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How to choose internet radio broadcasting software


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Questions you need to ask before buying internet radio broadcasting software.

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How to choose internet radio broadcasting software

  1. 1. How To ChooseInternet RadioBroadcastingSoftware
  2. 2. Questions to askIs there an Auto DJ function?
  3. 3. Questions to askIs there radio automationfunction?
  4. 4. Questions to askIs there cross fading?
  5. 5. Questions to askHow much is it?
  6. 6. Questions to askHow compatible is it withstreaming platforms?
  7. 7. Questions to askIs it updated on a regularbasis?
  8. 8. Questions to askCan you preview tracksbefore airing them?
  9. 9. Questions to askCan you broadcast live?
  10. 10. Questions to askFor suggestions on specificsoftware, visit the Top RadioAutomation website.