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Sr Night Slides 09


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Published in: Spiritual
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Sr Night Slides 09

  1. 1. This youth group is a family United by faith in Jesus and our friendships around this room We are all brothers and sisters And for a time, this youth group is our home Like every human family our youth group is formed and reformed over time Members come into the group, and members leave Members are adopted into our family And they leave our youth group for new places and experiences Together we have shared with one another good times and bad
  2. 2. We have shared joys and concerns We have laughed and cried As you move into a new part of your life, Know that you are not alone We will pray for you in all that you do and wherever you go
  3. 3. O God, our Protector, keep and preserve Nick and Chelsea as they leave high school in all health and Safety, both of body and soul; through Jesus Christ. Amen.