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  1. 1. RE/MAXReach Crossroads 2414 E. Main Street For Lincolnton NC 28092 The 704-736-1717 Sky ―THE AC/DC TEAM‖ Amanda Carpenter704-308-1783 Donald Crump – 704-472-0879
  2. 2. Why RE/MAX CROSSROADS?Experience theAdvantage of havingTwo quality agentsWorking for you
  3. 3. THE AC/DC TEAMThe most successfulReal estate teamServing Lincoln,Gaston, ClevelandSurrounding Counties
  4. 4. RE/MAX BRAND MARKETINGRE/MAX Agents Tools to help market to our clients. Drive traffic to our website and office calls.
  5. 5. 2008 Share of Voice
  6. 6. RE/MAX Never waivers incommitment to marketing
  7. 7. First Quarter Share of voice 2009
  8. 8. RE/MAX Covers it All National TV — More than 25 cable and major-network channels • 10.3 Billion impressions National Print — Ads in Time and People magazines • Industry leading publications – millions of readersNational Radio — NCAA, NFL, 2008 Olympics in Beijing • Integrated presence – RE/MAX Broadcast Booth, in-game mentions of the brand Sponsorships — National programs, local involvement
  9. 9. Competitive AdvantageThe RE/MAX brand is among our most valued assets • For more than 30 years, one image • RE/MAX thrives, no matter the marketRE/MAX Advertising is the mostrecalled in the industry • Consumers may not know an agent personally, but they certainly know RE/MAX Ranked among the Top 200 Brands by Advertising Age magazine Named among Top 10 Franchises by Entrepreneur magazine
  10. 10. Communications RE/MAX Times online!RE/MAX produces hundreds of publicationseach year, providing agents with invaluable tools, news and information.
  11. 11. Billboards at Regional Level Tailors the overall RE/MAX message to generate awareness of the individual office. Addresses market conditions specific to local market, and the local competition.Examples: • online advertising, billboards, benches, co-branded materials local team sponsorships and events
  12. 12. The RE/MAX Balloon • The RE/MAX balloon is the most recognized logo in real estate. • Balloon signifies that you are best in the industry. Professional. Trusted. Respected. • More than 120 balloons in the RE/MAX fleet - one of the largest in the world. More than 100,000 people see it every time it flies – ideal for schoolevents, fairs, festivals, tethered flights. Contact your region for details.
  13. 13. Marketing for your home•In home information package•Brochure box with color flyer•RE/MAX Crossroads sign in yard•Strong online presence•Home listed on several online sites, listed below•••••••••••••••••••All remax agents websites•All realtors websites who have the idx feed
  14. 14. Information about my MarketingI pride myself on utilizing my experience, energy and enthusiasm to get the homesold. I consistently update my clients on showings, feedback and newcompetition in order to make quick decisions to keep your property attractive tobuyers in the market.I work consistently to stay up to date to the newest technologies and pride myselfon serving my clients.The in home information package helps me assure that all buyers questions canbe answered. I include an MLS page, picture pages, general map of the area, platof the lot, property disclosures, community restrictions, community informationand specific details about your property. The home information package is for thebuyer to keep to help them with the homes they have viewed that day, and keepyour home refreshed in their mind.A curb side flyer with the sign will be utilized to promote interest for those buyersthat still drive around neighborhoods to see homes listed in the area. I includejust enough information to peak their interest for them to call me for moreinformation on the home.80% of home buyers go to the web to preview homes first, most of them and A strong online presence is essential to sellingyour home. I assure not only a strong presence online, but your home looks greatin the photos and Virtual Tours. These are some of the latest technologies whenmarketing your home.DVDs are provided in the home and include attractive Tours and photos of thehome. These can be taken by a buyer and popped into their computer or DVDplayer to review again at their convenience.