject bout • AHOS-Academicsline with other SFS curricula implementing UK “Where we go to curriculum from here?”(IBDP, IGCSE, UK NC) reflecting • Current Curriculum • Accurate, agreedthe accelerated review of standards upon CRC, 2010 Review Cycleand benchmarks across the • K-12 Curriculum versionsubjects. leaders • All Atlas units • Organizational complete with a) Define and articulate the development skills for standards, actions of each phase of the • November 2010 teachers benchmarks, CRC. • Collaboration models assessments, and • Other best practice reflect UbD b) Complete ALL Atlas unit examples framework
  3. 3. GOAL 3: Identify approaches that will accelerate the integration of technology to improve learning.Rationale: Recommendation from WASC Visiting Team, April 2010Evidence of Success: 1. Short-term technology integration plan for the 2010-11 and the 2011-12 school year, including 1 : 1 laptop initiative 2. Technology Plan, finalized by January 2011 3. Compare LoTi survey results for faculty in spring 2009, 2010, 2011 4. Student work exemplars in Atlas 5. Student, Parent surveys Actions Steps Person(s) Deadline People and Resources to Steps toward Person(s) Monitoring and Responsible help complete the task evidence of goal Reporting Completion to completion Greater Community1. Formulate a short-term • IT Director • June 2010 • IT Department • Written document • HOS technology integration action • AHOS-Operations that describes the • AHOS-Operations plan. • AHOS-Academics plan, posted on a. Increase teacher access to • Principals SharePoint, computers by phasing in • August 2011 • Research on best practices Accreditation Plus laptops for teachers’ • Model programs in other • LoTi surveys initiative international schools • Upgrade of b. Increase student access to • Staff input computers/laptops computers by moving toward • August 2012 for faculty more computers in classrooms, on carts, and toward a 1:1 laptop initiative beginning in 2011-122. Provide faculty with training in • IT Director • Begin August 2010 • IT Department • LoTi survey results • HOSintegrating technology in regular (ongoing) • Staff expertise from 2009, 2010, 2011 • AHOS-Academicsclassroom instruction • Other professional, staff • Staff supervision, development evaluation • Student work samples • Atlas units3. Create 3 year technology • IT Director • Jan 2011 • IT Department • Written document • HOS integration plan • Staff expertise • AHOS-Operations • Other model plans4. Create and use a map to address • Divisional • Map by Jan. 2011, • Curriculum Liaisons • Written document in • HOS each of the NETS-S in the various Technology use is ongoing • Teachers Atlas • AHOS - Academics subject areas pre K-12 Coordinator • IT Director • Student work s • NETS-S samples