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Building Relationships & Revenue with Lifecycle Marketing


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There’s a critical component of success for your business that money can’t buy: relationships. If you’re at a loss as to how customer relationships drive revenue, then consider these statistics:
- Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers
- Referrals among repeat customers are 107% greater than non-customers
- It costs 6x more to sell something to a prospect than to sell that same thing to a customer

Right On Interactive founder and CEO Troy Burk and Heinz Marketing president Matt Heinz share not only how to build lasting customer relationships that drive revenue for your business but how lifecycle marketing can fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Learn how to…
- Create excited prospects and customers through targeted and interesting content
- Develop relationships with contacts who are buzzing about what you do
- Use social media to build engagement and add value
- Rank prospects and customers with a “3D Scoring” approach

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Building Relationships & Revenue with Lifecycle Marketing

  1. 1. Building  Rela,onships  &  Revenue   with  Lifecycle  Marke,ng   Presented  by  Ma>  Heinz  of  Heinz  Marke,ng  and   Troy  Burk  of  Right  On  Interac,ve     #ROIx  
  2. 2. Troy  is  the  CEO  and  founder  of  Right   On  Interac,ve.  He  is  a  recognized   thought  leader  and  speaker  on  the   topics  of  lifecycle  marke,ng,   marke,ng  automa,on,  lead  scoring   and  nurturing,  and  email  marke,ng.       Ma>  began  Heinz  Marke,ng  in   2007.  He  has  over  15  years  of   marke,ng,  business  development   and  sales  experience  from  a  variety   of  organiza,ons,  ver,cal  industries   and  company  sizes.   #ROIx  
  3. 3. Agenda   •  Value  of  customer  rela,onships   •  Defining  the  “Ideal  Customer”   •  Segmenta,on,  Quadrants,  Personas   •  Developing  Rela,onships  through  Content   •  The  Power  of  Social  Media   •  Key  Takeaways   #ROIx  
  4. 4. Good  Customer  Rela,onships   •  Repeat  customers  spend  33%  more  than  new  customers     •  Referrals  among  repeat  customers  are  107%  greater  than  non-­‐customers   •  It  costs  6x  more  to  sell  something  to  a  prospect  than  to  a  current  customer   -­‐  Dr.  Philip  Kotler     #ROIx  
  5. 5. Poor  Customer  Rela,onships   •  Consumers  are  two  ,mes  more  likely  to  share  their  bad  customer  service   experiences  than  they  are  to  talk  about  posi,ve  experiences.    (2012  Global   Customer  Service  Barometer)   •  It  takes  12  posi,ve  customer  experiences  to  make  up  for  one  nega,ve   experience.  (Parature)   •  A  10%  increase  in  customer  reten,on  levels  result  in  a  30%  increase  in  the  value   of  the  company.  (Bain  &  Co)   #ROIx  
  6. 6. Finding  the  Ideal  Customer   According  to  Seth  Godin,  an  ideal  customer  is   someone  or  another  organiza,on  who…     •  Wants  your  products  and/or  services;   •  Has  the  ability  to  pay  for  the  product  and/or   services;  and   •  Has  the  authority  to  purchase  your  product  and/ or  services.   #ROIx  
  7. 7. Finding  the  Ideal  Customer   Marketers  today  are  collec,ng  a  TON  of  data!     Brands  &  organiza,ons  on   Facebook  receive  34,722   “Likes.”   Foursquare  users  perform   2,083  check-­‐ins.   Email  users  send   204,166,667   messages.   Consumers   spend   $272,070   on  web   shopping   Google   receives   over   2,000,000   search   queries.   #ROIx  
  8. 8. Segmenta,on  and  3D  Scoring   Within  each  lifecycle   stage,  customers  and   prospects  will  fall  into   one  of  four  quadrants   based  on  profile  fit  and   level  of  engagement.       Ideal Fit & More Engaged Ideal Fit & Less Engaged Not Ideal Fit & Less Engaged Not Ideal Fit & More Engaged Engagement   Profile   #ROIx  
  9. 9. Developing  Rela,onships  through  Content   Content  strategy  in  one  sentence:   “Sell  the  hole,  not  the  drill.”     #ROIx  
  10. 10. Developing  Rela,onships  through   Content   1.  Find  &  engage  prospects  “upstream”  before   they  are  ac,ve  buyers   2.  Par,cipate  in  their  communi,es  as  a  peer  to   build  trust  &  credibility   3.  Use  research  tools  to  customize  approach  with   new  targets   4.  Publish  your  own  source(s)  of  value-­‐added   content  to  a>ract  new  prospects  to  you   #ROIx  
  11. 11. Engagement  Through  the  Lifecycle  Journey   Thought   Leadership   Solu,on   Knowledge   Solu,on   Valida,on   On   Boarding   Value   Proposi,on   Solu,on   Referral         White  paper   Market  report   E-­‐books   Tradeshows   Blogs   Social  media             Events   White  paper   Business  case   Webinar   Drip  mktg       CRM   Use  case   Demo  videos   Buyer’s  guide   One-­‐to-­‐one       How  to  video   Tips  &  tricks   Best  pracIces   IncenIves   One-­‐to-­‐one           Exclusive  access   Value  add   Customer  event   TesImonials   Network       Surveys   Reviews   Referral  offers   InnovaIon   Success  stories          Goals                        Content  SoluIons                    Lifecycle  Journey             Discover   Explore   Buy   Use   Ask   Engage   #ROIx  
  12. 12. What  do  customers  care  about?   #ROIx  
  13. 13. The  Buying  Progression   Problem/Pain   Solu,on   Objec,ve/Outcome   #ROIx  
  14. 14. Three  Content  Ques,ons   •  What  do  I  want  people  to  see,  hear  and/ or  learn?   •  What  do  I  want  people  to  think?   •  What  do  I  want  people  to  do?   #ROIx  
  15. 15. Jill  Rowley,  top  sales  rep,  7  of  8  years:   •  Cold  Calling  vs.  Social  Prospec,ng   ₋  50%  increase  in  opportunity  crea,on   •  Lead  to  Engaged  Opportunity  Accelera,on   ₋  25%  higher  conversion  rates   •  Social  Proximity  Lead  Distribu,on   ₋  35%  be>er  response  rates   The  Power  of  Social  Media   #ROIx  
  16. 16. Key  Takeaways   •  Everyone  has  a  lifecycle     •  Segment  first  based  on  lifecycle  stage   •  Determine  ideal  customer  and  track  all  engagement   •  Deliver  a  be>er  customer  experience  with  relevant  content,   and  communica,ons  (Stage,  Quadrant,  Personas)   •  Process,  People,  Plaporms,  Content   •  Strategies,  Tac,cs  and  Tools   #ROIx  
  17. 17. Ques,ons???   Troy Burk Right On Interactive @troyburk @roi_marketing Matt Heinz Heinz Marketing @HeinzMarketing #ROIx