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Establishing Canadian MPAs


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Science and Policy Issues in Establishing Canadian MPAs

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Establishing Canadian MPAs

  1. 1. Science and Policy Issues in EstablishingCanadian Marine Protected Areas R.J. Payne Lakehead University Presentation to the Centre for Marine and Coastal Policy Research University of Plymouth October, 2011
  2. 2. Establishing Canadian MPAs Introduction● Canada● Case Studies: – Scott Islands Marine Wildlife Area – The Gully MPA – Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area● Steps to a Network of MPAs● Issues and Questions
  3. 3. 1 Scott Islands MWA; 2 The Gully MPA; 3 Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area
  4. 4. Establishing Canadian MPAs Scott Islands MWA● Proposed (currently an IBA)● Legislation: Canada Wildlife Act (amended 1994)● Agency: Canadian Wildlife Service (Environment Canada)● Purpose: wildlife (seabirds) habitat and nesting area protection● PNCIMA (DFO), under the Oceans Act
  5. 5. Establishing Canadian MPAs The Gully MPA● Established; promoted by WWF (Canada)● Legislation: Oceans Act● Agency: Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)● Purpose: significant feature protection● Scotian Shelf IMA (DFO)
  6. 6. Establishing Canadian MPAs Lake Superior NMCA● Established; Parks Canadas scientific assessment● Legislation: NMCA Act● Agency: Parks Canada (Environment Canada)● Purpose: representative marine area (29 regions)● Province of Ontario
  7. 7. Establishing Canadian MPAs Issues and Questions● Canada-Provinces● Canada-Aboriginal people – Nunavut: Inuit – Rest of Canada: First Nations● Network of MPAs – DFO lead role, under Oceans Act, in the three oceans – Funding? ● A cut of $55 million from operating budget in 2011
  8. 8. Establishing Canadian MPAs Issues and Questions (Contd)● Network of Protected Areas – e.g., Cape Scott Provincial Park and Scott Islands MWA● MPAs and Integrated Management Areas – Development – protection balance? – Local stakeholders?● Assessing MPA Effectiveness: – Ecological: DFO MPAs have no particular purpose – Socio-economic: Impact and Benefit Agreements ● Nunavut mandatory ● Elsewhere?
  9. 9. Establishing Canadian MPAsQuestions?
  10. 10. Establishing Canadian MPAsReferencesCanada, 1985. Canada Wildlife Act,, 1996. Oceans Act,, 2002. National Marine Conservation Areas Act, Wildlife Service, 2004. Establishment of the Scott Islands Marine Wildlife Area (MWA), and Oceans Canada, 2004. The Gully Marine Protected Area, and Oceans Canada, 2011. National Framework for Canadas Network of Marine Protected Areas,Ottawa.Impact and Benefit Agreement (IBA) Research Network, (no date), Canada, 2011. Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area,