24th taipei international machine tool show held in nangang exhibition cen…


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24th taipei international machine tool show held in nangang exhibition cen…

  1. 1. 24th Taipei International Machine Tool Show held in Nangang Exhibition Center 卡帝諾 B01502145 15/03/2013 Engineering embraces a fine, interesting, an outstanding world. Every single machine usednow days derive from contributions made by people who have dedicated their lives to discoverthe world of engineering. A very interesting feature is the development and evolution of thesemachines used. As many current engineers can account, before the impeccable breakthrough intechnology, most machines available in the market had to be used manually. This represented agreat loss in production due to the extended time it would take to create a piece of work, as wellas the common human errors that made the pieces ineffectual. On my visit to the 24th TaipeiInternational Machine Tool Show held in Nangang Exhibition Center, I was able to experience thetechnological advances that have made these machines work-friendly and efficient. Most of theseapparatus are equipped with software that will make the machine able to maximize theirproduction. Another outstanding feature is that almost every machine in the show was certified bythe International Organization of Standardization, which makes them more liable for the labor.While I was cruising through the aisles there were two machines that caught my eye. One of themwas the CNC Turning Milling CT2-65YM developed by ChiahChyun Machinery Co., LTD. and theHeavy Duty Precision Lathe X-33210 created by Win Ho Technology IND. CO., LTD. These twomachines are not only almost perfect in their performance, but they also have a reputable design. The first machine that I wasinterested in was the CNC TurningMilling CT2-65YM developed byChiahChyun Machinery Co., LTD.In theentrance, I was greeted by a very nicegentleman Derrick Yu. I turned towardthe machine and he began to explainme the importance of having this tool inmy company. Due to the fact that wasnaïve in the topic, he first gave me asmall background of the company: “CHIAH CHYUN MACHINERY CO., LTD. is one of the mostprofessional manufactures for Twin Spindle Twin Turret, CNC Lathe, CNC Auto Lathe, CNC TurningCenter and Sub Spindle Lathe in Taiwan. They are the first company to be certified by ISO 9002 forits Automatic Lathes and CE quality certification in Taiwan.”("CNC Lathe - Chiah Chyun MechineryCo., Ltd - HD Video of Twin Spindle Twin Turret, CNC Lathe, CNC Auto Lathe, CNC Turning Center &Sub Spindle Lathe Manufacturer in Taiwan.)
  2. 2. Before introducing the CT2-65YM, it is important to explain the main functions of aTurning Milling Machine and which items are produced using this. “Milling machines have twomain parts. The head holds the collets, which hold the tools used to mill the materials. The headmoves up and down on the "Z" axis and the tools are spun by a motor. The motor is either avariable-speed motor, or a system of pulleys that is used to vary to the speed of the tool. The tablemoves on two axes, the X and the Y. The table is moved manually by hand-wheels across the X-Yplane to position the material under the head or move it against the cutting tool.”(What Is aMilling Machine Used for? | eHow.com)The most common milled items are car engine blocks.They are first cast from steel or aluminum, and then precisely machined on a mill. The engine headis also milled before assembly, as are the valves, camshaft and pistons. Due to the fact that itemssuch as the mentioned need to be efficient and should not contain any error, milling machinessuch as the CT2-65YM should be used in production. The CT2-65YM is quite an excellent machine and therefore following are the descriptions that make it stand out among the rest of the milling machines. The most important thing is that it has a multi-axis turning center for profitable production. Among the specifications of this feature we can find that the CT2-65YM is composed of 16-position upper and lower turrets. There is also a C-axis for elevation of turret. The massive 45° slant bed features maximizesstability. The CT2-65YM is full linear on all axes. Its built-in type is composed by 4000 rpm main and sub spindle. In order to avoid any overheating, this machine is equipped with an atomized and modernized oil mist cooling for gears in turret making it more efficient and avoiding constant oil refill.The following table included is to aid onmore specific details that make the CT2-65YM the machine needed at work:
  3. 3. Capacity CT2-65YMMax. manu. dia. Ø325Standard manu. dia. Ø175Distancebetweentwo center 1045Max. manu. length 305Bar capacity Ø65Axis specificationsX1, X2, X3 axis travel 227.5/230Z1, Z2, Z3 axis travel 440/440Y1, Y2axis travel ±50B axis travel 555X, Y, Z axis rapid travel speed 16 / 6 / 40 m/minB axis rapid travel speed 40m/minMin. input unit 0.001SpindleMax. spindlespeed 4000rpmSpindle motor 11/15kwCenter height 1188Spindlenose A2-6孔徑 Spindle bore Ø86Spindlebearingdia. Ø120Spindle bar capacity Ø65 (Option Ø71)Chucksize 8”/10"
  4. 4. Sub spindle Max. spindlespeed 4000rpm Spindle motor 7.5/11kw Spindlenose A2-6 Spindle bore Ø86 Spindle bar capacity Ø65 (Option Ø71) Chucksize 8”/10” L,R,C 最小移動單位 Min. movingunit 0.001o C axis rapid travel rate 600min-1 Live toolturret Turretstation 16-station Squaretool □25mm Round tool Ø25mm Rotatingmode single tooltransmission Live tool rpm 60~6000min-1 Live tool motor 3.7/5.5kw No. of livetool 16×2 Colletsize ERØ32 Toolholder&toolsize BMT65 Machine Machine size(LxWxH) 4016x2309x2139 (includes chip conveyor) Machine N.W. 10300kgs (includes chip conveyor) Power Power 57KVA Hydraulic motor 3HP / 2.2kw Coolant motor 1.7HP / 1.27kw Tankcapacity Hydraulictank 40L Coolanttank 280L (CNC Lathe - CT2-65YM -CHIAH CHYUN MACHINERY- CT Series of CNC Lathes Manufacturerin Taiwan)
  5. 5. As explained by the table, the CT2-65YM is suitable for any type of work. In addition tothese outstanding features, the company also offers additional equipment to optimize theoperational and physical system. The following tools can be also added: 6" hydraulic chuck, axialand radial live tool holder, voltage stabilizer / transformer, high pressure coolant device,Mitsubishi Robot, oil mist re-collector, and a bar feeder. Of course these supplementary objectsare for purchasing.
  6. 6. Even though the price of the machine was not revealed due to competition among othercompanies, the CT2-65YM is a machine worth the investment. It will not only improve theproduction flow, it will also provide the best quality products. After exiting CCM, I kept wondering around the place, watching a lot new handy gadgets,when suddenly I saw a gigantic machine. I walked towards it and stood stupefied by the magnificent job the machine was performing. The machine was the Heavy Duty Precision Lathe X-33210 created by Win Ho Technology IND. CO., LTD. This company is located in Taichung Industrial Park. They have more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality precision lathes. The precision lathe “is a computerized lathe used to create detailed solid objects from a single piece of wood or metal.”(What is a Precision Lathe?)This machineuses sophisticated computer software.The precision lathe can produce a near-finished productwith minimal waste. A lathe functions by spinning the raw materials while cutting, drilling, sanding,knurling or deforming. The use of a lathe produces a finished product that is symmetrical along theaxis of rotation.A precision lathe is able to cut and shape a material to within 0.00254 cm ofaccuracy. The cylindrical basis of the lathe means that the material is secured at each end and theproduct is created by the removal of materials from the solid item. Some products that derivefrom the precision lathe are baseball bats, table legs, poles and a wide range of ornamental pieces. The Heavy Duty Precision Lathe is an amazing machine with features beyond the ordinaryprecision lathe. This machine has improved Headstock. All gears and mandrel are made of alloysteel with heat treatment and precision ground. Thanks to this, the rotating type speed changingsystem is easy to operate. The spindle of 153mm, 230mm (OPT) is supported by 3-point precisionbearings. Another improvement that can be seen is the universal gear box design. With this newgear box, the precision lathe is able to cut metric thread, imperial thread, module thread withoutchanging the gear. The apron and saddle were also optimized to obtain a better result. The apronhas cross and longitudinal fast speed design for auto distance skip-off. It was also built longer andwider slide for carriage stronger cutting. The apron and saddle now include a special safety devicefor any overload. Another advantage is the central lubrication system that can be operatedmanually or automatically. Finally the Bed was enhanced with high tensile ribs structure. It is nowa 3V bed design for durable precision. The one piece structure lathe bed enhances the machine lifeand working performance. In addition to these enhances the following table gives a description ofother details that are included in the new model:
  7. 7. X-33 Series Specifications/Model X-33210 Swing OverBed 860 mm(34") Swing Over Cross Slide 620 mm(24") Center Distance(mm) 5310 mm (212") Swing Over Gap 1000 mm (40") Width of Gap 475 mm (19") SpindleSpeed 12 Steps Spindle Bore 153 mm (6") / 230 mm (9") (OPT.) SpindleNose A2-11 / A2-15(OPT.) Taper of Spindle Bore MT 7# SpindleSpeed 8-700 rpm / 7-500 rpm InchThreadsRange 2~28 / in(D.P.4-56) MetricThreadsRange 0.8~14 mm (M.P.0.5-7)Longitudinal FeedsRang 0.05 ~ 0.7 mm /rev Cross FeedsRange 0.025 ~ 0.35 mm/rev Leadscrew pitch Ø 45 X 2 TPI / P12 mm (OPT.) Cross slideTravel +480mm ~ -30mm CompoundResetTravel 330 mm (13") Tail SpindleTravel 250 mm(10") Tail SpindleDiameter Ø 120 mm (4") Taper of Tail Center MT 6 # BedWidth 510 mm (20") Spindle motor 20HP / 30HP (OPT.) Bed OnepieceMachine Dimensions(cm) 725X174PackingDimensions(cm) 750 x 200 x 190 Net weight(kgs) 8400kg (WIN HO TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD)
  8. 8. The Heavy Duty Precision Lathe X-33210 can also be equipped with optional accessories.These accessories are: change Gears for D.P. and module Thread, rear Cutter Rest, Short SplashGuard, Work Light, Digital Readout, Chunk Guard, Taper Tuning Attachment, 4-position CarriageStop, Line Center with Replaceable Inserts, Rapid Traverse, 5C Lever Collet Closer, American ToolPost, Steady Rest, Micro Carriage Stop, 2 Steps Speed For Tailstock, Hydraulic Copying Machine,Driving Plate, Driving Plate, Follow Rest, Rear Splash Guard, Face Plate, OD Grinder(External), andQuick Change Tool Post.
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