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The importance of real time, versus FaceTime.


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How do we really feel about technology?

Published in: Internet, Technology, Business
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The importance of real time, versus FaceTime.

  1. 1. Replacing  real  ,me  with  Face   Time   Alexa  Robertson   Image  source:  
  2. 2. Smart  phones  may  be  smart,   But  was  their  inven,on?  
  3. 3. Image  source:  
  4. 4. Image  source:   Products  like  Apple  are  used  everyday  by  millions   to  connect  with  others  around  the  world  
  5. 5. Image  source:  
  6. 6. But   we   are   distracted   by   technology   instead   of   focusing   on   the   true   natural   beauty   of   the   world.     Image  source:  
  7. 7. Television rules the nation Image  source:  
  8. 8. image  source:   Internet  search  engines  have  heavily  decreased   the  use  of  books  and  dic,onaries  
  9. 9. Image  source:   OMG,  LOL,  TTYL  and  many   other  abbrevia,ons  have   been  created  through  use  of   technology.  
  10. 10. Image  source:   We  are  so  consumed  in  our  phones  that  we  are  missing  out  on  everything  around  us  
  11. 11. Image  source:   hFp://­‐are-­‐spending-­‐more-­‐,me-­‐consuming-­‐media-­‐on-­‐mobile-­‐devices/2013/03/12/309bb242-­‐8689-­‐11e2-­‐98a3-­‐ b3db6b9ac586_story.html  
  12. 12. Image  source:,lda89   How  many  hours  of  your  day  is  spent   looking  at  a  smart  phone?  
  13. 13. Image  source:  hFps://   What  would  happen  if  technology  suddenly  ceased   to  exist?  
  14. 14. Image  source:  
  15. 15. Image  source:  
  16. 16. Image  source:   There  is  prac,cally  an  ‘online’  version  of  everything  
  17. 17. Image  source:   But  is  technology  making  it  easier  for  kids  to  get   themselves  into  trouble?   Cyberbullying  is  a  huge  issue.  
  18. 18. Image  source:  
  19. 19. Image  source:   Let’s  take  some  ,me  to  enjoy  nature   Thanks  for  viewing!