Pink little ducky


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Pink little ducky

  1. 1. Pink Little Ducky In a far, far awayland Rightbefore reachingthe ocean, Andtakinga left before hittingthe sand. There wasa kingdom Like no one hadeverseen. There were noprincessor prince, Onlyducklings, Walkingaroundthe grass… whichwas verygreen. Theywere happilyquacking, Some marching, Andothersdancing. Witha bigsmile, Theywalkedaround, You couldheartheirlittle feet, Making the nicestsound. Theywere all joyous Exceptfor one, She didn’tquackor dance, All she didwasfrownand had nofun. But whywas thislittle ducklingsosad? She was notlike the others, Andeverybodythoughtthatwasbad.
  2. 2. She was notyellow, Andthe rhythm couldn’tmove herfeet, Thispinklittle ducky, Juststood lonelybesidethe tree. She had no friends, As pershe couldn’tquack, She feltgloomy, As perherdays were all black. Thenone day, While she criedbythe tree, Came a groupof ducklings, Who were verymean. “What’s wrongducky? You wantto come to play?” “Yes I do!” “Oh, butyou are not yellow,sojuststay.” Theylaughedandgiggled At the Pinklittle duck, So she startedrunning, She ran and ran, Withoutstopping.
  3. 3. She ran for an hour,a day,and a month The distance she traveled Was more than a hunth. Finallybeingtired, Andher little feetsoar, She lookedaround, Andonce again she wasalone. She justsat on the pasture, Lookingat the moon. She wishedwithall herheart To become yellow anytime soon. She fell asleep, Withher little eyesstill wet, Murmuringin herdreams, I wantto be yellow…Please!Ibeg. “Hey!” The little ducklingsuddenlywoke up. “Hey!” She didn’tknowwhatwaswrong. “Hey!” She heardonce again. Thenshe lookeddown Intothe grain.
  4. 4. “Can’t yousee I washere first?” Saidthe strange voice. “Now move along, You have no otherchoice!” “Where are you?” Saidthe Pinkducky. She lookedarounduntil she sawa ball Whichwas verydusty. “Can’t yousee I am potato?” “Are you blind?” “Wait! You are a pinklittle ducky... But whyare youcrying?” “I am sorry Mr. Potato, I didn’tmeantobother. I’ve justbeenrunningaway, Because I have nofriends,norsister,norbrother.” “I am alone, As nobodylike me. As youcan see I’mpink… A pink,ugly,duckling…” “Don’t cry,don’t cry Little duckling. I can do magic, Hence I will give youawish
  5. 5. Because youare lucky.” She smiledandjumped For the firsttime. Her feetstarteddancing, Andshe quackedwithrhymes. “I wishto be yellow, Justlike the others, That way I can go back, Andno one will bother.” “Before grantingyourwish, I’ll tell youastory, Of a greatduckling, Who losthisglory.” “It was a longtime ago, A differentduckjustlike you, He wasnot yellow, His featherswere all blue.” “He alsoran away, Because nobodylikedhim. He ran away, Andhe evenstoppedquacking.”
  6. 6. “He wishedsobadto be To be yellow andnormal, I grant himhiswish, But he soonrealize he wasnowjusta common.” “Beingyellow Didn’tmake himhappy. Because nobodylikedhim, Whenhe was special.” “He wonderedaroundthe world, As he leftthe group, Wishingreallyhard, To be once againblue.” “What I meanlittle ducky Is that beingpinkmakesyouspecial, Beingdifferentisagift, Andit’sveryprecious.” The pinklittle ducky lookedintoherheart. She nowknewwhatshe wantedto wish, She knewherlife wasn’tfallingapart. “Mr. Potato, I don’twant tobe anotherone fromthe group I wishthat yellow ducky Can become once againblue.”
  7. 7. Withoutsayinganymore words, PinkLittle Duckyturnaround andunfurled That she was goingto findthatblue little ducky, She will lookforhimall overthe world. Andthat is howour storyends, Hopingthe two little duckiescanmeetsomeday Hopingthat theywill happilyquack, Andneverwish tobe yellow once again.