Top 5 Stories from the Hyperconnected World!


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A round-up of our favorite stories this week from the hyperconnected world! Click on the hyperlink on each slide for the full story. Let us know which story was your favorite! Let's continue the conversation!

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Top 5 Stories from the Hyperconnected World!

  1. 1. 5 creativity. human insight. technology. FAVORITE STORIES FROM THE HYPERCONNECTED WORLD!
  2. 2. creativity. human insight. technology. Our Favorite Stories From The Hyperconnected World! David Beckham Surprise Visit, Instagram Movie Poster Campaign, Value of Social Technologies, 25 Things about Ben, The Future of Retail & This Week at Rokk3r Labs!Designing & Building Social, Mobile and Digital Products for our Hyper-Connected World
  3. 3. creativity. human insight. technology.adidas | David Beckham pops up at the #takethestagephotobooth
  4. 4. creativity. human insight. technology.See The First Instagrammed Movie Poster Campaign
  5. 5. creativity. human insight. technology.The Social Economy - Unlocking value andproductivity through social technologies
  6. 6. creativity. human insight. technology.25 Things About Ben Horowitz
  7. 7. creativity. human insight. technology.Report - The Future of Retail
  8. 8. creativity. human insight. technology.Look Back @ A Rokk3r Labs Week!
  9. 9. creativity. human insight. technology.What did you Do you think What do you thinkthink about the about the role ofAdidas’ special Instagram increasedguest surprise movie communication &for shoppers poster idea collaboration in(mother & son will have a McKinsey Globalreaction is mainstream Institute’s report onpriceless!)? chance? social technologies? Connect with us to continue the conversation! :: :: @rokk3rlabs
  10. 10. creativity. human insight. technology. After seeing the Did ourIs your Future of Retail office Jamideal day Report, have of theanything your Week getlike Ben perceptions youHorowitz’s? about the dancing in industry your seat changed? as well?!  Connect with us to continue the conversation! :: :: @rokk3rlabs
  11. 11. creativity. human insight. technology. We would love to hear your thoughts about our favorite stories from thehyperconnected world and your answers to our questions.  Let us know which other stories from the hyperconnected world caught your eye this week.   Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter, or share your comments here.  Let’s continue the conversation!  Connect with us to continue the conversation! :: :: @rokk3rlabs
  12. 12. Hyperconnectivity Irrelevance Sophistication Opportunities Democratization Irrelevance Hyperconnectivity Sophistication Efficiency Institutions Efficiency Sophistication New Competition CitizensDemocratization Efficiency Irrelevance Hyperconnectivity Opportunities Sophistication Democratization Irrelevance New Competition Hyperconnectivity New Challenges Sophistication Larger Markets Irrelevance Opportunities Sophistication Democratization New Challenges Sophistication Hyperconnectivity Sophistication Opportunities ExecutionAnalytics What We Do Think Tank Consulting Ventures Our Differentiators Creativity + Human Insight +Technology