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BMMC Human Capital E-brochure

  1. 1. Providing Global Reach via Local Knowledge Igniting Business Performance through increasing Human Capital and enhancing Organisational EffectivenessThe information herein is privileged & confidential. Please refer to important Disclaimers on the final page of this document.
  2. 2. BM MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIESBM Management Consultancies was founded in May 2007 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to helpand support our clients in setting-up in the Middle East, in recruiting the right people, in findingthe right partner in the Middle East, in developing their employees and in managing their financialsand their accounts.As a matter of fact, we are Management Consultants so we aim to help companies to improve andenhance their performance through Executive Search, Training & Development for their managersand their Top Management, Executive Coaching, and Corporate Financial Advisory in order tooptimize their organization, their business model, their shareholding, their capital structure andenhance their Management leadership skills.In order to better serve our clients, we have three distinct divisions: Executive Search, Training &Development and Corporate Business/ Corporate Finance Management.We have decided to dedicate one expert per activity so that our clients can clearly identify the futureproject leader when they will be working with us.Indeed, one of the most critical factors for the success of an executive search mandate or anyassignment is the background and experience of the expert who has, on top of this, has a proven“Performance Driven” Philosophy. Besides, the consultant will be committed and accountable for thesuccess of the project.Eventually, this will ensure us repeating business with our clients because they like the way we workand how we are transparent about the founding and the outcome of each assignment.However, we do not stick to problems, concerns and issues but we communicate them to you, ifany, and propose you solutions to resolve them.Our Services are as follows:1. Human Capital Consultancy  Executive Search  Training & Development  Human Resources Consultancy2. Corporate Business/ Corporate Finance Management  Outsourcing Services of Accounting & Finance Department  Auditing your existing accounts  Setting-up your activities in the Middle East  Implementing your ERP BM Management Consultancies | 2
  3. 3. Direct Search for Management & Experts Recruitment:We aim to provide our Clients with a bespoke solution that matches their culture, vision, strategyand organization. Indeed, we target in priority unavailable talents who work in the same industryand even sub-industry. With regards to the importance and the challenging requirements of theposition, we conduct a direct search process. This allows a proactive and straight forward approachto qualified and interested candidates. We define each executive search project as a uniqueconsulting engagement and we tailor our efforts accordingly. Even though, a systematic approachis followed in executing each assignment.We base our Direct Search approach as follows: Ensure the selected talent effectively starts is new role within your organization Introduce our candidates to their new organizationPhase II Customized Reference Checking & Final Negotiation Support Assessment Verifying candidate’s references and final consultation Assessment and Presentation of the Short – Listed Candidate Thorough evaluation and send off on our best candidatesPhase I In Depth Search Identification and Attraction of Potential Candidates; the “Long-List” Our potential candidates based on client’s job specifications and culture Job Specification, Organisation Analysis and Mapping The key for the success of each assignment We commit to submit our Clients the shortlist within 4 to 6 weeks for any local and regional mandates (within GCC) and 8 to 12 weeks for any international mandates in order to propose as many talents as possible for a most efficient hiring process. Throughout the engagement we will be in frequent contact to keep you informed and provide information on the leading candidates. BM Management Consultancies | 3
  4. 4. Recruitment Optimisation:BM Management Consultancies aims to simplify companies life by assisting their recruitmentdepartment with the creation and management of a Talent Pool and the set-up of an optimisedrecruitment process.1. Talent Pooling: a. The Objectives:  Plan and anticipate your talents need to implement your strategy  Hiring talents to reach the business targets  Decreasing deadlines while improving quality of the candidates  Reducing the costs  Creating a pool of talents  Getting a better market reach b. The Process:  Defining recruitment project  Strategic choice of external recruitment agency  Defining recruiting process: Sourcing suitable candidates = Talent Pool  Approaching & Attracting sourced candidates  Proposing openings to talents  Closing – finding an agreement with talents c. The Results:  Talent pool with high number of talents by expertise  Openings are closed very quickly  Recruiting process & time reduced remarkably  Quality of hiring very high  Reduced costs  Learning curve of recruiting agency high  Business KPIs reached or exceeded2. Outsourced Recruitment Process:BM Management Consultancies propose a turnkey solution for business set up from the initialbrainstorming support to define the best strategy to penetrate and set up the GCC market to thelegal set up via known and reputable Legal firms implemented in the region, choice of local partnersif required. Furthermore BM Management Consulting aims to accompany Clients trough the set upphase with support such as advice on office rental following the defined strategy, subcontractorssuggestions for IT/communication and other needs. At last, all Finance set up and first key staffhiring can be provided by BM Management ‘’in house’’ services. BM Management Consultancies | 4
  5. 5. Training & DevelopmentSustainable success today requires that people at all levels of your business continually acquire anddevelop new skills. Employee training and development is an invaluable tool in the modernworkplace and is instrumental in cultivating improved communication, better staff morale, employeeengagement and overall productivity.When employee training is needed to enhance the productivity of individuals, categories ofindividuals or work teams, we create tailor-made and customized training solutions designed tomeet their specific business development / operational challenges.Whether your need is management consulting, supervisor or leadership development, implementinga sales, customer service or communication training program, we know where to start and whatquestions to ask.BM Management Consultancies’ Training and Development revolves around three axes: 1. Developing leadership through executive coaching and customized programs adapted to the culture, objectives and the current environment of your organization. 2. Developing specific managerial competencies for groups and individuals with an aim to develop a high team performance culture. 3. Developing and igniting team effectiveness, through a variety of programs centered on military style team building activities.Why Military Style Leadership?  Anyone who has been in the military is highly attuned to team performance.  The military only succeeds by emphasizing the collective output rather than concentrating on individual output.  Businesses can gain exceptional insights and benefits from the military by learning how to achieve an unbroken narrative between strategic intent at the top of an organization and tactical application at the bottom from the military. BM Management Consultancies | 5
  6. 6. BM MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCIES PROFESSIONALS Zoran Marinkovic, Founding Partner – Executive Search Zoran gained corporate finance experience with various financial and healthcare multinational organizations in Europe and the Middle East. As part of strategic planning teams at American Express Cartes France in Paris and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare in Dubai, he has developed a broad business perspective that enables him to understand the challenges of corporate clients within the Middle East region. Zoran is fluent in French, English, Serbian and fair knowledge of Spanish. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from University of Paris 10, France, as well as a bilingual, French and English, MBA specializing in International business from Paris Graduated School of Management. He is also certified Six Sigma Green Belt from American Express EMEA HQ based in London. Besides, he builds his business relationships focusing on quality, commitment and partnership. He has been creating a strong business network in Dubai, Middle East, North Africa and Europe thanks to his enthusiasm and his communication skills. All this contributed to be elected in as President of Employment Committee of the French Business Council of Dubai and Northern Emirates. In May 2007, he founded BM Management Consultancies to serve multinational companies who have a small office in the Middle East. He has specialised in searching candidates who evolve in niches such as IT/Telecom infrastructure (outdoor, indoor, submarine), stainless steel, home appliances (gas cooker expert), industrial gas, oil & gas, supply chain, consumer goods and so forth… Gaenaelle Perrot, Partner - Corporate Business/Financial Advisory Gaenaelle spent eleven years gaining extensive experience in financial & accounting management in Europe and the Middle East before becoming partner of BM Management Consultancies. Working with companies such as MPH, in challenging roles, has turned Gaenaelle into a dynamic and motivated professional with strong inter personal, analytical and leadership skills. Gaenaelle’s mother tongue is French and is fluent in English. She holds a Masters Degree in Financial Management from Begue Institute, Paris. She started her career in the auditing firm, Constantin CPA now part of Deloitte, performing the accounting and auditing for companies such as JV Sanofi Pasteur & Merck. She then joined American Express, Travel Division, as Financial Analyst and Business Planner, in charge of Accounting, Reporting, Budgeting and Analysis. Gaenaelle continued her carrier at Alcatel Lucent as Financial Control Manager responsible for the analysis of all financial reports and the outsourcing of the company’s payroll. Finally she decided to give her career an international turn by joining MPH in Dubai, UAE, as Finance and Administration Director for the Middle East and Africa in charge of all financial functions including accounting, contracting, administration, risk management, financial analysis and investments. In January 2009, he decided to give a real turn to her career and accepted to join us as a Partner with the challenge of launching and developing a new division. She takes care of all outsourcing of accounting, reporting, budgeting, planning, auditing, implementing your ERP system and advising on the set-up of their legal entity based on their strategy. She has been giving support to multinational companies who have a small office in the Middle East. BM Management Consultancies | 6
  7. 7. Darryn Maxwell, Senior Client Partner – Training & DevelopmentDarryn Maxwell is a proven, energetic leader with over 20 years’ experience inHuman Resources, Training and Development. He was commissioned into theBritish Army in the early ‘90s, after graduating from the Royal MilitaryAcademy Sandhurst. During his time as an Artillery Officer, he gained a widespectrum of experience in numerous leadership, training and technical roles.He also served as a Weapons Instructor at the Royal School of Artillery duringa period when new equipment was being brought into service and wasresponsible for the design and delivery of training to personnel. He isexperienced in working alongside industry to optimise the delivery ofemerging capabilities and develop innovative blended learning solutions. Heis a highly knowledgeable, diligent and motivated Training and DevelopmentOfficer, with extensive experience of requirement setting, training &development evaluation and assurance. Confident and able to apply anintelligent and flexible approach to Joint Service Publication 822, the DefenceSystems Approach to Training (DSAT) to meet strategic and operationalrequirements, he has a proven track record in designing and implementingenhanced DSAT practices and procedures, now considered gold standard byDefence. Darryn also holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Managementfrom City and Guilds.After military service Darryn took his love of training and combined it withanother passion – flying. He gained his Instructor rating on his Pilot’s licenceand began teaching aviation students the British CAA Microlight Syllabus tothe point where they successfully obtain their Flying Licences. This involvedpractical flying instruction in the air (demonstration of exercise, observationand correction of students attempts) as well as delivery of pre / post flightbriefings on the ground and theory lessons on aviation subjects such as: AirLaw, Aeroplanes Technical and General, Human Performance, Meteorology andNavigation. More recently, he spent a year in an old Range Rover, travellingacross Africa and chronicling his experience through a travel blog.As part of BM Management Consultancies, Darryn is involved in working withmanagers and staff alike, focussing on the organization’s purpose, andultimately aligning their energy to deliver the organisation’s strategic goals byusing Training and Development techniques. His strengths are inunderstanding the environment, culture and organisation’s strategy. He thenworks with individuals and groups to synchronise their commitment and effortto the organisations mission. BM Management Consultancies | 7
  8. 8. Our Contact Information We want to hear from you… Please Challenge us!If you are a candidate and looking for new challenges,please send your resume to our Research Team to thefollowing email address: admin@bmdubai.comIf you want to learn more about Executive Searchfor your business, please contact:Zoran Marinkovic - zoran@bmdubai.comIf you want to learn more about Training & Developmentfor your business, please contact:Darryn Maxwell - darryn@bmdubai.comOur office location is as follows:Blue Marin Management Consultancies – I.E.S.F.Rania Business Center, 6th Floor, Office 609Al Barsha 1P.O. Box 127531, DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesTel: +971 (0)4 450 8600Fax: +971 (0)4 450 “The human mind is our fundamental resource.” John F. Kennedy Disclaimer This document contains privileged and confidential information intended only for the person or entity to which it was distributed. Any review, retransmission, dissemination, copy or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient, is prohibited. If you received this document in error, please notify BM Management immediately by e-mail, facsimile or telephone and thereafter permanently destroy it. BM Management Consultancies | 8