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5 steps to starting a radio station


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Learn how to start a radio station using 5 simple steps.

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5 steps to starting a radio station

  1. 1. How do you start a radio station?
  2. 2. Can be done using thefollowing 5 steps…
  3. 3. i) Decide where you want tobase your studio. Do you want to start at home or rent or buy a commercial space?
  4. 4. ii) Decide where you wish toplace your radiotransmitter. It doesn’t have to be with your studio, as it can be based in a remote location. Your decision may be affected by whether you want to broadcast locally or nationally.
  5. 5. iii) Get a license from the FCC.
  6. 6. iv) Buy necessaryequipment.You will need:•FM radio transmitter•Antenna•Coaxial cable•Power supply•Audio equipment
  7. 7. v) Plan the schedule ofyour radio showsYou will need decide on:•The music genres you want to play• Show format
  8. 8. Alternatively an easier(quicker and cheaper too)way is to is…
  9. 9. Start an internet radio station
  10. 10. Then all you need is acomputer, some broadcastsoftware and a stream host.
  11. 11. To learn more about starting aninternet radio station, click here to visitthe Top Radio Automation site.