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Webvisions NY 2012 - The Future is Now: Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface


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Wouldn't it be nice if your colleague's phone could SMS its location to you? If you know position and velocity, you know when they'll arrive. The result: the interface disappears. No redundant actions or queries. The same software could turn your lights on as you approach the house. Or automatically "check in" to certain locations for you. Or leave a note for yourself the next time you're at the store.

In the presentation, Geoloqi founder Amber Case will highlight why developers of apps should look at what users want to do now, as well as what users want to do in the future, why social apps should try to mirror real-world relationships, why sharing should be about who you share with as well as how long you're sharing, and why developers should think about how to make apps "ambient" and require less user interaction.

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Webvisions NY 2012 - The Future is Now: Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface

  1. The Future is Now:Ambient Location and theFuture of the InterfaceAmber
  2. we are allcyborgs
  3. cyborg:an organism “to whichexogenous components havebeen added for the purpose ofadapting to new ambientspaces”
  4. Flickr: cybertoad
  5. Flickr: soylentgreen23
  6. Flickr: cybertoad
  7. Univac 1 ~1950’s ^^iPhone ~2000’s >>
  8. theautomaticproductionof space
  9. traditional anthropology
  10. Flickr: futurestreetcyborg anthropology
  11. I. History
  12. Self-Portraitof Steve Mann withWearableComputingApparatus1981.
  13. WearCam: the wearable camera
  14. Diminished Reality• Adding your own layer onto reality• Replacing public messages with your own
  15. Twiddler by HandyKey Corporation One-Handed Key Chording USB@caseorganic Keyboard
  16. Image recognition, processing and replaceme
  17. Remember the MilkContextual Notification SystemsVirtual Post-It Notes with ImageProcessing1995@caseorganic
  18. Evolution of Prosthesis
  19. Present-Day Steve Mann • Extremely lightweight equipment • Most people have this in their pocket
  20. II. The Future
  21. Calm TechnologyFlickr: thriol
  22. • Calm technology• Actions as buttons• Invisible interfaces• Trigger-based interactions
  23. EmulatedInterface
  24. SuperhumanInterfaces
  25. Wayfinding with Non-Visual AR Haptic Compass
  26. MachineLanguage Kelly Dobson
  27. Real-time gaming@caseorganic
  29. Bringing Wikipedia to Life
  30. Sends users notifications of restaurants nearby theirlocation that are below a threshold of cleanliness. by Reid Beels at a Geoloqi Hackathon
  31. your phone willbecome a remotecontrol for reality.
  32. HomeAutomation When you enter your house, the lights turn on! When you leave, the lights turn off!
  33. The interfacedisappears • Actions are Reduced • Queries are Eliminated
  34. The best technologyis invisibleIt should get out of the wayand connect people.
  35. No longer this.
  36. This!
  37. Thank you!Amber Case@caseorganiccase@caseorganic.comMapAttack! Meet at 11:45Am at theStatue in Columbus Circle!Dev Platform: Launching at theBusiness Innovation and EducationLab