Romeu Temporal, Bahia State Govern, Special Advisor at SEPLAN, Resume


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Special Advisor at SEPLAN, Resume

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Romeu Temporal, Bahia State Govern, Special Advisor at SEPLAN, Resume

  1. 1. Romeu De Figueiredo Temporal Brazil Address Rua Alfredo Gomes Oliveira, 307.Apto Jardim Armação, Salvador, BA, Brazil CEP 40750-021 cel: +55 71 - 99827298 POSITION SOUGHT: Business Development, Commercial, Negotiations, Strategy, Project & Cost Management and Organization Capability. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2007 – 2011 Cabinet Chief Staff, until 2009, and Chief Advisor of the Planning Secretariat of Bahia State. The Staff-chief of the Planning Secretariat duties include the management of the Secretary agenda, the coordination of five superintendency of Budget, Strategic Planning, Finnacial Planning and Evaluation and Monitoring. He is also the state planning sub-secretary. My main duties was the promotion of Investments opportunities in the infrastructure area in the State of Bahia, including the sectors of public security; port and airport development; oil, gas and petrochemicals. Bahia is the 5th largest state in Brazil, with a population of $14 million —larger than that of Portugal—and is one of Brazil’s fastest-growing states. It is the largest economy in the Northeast of Brazil and is responsible for one third of the GDP of the region and half of its exports. 1997-2006 Owner and CEO of CMR; a private adviser company offering personalized financial services to small businesses in Salvador, BA, Brazil 7/89-9/96 Owner and CEO of luxury apparel stores: Aluminum (2) and Forum 1
  2. 2. 1980-1989. Economist chief of the department of economics studies of Itaú Investment Bank. Member of committee of Investment. Coordination of economic analysts team in developing of studies and economical researches. The team formed by seniors economists with experience in capital markets, for follow up and analysis of monetary polices, public sector budget, external payment balances and international economy. Investments committee member, conducting conferences with the major customers (Wolksvagem, Nestlé, Siderbrás, etc.) for planning operational strategies of his investments. Elaboration of economic newsletter with circulation restricted to the major customers of the Investment bank. 1976/78 Professor of Economy in the school of Administration FMU - SP EDUCATION 1976.1978 Master’s Degree in economic Theory - University of São Paulo. Concentration on Investment and Development Banks. Specialization: Evaluation of Investments. 1973-1976 Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, University of São Paulo, SP 1973-1976 Bachelor’s Degree in Social communication by Institute Paulista. ADDITIONAL COURSES, SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES - English: Intermediate level. Putney College. London. England. 1972. Project Evaluation. Sponsored by BID in Corporation Venezuelan de Foment. Caracas. Venezuela. During three months in 1979 Accounting. Sponsored by Price Waterhouse and Abamec. 1984. Speech in seminars and congress on Franchising and shopping centers. Trainee at BID affiliate Corporation Venezuelan de Foment. Investment Opportunities Presentations at Global Infrastructure Forum on Washington, American Commercial Chamber, China Expo Shanghay, Philadelphia Trade Center and Industry Federation. PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES: Mr. Jose Sergio Gabrielle. Petrobras CEO – Petrobras. Mr. Luiz Augusto da Rocha – CEO of USA Odebrecht branch - USA. 2
  3. 3. Dr. Carlos Henrique Mussolini - Diretor, Banco Itaú, São Paulo, SP. OTHER SKILLS & INTERESTS Corporate Strategy & Development Business Development Negotiations Project Management Organizational Capability Language skills in English and Spanish. February 25, 2011 3