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Community planning


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Community planning

  1. 1. Live, Work, Play: Creating Your Community 2020. Blending Economic Growth with SharedThe Triangle in 2020? How will we live, Prosperity: Jobs, Socialwork, play? What are the issues that affect Justice, Empowerment!our lives, our towns, now and in the future,and what can we do about them? Getting Around: Transit in Our Triangle?Here is your chance to learn, share and Preserving Our Rural Character,engage in spirited dialog with your friends Renewing Our Rivers,and neighbors and create a community Growingcloser to your heart’s desire. Sustainably North Carolina, the New Florida! How Do You Love Your Community? Let Us Baby Boomers, Diverse Communities, Count the Ways Global Workforce Pittsboro to Paris, Raleigh to Rome: How Urban Form Unites…& Separates Us es/spring2013/pdf/PersonalEnrichment.pdf TIME Thursdays, 6.00pm – 7.30pm, March 14—April 18, 2013 LOCATION Central Carolina Community College, 764 West Street, Pittsboro, NC. Call 919-545-8044 to Register