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Content That Connects


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2011 Marketing Opportunities Brochure for Source Interlink Media.

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Content That Connects

  1. 1. Print • Digital • EVEntS • mobilE • ooh • raDio • tElEViSion • licEnSED ProDuctS Over 100 Brands • • 84 MilliOn readers, 64 MilliOn Men & 24 MilliOn UniqUe visitOrs MOnthly
  2. 2. markEting oPPortunitiESThe AdvAnTAge of An InTegrATed MedIA Buy • No single medium can do the entire job, so advertisers strive for the optimum media mix. • An integrated media package delivers better results because it is tailored to your needs and optimizes each medium to work together with the others. • Source Interlink Media has both the brands with the breadth to move mass and niche brands which provide pinpoint marketing. • For OEMs and the auto aftermarket, no other media company has the brands and capabilities of Source Interlink Media.Why PrInT Why Tv And rAdIo• The cost-efficient way to reach niche audiences. • No medium can match the sight, sound and motion of television.• Its environment of compatible editorial captures the reader’s full • It can provide the immediacy a marketer needs to promote a attention and is the #1 medium of engagement*. limited time offer.• Allows for in-depth product descriptions. • Radio and targeted cable can swap mass reach for a niche audience.• The preferred medium for reaching influentials. • Spot TV and Radio can target a geographic area.• Magazine ads generate web traffic at each stage of the purchase funnel, especially purchase intent**. Why MoBIleWhy dIgITAl • Cutting edge products can be showcased in cutting edge media.• Provides immediacy and accountability, making overall online ad • Enthusiasts and consumers can access the world’s most credible performance easier to track than traditional forms of media. and authoritative voices right from their mobile device• Both media and production costs are less than most other media, • Automotive news, blogs, vehicle reviews, videos, photos, and much and ads can be interactive and geo-targeted. more direct from their favorite automotive brands• Reinforces print and other media advertising with campaigns that can be optimized quickly and efficiently to drive performance. Why ouT of hoMe MoBIle BIllBoArds• Allows advertisers to have a presence where consumers are going • Give you the ability to pinpoint your geography down to the to research and purchase products online. neighborhood level.• Brings advertisers the power of Search advertising. We bring you • Available in most major markets including Burbank, Baltimore, exposure to an audience in search for your product. Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Ontario, and Washington, DC.Why evenTs • Ideal for product introductions, local events, and seasonal campaigns.• They put your products in the hands of our readers – your buyers.• Allow you to get up close and personal with your prospects.• You can sample, do product demos, get opinions, and more.• Sponsorship opportunities provide additional coverage in our magazines and websites, multiplying impressions and increasing awareness of your product and company. *Simmons Multi-Media Engagement Study, 2008. **The Center for Media Research article, “URLs Boost Magazine Ad Response,” July 2009.
  3. 3. Motor trend autoMotive GrouP CIRCULATION: 1.76MM AUDIENCE: 13.2MM MEDIAN AGE: 42 MEDIAN HHI: $65,867 UNIqUEs: 11.1MM* pAGE vIEws: 56.8MM* Delivering over 25MM in-market consumers and enthusiast-influencers, and appealing to the widest spectrum of readers, the Motor Trend Automotive Group provides unparalleled editorial coverage of the new vehicle landscape that is articulated through the most credible and authoritative voices in the industry. *SIM In-Market Websites. PerForMance autoMotive & Street rod GrouP CIRCULATION: 2.18MM AUDIENCE: 25.1MM MEDIAN AGE: 45 MEDIAN HHI: $69,211 UNIqUEs: 2.2MM pAGE vIEws: 10MM From Do-It-Yourself customization to the latest consumer buying guides, the Performance Automotive Group covers it all. In addition to its leading domestic, street rod, GM, Mopar, and Mustang & Ford Performance magazines, the PAG also publishes dozens of Special Issue Publications, and produces weekly TV broadcasts and events. The PAG’s unique websites encompass the domestic auto performance experience and collectively are the authority for the most popular American auto brands. international/tuner GrouP CIRCULATION: 304,000 AUDIENCE: 2.4MM MEDIAN AGE: 37 MEDIAN HHI: $61,974 UNIqUEs: 2.7MM pAGE vIEws: 12.5MM From European luxury cars and Japanese street racers, to stereos and electronics, the International Automotive Group (IAG) attracts the next generation of car consumers, and reaches the coveted 16–24 male demo. Besides a strong emphasis on performance, speed, and style, these brands spotlight the “pop culture” of fashion, music, and technology. Additionally, the IAG produces the culturally diversified Lowrider franchise, an institution unto itself which attracts over two million enthusiasts via cars, bikes, art, and events. truck & oFF-road GrouP CIRCULATION: 913,000 AUDIENCE: 11.2MM MEDIAN AGE: 37 MEDIAN HHI: $60,616 UNIqUEs: 2.3MM pAGE vIEws: 11.1MM Covering off-road, diesel and custom models, the Truck Group delivers enthusiasts who share a passion for power, style, and modification. These brands target the niches of the truck market and provide vital “How-to”, and “What-with” features that entertain and inform. Web sites, live events, and up-to-the-minute industry coverage make the Custom Truck & Off-Road Group the undisputed authority on the four-wheeling experience. Motorcycle GrouP CIRCULATION: 647,000 AUDIENCE: 7.6MM MEDIAN AGE: 42 MEDIAN HHI: $75,005 UNIqUEs: 1.7MM pAGE vIEws: 7.0MM Sportbikes, Harleys, dirt bikes, choppers, touring bikes, and even all-terrain vehicles, the Motorcycle Group covers virtually everything that runs on two wheels. Each brand focuses on a specific niche of the motorcycle market, attracting some of Source Interlink Media’s most loyal and affluent readers. In addition to its monthly magazines, this Group also produces popular websites, live events, and multiple Special Issue Publications.[SoURCES – Print: June 2010 ABC, December 2009 Publisher’s Sworn Statements, 2010 Spring GfK MRI Prototype Estimates, Reader Surveys, SIM Research Estimates, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI. Digital: Nielsen online SiteCensus, YTD Monthly Average, September 2010.]
  4. 4. markEting oPPortunitiES MOtOr trend aUtOMOtive grOUp aUtOMOBileMag.cOM MOtOrtrend.cOM trUcktrend.cOM MOtOrtrendclassic.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE Arbiters of the “All-Star” awards, Motor Trend, the world’s THE authority on light trucks, From 1950s Chevys to ‘70s Automobile Magazine appeals automotive authority, is a one-stop Truck Trend tests and reports Lamborghinis to million-dollar to the interests of passionate source of automotive information on pickups, sport-utility movie machines and factory automotive enthusiasts. For for new vehicle shoppers and vehicles, and crossovers, concepts, Motor Trend Classic over twenty years, Automobile dedicated enthusiasts. Motor Trend providing vital information for puts readers in the driver’s has set the standard for appeals to the widest demographic new-model shoppers and avid seat of some of the world’s automotive journalism and spectrum of consumers and truck enthusiasts alike. From most fascinating cars. This has maintained its devotion enthusiasts of any publication in performance and capability, to award winning magazine to automotive adventure and its field, testing more vehicles than what to buy and how to use it, brings postwar classics to an editorial approach that any other automotive magazine. Truck Trend delivers a wealth life like never before with emphasizes “No boring cars.” Since 1949, Motor Trend has of truck information for its compelling state-of-the-art Automobile Magazine focuses been one of the leading brands in opinion-leading readers. performance tests and firsthand on taking interesting cars to automotive publishing, powering In-depth features on Truck retrospectives celebrating the interesting places, and meeting several content platforms, and Sport/Utility “of the Year” cars that shaped our culture interesting people along the including: online, radio, mobile, awards, off-road adventures and created the “automotive way. Automobile’s entertaining, auto shows and more. Every year, and profiles the latest truck soundtrack to our lives”. thoughtful, and provocative Motor Trend awards the most accessories on the market. With stunning graphic design, style caters to enthusiasts who coveted accolades in the industry: captivating photography and love cars and the lifestyle of Car, Truck, and Sport/Utility “of the A-list writers, Motor Trend fine driving. Year” awards. Classic is the rebirth of cool. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 4,600,000 ReadeRs: 8,032,000 ReadeRs: 548,000 Men: 81.4% Men: 89.1% Men: 88.5% Median age: 39.8 Median age: 38.2 Median age: 47.3 Median HHi: $52,719(MRI) Median HHi: $74,312(MRI) Median HHi: $70,570 $92,000(Sub Study) $87,200(Sub Study) $96,004 (Sub study) SoURCE: 2010 Spring GfK MRI Prototype Estimate. HIGHLIGHTs HIGHLIGHTs HIGHLIGHTs• #1 Audience increase in ages 18-24 • #1 on Newsstands • 86% of readers took action after seeing ad• #1 Editorial content percentage (63%) • #1 in Audience increase • 82% Provided advice on/influenced• #1 People often ask them for new • of those whom MT subscribers the purchase of a specific vehicle vehicle purchase advice (277 Index) influenced about a vehicle, 86% • 70% gave advice on aftermarket• 53% of readers took action after purchased a vehicle products seeing ad (VISTA) • 52% of readers took action after • 68% gave advice on auto repairs wEBsITE pROFILE• Guaranteed rate base seeing ad • THE authority on light trucks,• Highest quality paper stock • #1 With readers who consider Truck Trend subscribers are more than new & used• 2009 National Magazine themselves automotive enthusiasts three times as likely than the average • Tools allow buyers to do price Award Winner (315 Index) male to: comparisons, find reviews, current• Winner of 9 IAMA awards in 2009 • Guaranteed rate base • own 5+ vehicles auto loan/lease info • Winner of 4 IAMA awards in 2009 • own a motorcycle • Features content, video, and photos • Spend over $500 on tires on the latest truck makes and models EvENTs • Drive 20,000+ miles in the past year • order automotive products via mail, phone or internet wEBsITE DEMOs • own a recreational vehicle or UniqUe VisiToRs: 452,000 personal watercraft Page Views: 2MM chooSE thE branD that’S right for you [SoURCES – Print: June 2010 ABC, December 2009 Publisher’s Sworn Statements, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI Prototype Estimate, Reader Surveys, SIM Research Estimates, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI. Digital: Nielsen online SiteCensus, September 2010]
  5. 5. in-Market WeBsite prOFiles aUtOMOBileMag.cOM MOtOrtrend.cOM aUtOMOtive.cOM intellichOice.cOM wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 1.2MM UniqUe VisiToRs: 3.3MM UniqUe VisiToRs: 3.9MM UniqUe VisiToRs: 199,000 Page Views: 5.8MM Page Views: 18MM Page Views: 22MM Page Views: 732,000 wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE• Captures the passion and experience • The source of automotive information • Consumer-focused portal with tools • Best overall Value (BoV) systems lets of driving automobiles and entertainment, aimed towards that help consumers research their buyers match the best vehicle for their• Transports viewers from behind in-market buyers and dedicated vehicles lifestyle the wheel, to great travel/driving enthusiasts • Interactive fields, links, and menus • one of the leading entities in destinations, to inside the minds of • Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide enables assist buyers to locate their desired automotive ownership cost and fascinating personalities users to research new and used vehicles car by price and location leasing data• The sophisticated enthusiast finds a • Winner of the 2008 FoLIo Magazine • Automotive Enthusiast Central places well-rounded mix of automotive “ozzie” Award for Best Website the latest articles, photos, and content Design (Consumer) videos at your fingertips internetaUtOgUide.cOM aUtOBUygUide.cOM neWcar.cOM wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 1.8MM UniqUe VisiToRs: 159,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 311,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 100,000 Page Views: 7.9MM Page Views: 1.1MM Page Views: 1.2MM Page Views: 304,000 wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE• Provides consumers with multiple • The guide to vehicle information • Provides new and used car info at a • Visually guides buyers in selecting and ways to obtain vehicle information • Consumers are able to search new glance with minimal searching obtaining information and quotes of cars• offers quick navigation for searching and used vehicles with ease, as they • Simple, straight-forward access to the • Car Research section provides quick automotive topics peruse through multiple automotive- information car buyers want to know vehicle specs and links to reviews,• Dealer locator, gas price finder, related topics • Provides Classified listings as rebates, and ratings New/Used car listings well • Compare feature allows vehicle configuration and comparisons chooSE thE branD that’S right for you
  6. 6. markEting oPPortunitiES perFOrMance aUtOMOtive & street rOd grOUp caMarOperFOrMers.cOM carcraFt.cOM chevyhiperFOrMance.cOM circletrack.cOM classictrUcksWeB.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE Produced by the editors An industry leader The authoritative source The #1 source for Caters to one of the of Super Chevy and that reaches millions of for enthusiasts interested advanced racing hottest segments in the geared to the restoration hands-on DIY enthusiasts in building, modifying, technology for oval track performance market – and restification of Chevy by emphasizing 1949- and restoring high racers for over 25 years, virtually every light truck Camaros, featuring the present high performance performance Chevrolet delivering full-spectrum, manufactured from the best photos and trend- vehicles (particularly ’60s vehicles. Issues help cutting-edge tech to mid 1940s until 1980. Also setting tech to take and ’70s musclecars). readers make savvy America’s advanced- teaching enthusiasts all enthusiasts’ muscle Car Craft engages buying decisions, offer to-professional racers about these trucks with cars, street machines readers with tech advice, and profiles in 5 key areas: engine, features on just about and classics to the next straightforward tech tips, vehicles from the ’50s to chassis/suspension, every aftermarket and performance level. product evaluations, and the latest models. drivetrain, safety, and performance category. racing events. ultimate racer skills. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 308,000 ReadeRs: 2,606,000 ReadeRs: 1,512,000 ReadeRs: 965,000 ReadeRs: 777,000 CiRCUlaTion: 25,460 CiRCUlaTion: 224,974 CiRCUlaTion: 125,386 CiRCUlaTion: 79,730 CiRCUlaTion: 67,064 Men: 97% Men: 86% Men: 86% Men: 97% Men: 86% Median age: 42 Median age: 42 Median age: 42 Median age: 49 Median age: 42 Median HHi: $60,000 Median HHi: $64,000 Median HHi: $64,000 Median HHi: $66,900 Median HHi: $64,000 classictrUcks.cOM wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE• Extensive tech & • Geared to DIYers – practical • Covers restored and build-up • Emphasizes expert-level • Tuner forum for light truck how-to articles – engine performance focus Chevrolets – ’50s to current car construction, racing performance enthusiasts builds & upgrades, exhaust, • Tech how-to’s, engine models technique • Geared to model years suspension buildups & product • Project Cars and Feature • Focuses on engine building/ 1940’s–1980• Photos of generations of evaluations Cars section – tech advice tuning, safety equipment • Tech articles cover Camaros • Covers organized street & and modifications use, chassis engine upgrades, bolt-on• Camaro restoration, engine drag racing and related news • Blog network for enthusiasts • Examines mini-stocks, street accessories, suspension technology, and radical • 1949-present high and CHP staff to share ideas stocks, modified and late- • New parts & technology builds performance autos model race cars announcements wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 13,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 233,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 181,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 59,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 119,000 Page Views: 88,000 Page Views: 962,000 Page Views: 667,000 Page Views: 271,000 Page Views: 711,000 EvENTs chooSE thE branD that’S right for you [SoURCES – Print: June 2010 ABC, December 2009 Publisher’s Sworn Statements, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI Prototype Estimate, Reader Surveys, SIM Research Estimates, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI. Digital: Nielsen online SiteCensus, September 2010]
  7. 7. perFOrMance aUtOMOtive & street rOd grOUp cUstOMclassictrUcks.cOM MUstang50MagaZine.cOM gMhightechperFOrMance.cOM highperFOrMancepOntiac.cOM hOtrOd.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE Focuses on the full The “Go-To” source for GM High Tech Providing the definitive The world’s largest range of Issues related late-model Mustang Performance is America’s answers about Pontiac performance to American-built performance, from best source for late- cars since 1979, HPP automotive brand, pickups, panels, and 1979 Foxes to the latest model GM car and truck balances coverage of delivering the deliveries manufactured Mustangs. 5.0M&SF has information. offering today’s late-model cars performance industry’s prior to 1987. From the best technical how- features on fuel-injection, with restored classics most respected tech paint jobs and repair to stories and product supercharging, turbo and muscle cars. Regular tips, product tests, tips to the latest news evaluations for maximum technology, suspension, features include Pontiac and events for over 60 and reviews, no other street performance, jaw- and virtually everything histories, performance years. Its unique style magazine covers these dropping features, covers in the modern arsenal of capabilities, and tech attracts veteran rod vintage American-built drag- & road-race events, GM power. highlights. builders and general car beauties as fully. industry news, & road tests. fans alike. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 510,000 ReadeRs: 944,000 ReadeRs: 266,000 ReadeRs: 314,000 ReadeRs: 6,839,000 CiRCUlaTion: 43,875 CiRCUlaTion: 78,062 CiRCUlaTion: 21,856 CiRCUlaTion: 26,036 CiRCUlaTion: 655,722 Men: 86% Men: 90% Men: 91% Men: 93% Men: 85% Median age: 42 Median age: 43 Median age: 40 Median age: 43 Median age: 39 Median HHi: $64,000 Median HHi: $72,397 Median HHi: $61,646 Median HHi: $66,369 Median HHi: $55,194 wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE• Forum for professional • Forum for 5.0 liter and mod- • Focus is late-model GM car • Geared to Pontiac • The world’s largest, builders, restoration motor enthusiasts & trucks aficionados with focused most widely-recognized enthusiasts, sport truck • Performance how-to’s, • Aftermarket parts, industry editorial content automotive performance aficionados technical advice, new-car news, technical information • Informative historical website• Tech articles, products, and drive reports • Photography & feature features, detailed technical • Industry commentary on DIY tips geared to vintage • Features the latest articles include: Camaros, articles tech & new trends American trucks built prior innovations in street and Firebirds, Grand Nationals, • Coverage of Pontiac events • Extensive editorials, reviews, to 1978 strip performance Impalas, Holdens, Cadillacs, & across the country new products Corvettes wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 104,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 115,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 102,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 94,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 424,000 Page Views: 600,000 Page Views: 640,000 Page Views: 446,000 Page Views: 423,000 Page Views: 1.9MM EvENTs chooSE thE branD that’S right for you
  8. 8. markEting oPPortunitiES perFOrMance aUtOMOtive & street rOd grOUp MUstangandFOrds.cOM MOparMUscleMagaZine.cOM MUscleMUstangFastFOrds.cOM MUstangMOnthly.cOM pOpUlarhOtrOdding.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE For every type of Ford The leader for its distinct The top choice for The only brand that Delivering fun and enthusiast, MM&F approach to muscle-era Mustang and Ford caters strictly to the informative editorial covers all model/year Dodge, Plymouth, and enthusiasts interested in Mustang hobby, from for nearly 50 years to Mustangs, plus Ford, Chrysler vehicles. Featuring late-model Mustangs and vintage to late-model. millions of street rodders Lincoln, and Mercury everything Mopar, it overall Ford performance, Covering everything from around the globe. performance cars from includes late-model tech delivering the latest from daily maintenance Popular Hot Rodding the ’60s to today. Issues on the newest generation, practical performance to hardcore restorations. showcases everything feature Restomods, such as 5.7 & 6.1 Hemis, “how-to” articles, Issues include features, from engine builds Modifieds, and all street and details restorations, industry news, new-car vehicle and historical, and DIY steps, to new performance, with a focus street performance, tests, features, reader tech tips, and event products and interior & on restoration, handling, motorsports, and Dodge shootouts, and national coverage. exterior treatments. maintenance and styling. performance trucks. Ford event coverage. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 448,000 ReadeRs: 702,000 ReadeRs: 968,000 ReadeRs: 593,000 ReadeRs: 1,256,000 CiRCUlaTion: 36,580 CiRCUlaTion: 58,248 CiRCUlaTion: 80,425 CiRCUlaTion: 49,133 CiRCUlaTion: 103,794 Men: 93% Men: 93% Men: 90% Men: 76% Men: 100% Median age: 43 Median age: 42 Median age: 47 Median age: 47 Median age: 52 Median HHi: $83,433 Median HHi: $51,855 Median HHi: $68,308 Median HHi: $76,381 Median HHi: $83,100 wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE• The website for devotees of • Site emphasizes muscle-era • Practical forum for peak • Specialized website for DIY • Features serious horsepower every Ford brand and classic Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler vehicle performance Mustang hobbyists and the Ford vehicle vehicles • Superchargers, nitrous • Best advice for enthusiasts hottest cars• Coverage of Ford, Lincoln, • Technical & Feature oxide systems & aftermarket planning performance • Forum for technology Mercury, Cougar, Fairlane, content geared to street performance parts upgrades & aesthetic information swap Falcon, and Galaxie performance and functional • Comprehensive tech articles improvements • Extensive event coverage• Also includes content for restoration for DIY enthusiasts • Comprehensive tech • “Engine Masters” forum for Ford truck and Ford-powered • Profiles restored Mopars • Hottest news, latest products articles made simple for DIY performance builds street rod or replica fans • Mopar motorsports news and event coverage enthusiasts wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 114,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 125,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 122,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 127,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 132,000 Page Views: 518,000 Page Views: 673,000 Page Views: 593,000 Page Views: 721,000 Page Views: 578,000 EvENTs chooSE thE branD that’S right for you [SoURCES – Print: June 2010 ABC, December 2009 Publisher’s Sworn Statements, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI Prototype Estimate, Reader Surveys, SIM Research Estimates, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI. Digital: Nielsen online SiteCensus, September 2010]
  9. 9. perFOrMance aUtOMOtive & street rOd grOUprOdandcUstOMMagaZine.cOM streetrOdderWeB.cOM sUperchevy.cOM vetteWeB.cOM MUscle car revieW BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE Rod & Custom is the “The World’s Street The #1 Chevrolet For the millions who see Addresses the hottest brand that defined street Rodding Authority” enthusiast brand in the Chevrolet Corvette as segments of the rodding as we know since 1972, issues are world for over 40 years. America’s true sports performance automotive it, with roots dating packed with over 200 It covers all segments, car, Vette has been the market. Expanded from back to 1953. Today it pages featuring the from restorations, to consummate Corvette a successful Special continues to reinvent finest vintage street rods. musclecars and hardcore guide since 1976. Issue of the same name, the sport with profiles of Regular features include racing. The addition of Features cutting-edge MCR offers restoration & the hottest rods on the event coverage, past and Chevrolet news, project technology, ultra high performance “how-to’s”, market, covering classics present trends, reader cars, and tech tips make performance Corvettes, vehicle comparisons, up to 1964 with its mix profiles and interviews it a must-read for all products & tech, profiles and vivid imagery of of imagery and tech. with master fabricators. Chevy fans. & events. various muscle car makes and models. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 1,355,000 ReadeRs: 1,765,000 ReadeRs: 1,861,000 ReadeRs: 532,000 ReadeRs: 605,000 CiRCUlaTion: 112,020 CiRCUlaTion: 145,885 CiRCUlaTion: 153,829 CiRCUlaTion: 43,740 CiRCUlaTion: 50,393 Men: 93% Men: 99% Men: 98% Men: 93% Men: 93% Median age: 43 Median age: 55 Median age: 51 Median age: 43 Median age: 43 Median HHi: $66,371 Median HHi: $62,500 Median HHi: $77,683 Median HHi: $83,433 Median HHi: $83,433 stOckcarracing.cOM wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE DEMOs• Historical profiles, vintage • Access to a community of • The #1 Chevrolet enthusiast UniqUe VisiToRs: 60,000 photography fellow rodders source online Page Views: 257,000• Information for users about • How-to articles for novice • Covers all Chevy market wEBsITE DEMOs their home-built, traditional enthusiasts segments – newest models, UniqUe VisiToRs: 41,000 ’60s custom autos • Rod road tests restorations & rebuilds Page Views: 116,000• Coverage of the latest meets • Reviews on new parts and • Forums and blog topics and events technologies include: events, shows, tech cUstOMrOdder.cOM wEBsITE DEMOs cOrvetteFever.cOM UniqUe VisiToRs: 20,000 Page Views: 84,000 kitcarMag.cOM wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 94,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 96,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 159,000 Page Views: 441,111 Page Views: 490,000 Page Views: 706,000 EvENTs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 87,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 47,000 Page Views: 367,000 Page Views: 173,000 chooSE thE branD that’S right for you
  10. 10. markEting oPPortunitiES internatiOnal/tUner grOUp eUrOpeancarWeB.cOM eUrOtUner.cOM hOndatUningMagaZine.cOM iMpOrttUner.cOM lOWriderMagaZine.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE Targeting an affluent eurotuner delivers Fuels the passions Import Tuner sets the Since 1977, Lowrider and educated audience, both the latest and of enthusiasts who style agenda for teens has evolved to become european car brings the greatest trends own the most popular and young men living the #1 Hispanic the foreign driving in the European sport compact on the edge of the automotive brand on experience to life tuning segment. platform — Honda/ automotive lifestyle. newsstands. Lowrider with road tests and Its distinct mix of Acura. Targeted to that Featuring youth-driven delivers colorful impressions based on informative features, market, its highlights articles and covers features on the cars the most technically vibrant photos, and include cutting-edge customized cars, new and people who define superior European driving straightforward performance techniques, parts and accessories, the lifestyle, and machines. European Car technical analysis offers events, industry updates, fashion, electronics, enables readers to offers tech tips, product a fresh perspective product reviews, and newest gadgets and voice opinions, show evaluations, and stunning aimed at enthusiasts reader profiles. beautiful women that off style, and dictate the locales. ready to join the scene. drive our readers. newest cultural trends. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 304,000 ReadeRs: 200,000 ReadeRs: 280,000 ReadeRs: 384,000 ReadeRs: 448,000 CiRCUlaTion: 38,319 CiRCUlaTion: 25,223 CiRCUlaTion: 34,934 CiRCUlaTion: 48,024 CiRCUlaTion: 55,995 Men: 93% Men: 90% Men: 93% Men: 87% Men: 65% Median age: 43 Median age: 36 Median age: 42 Median age: 31 Median age: 39 Median HHi: $83,434 Median HHi: $73,266 Median HHi: $51,856 Median HHi: $61,221 Median HHi: $44,934 wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE: wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE:• Emphasizes highly-modified • Profiles trendy European • Content and discussion • Informative, entertaining • The largest online supporter and technically-superior automotive performance forums specific to the forum for teens and young of the Lowrider industry and European cars style and technology Honda/Acura enthusiast adult import auto enthusiasts its enthusiasts• Provides advice and product • Access to site-specific • Provides the most current • The latest in cutting-edge • Promotes lowriding as a evaluations based on expert articles, product searches, Honda/Acura news & events and accessories positive automotive lifestyle analysis and trends technology & links to tech • Features aftermarket and automotive segment• Features reviews, technical details products and “how-to’s” for a • Site covers featured cars, articles and opinions tricked-out ride video of car shows and more wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs:149,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 171,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 158,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 243,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 170,000 Page Views: 430,000 Page Views: 820,000 Page Views: 956,000 Page Views: 1.3MM Page Views: 1.5MM EvENTs chooSE thE branD that’S right for you [SoURCES – Print: June 2010 ABC, December 2009 Publisher’s Sworn Statements, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI Prototype Estimate, Reader Surveys, SIM Research Estimates, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI. Digital: Nielsen online SiteCensus, September 2010]
  11. 11. internatiOnal/tUner grOUp heavy hitters lOWriderarte.cOM tUrBOMagaZine.cOM MOdiFied.cOM sUperstreetOnline.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE An authoritative voice Super Street delivers for the high-octane what today’s hardcore world of sport compact tuners crave: extensive vehicle performance, coverage of the Modified focuses hottest cars, events, on performance and aftermarket enhancement on products on the both the street & the scene. Its unique voice racetrack. It provides speaks to the youth extensive & technical market, delivering a testing of products and testosterone driven BRAND pROFILE wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs platforms, making it a package that’s The urban automotive UniqUe VisiToRs: 84,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 156,000 must-read. entertaining and fun. lifestyle, featuring the Page Views: 686,000 Page Views: 571,000 culture of “bling” and the pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs desire to stand out and ReadeRs: 360,000 ReadeRs: 448,000 floss all the “toys” that CiRCUlaTion: 45,250 CiRCUlaTion: 56,472 money can buy. Men: 86% Men: 87% Median age: 34 Median age: 31 Median HHi: $57,890 Median HHi: $61,221 prOject car lOWriderBike.cOM vWtrendsWeB.cOM wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE BRAND pROFILE wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs• Insiders’ source for • Tuner forum with extensive Dedicated to DIYers, UniqUe VisiToRs: 15,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 26,000 news and information coverage of compact showing tuners how to Page Views: 64,000 Page Views: 137,000 for fast sport compact & performance cars crank up the custom import cars • Reviews aftermarket parts, on a budget.• Features the latest industry upgrades, accessories news from NoPI, Formula • The coolest video games and D, D1GP, HIN and SEMA entertainment lOWrider girls lOWrideredge.cOM wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 212,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 220,000 Page Views: 743,000 Page Views: 1.2MM BRAND pROFILE wEBsITE DEMOs Features the urban, exotic, UniqUe VisiToRs: 16,000 and girls-next-door. Plus Page Views: 54,000 editorials on relationships, Lowrider culture and tips chooSE thE branD that’S right for you
  12. 12. markEting oPPortunitiES trUck & OFF-rOad grOUp OFF rOad 4WheelOFFrOad.cOM 4WdandspOrtUtility.cOM 8-lUg.cOM dieselpOWerMag.cOM FOUrWheeler.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE The icon of the light- 4WD & SU focuses on real Poised to be the Diesel Power taps into The original four-wheel truck media, Petersen’s world trail vehicles and industry leader, 8-LUG the rapidly growing drive authority, Four 4W&OR is the largest the places enthusiasts HD Truck focuses on the fanbase of diesel engine Wheeler features light-truck brand in like to drive them. With country’s leading show enthusiasts. Providing stunning visuals for its the world. Editorial coverage spanning from trucks, with feature vital tips on improving fanbase, presents Four includes basic-to- hardcore rock crawling articles on performance engines, transmissions, Wheeler of the Year advanced DIY tech, to family-oriented scenic upgrades, suspension, and drivelines. With awards, and provides worldwide events & adventures, issues also body mods, interiors, features that fully inform the latest 4WD vehicle aftermarket trends. examine new products for and more! 8-LUG HD consumers before they and aftermarket Vehicles covered range Jeeps and other trail-built Truck, a growing brand make major purchase component testing, from late-model daily rides. 4WD & SU provides in the industry covers decisions relating to making it a mustread drivers to advanced a variety of 4x4, trail and 3/4 and 1-ton diesel technology, upgrades, for hardcore truck trail rigs. travel info. trucks and SUVs. and towing. enthusiasts everywhere. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 2,821,000 ReadeRs: 371,000 ReadeRs: 1,555,000 ReadeRs: 3,506,000 CiRCUlaTion: 296,935 CiRCUlaTion: 31,575 CiRCUlaTion: 134,023 CiRCUlaTion: 193,603 Men: 86% Men: 86% newssTand Men: 90% Men: 84% Median age: 34 Median age: 41 disTRibUTion: 50,000 Median age: 49 Median age: 36 Median HHi: $58,299 Median HHi: $62,855 Median HHi: $74,316 Median HHi: $61,895 EVENTS wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE: wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE• Industry news, video, and • Addresses the hardcore, • The source for 3/4 and 1-ton • The most current articles • The off-highway and 4WD interactive blogs and forums rock-crawling contingent of diesel style, performance and archives and the latest vehicle headquarters for• Coverage of all things the off-road market and custom truck features, online news for improving or information & entertainment off-road • Focuses on Jeeps and true including Duramax, Power modifying diesel trucks • Extensive coverage of 4WD• Features content for DIY- sport utility vehicles Stroke and Cummins diesel • Video showcases the latest events including the Top ers including performance • Coverage of new products engine modifications shows, trucks, and builds Truck Challenge modifications and new and upgrades • Monthly profiles on the latest products diesel performance products wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 284,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 96,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 25,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 259,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 303,000 Page Views: 1.1MM Page Views: 393,000 Page Views: 163,000 Page Views: 1.3MM Page Views: 1.1MM EvENTs EvENTs EvENTs chooSE thE branD that’S right for you [SoURCES – Print: June 2010 ABC, December 2009 Publisher’s Sworn Statements, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI Prototype Estimate, Reader Surveys, SIM Research Estimates, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI. Digital: Nielsen online SiteCensus, September 2010]
  13. 13. trUck & OFF-rOad grOUp OFF rOad jpMagaZine.cOM MinitrUckinWeB.cOM OFF-rOadWeB.cOM trUckinWeB.cOM rvMagOnline.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE The world’s largest Caters to hardcore Off-Road has emerged Truckin’ has been the RV magazine offers Jeep-only brand, JP truck enthusiasts as the nation’s largest authority on the custom comprehensive reviews covers every facet of involved in customizing, off-road brand dedicated truck lifestyle for over of new trucks, trailers Jeep ownership, from modifying and showing to high performance 30 years. Serving the and motorhomes as well basic DIY mods and their trucks. Issues vehicles and go-fast largest truck audience, the most popular and repairs to advanced cover domestic & thrills. Providing technical it covers street trucks, cost-effective upgrades fabrication. Popular, import mini- and mid- information and details classics, SUVs, & minis, for engines, suspensions controversial, funny size trucks, provide on how to create a and features news, and interior creature and well-read — JP lifestyle features and high-performance truck, audio, & the Truck of comforts. Detailed driving tows a highly-loyal tech from interior & engine and suspension the Year award, the full tips and advice for the and purchase-active exterior to suspension buildups, and step-by- gamut of the “truck” newcomer are also a part audience. and new aftermarket step component bolt-ons, market is covered. its editorial package. products. plus off-road events. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 928,000 ReadeRs: 302,000 ReadeRs: 522,000 ReadeRs: 1,230,000 newssTand CiRCUlaTion: 79,767 CiRCUlaTion: 26,267 CiRCUlaTion: 45,251 CiRCUlaTion: 106,034 disTRibUTion: 104,000 Men: 81% Men: 86% Men: 86% Men: 99% Median age: 43 Median age: 34 Median age: 34 Median age: 24 Median HHi: $59,963 Median HHi: $58,300 Median HHi: $58,300 Median HHi: $51,000 UNIqUE VISIToRS: 125,000 PAGE VIEWS: 1MM wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE: wEBsITE DEMOs• Encompasses everything • A lifestyle for youthful and • The off-road enthusiast’s • The preferred site for custom UniqUe VisiToRs: 3,000 Jeep with home-based creative rod builders of the guidebook truck enthusiasts Page Views: 13,000 technical how-to articles new millennium • Up-to-date news on shows • Provides road test results,• Features the latest upgrades, • Internet-savvy mini-truckers and drive events product features & pictorials performance modifications, will find content on the latest • off-highway action for of the best-dressed pickups current magazine articles mod efforts and events 4WDs, pre-runners, and • Educates, entertains, with • Interactive polls on the two-wheel drives industry technology & shows hottest models and builds spOrttrUck.cOM wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 145,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 134,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 132,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 287,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 203,000 Page Views: 649,000 Page Views: 902,000 Page Views: 554,000 Page Views: 2MM Page Views: 949,000 chooSE thE branD that’S right for you
  14. 14. markEting oPPortunitiES MOtOrcycle grOUp atvriderOnline.cOM dirtrider.cOM hOtBikeWeB.cOM BaggersMag.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE ATV Rider is focused Dirt Rider is the world’s Hot Bike’s focus has always Baggers covers the hottest on fun with all types largest off-road motorcycle been the Harley Davidson custom creations, current of All-Terrain Vehicles. brand. Coverage includes experience. Readers model road tests, in-depth Covering everything from all forms of dirt motorcycle get the latest tips and technical installation and high performance to recreation, including techniques to turn their theory articles, national “Utility” models used for motocross and off-road bikes into customized rally coverage, and entertainment & recreation, disciplines. The emphasis is dream machines. Issues touring stories you’ll find readers are engaged by its on the bikes, parts, & gear educate and entertain nowhere else. Baggers mix of lifestyle & tech-based that real enthusiasts crave readers with Harley road features everything the ATV coverage that matches to fulfill their passions. tests, event coverage, and Harley/V-Twin following their interest. reader profiles. desires and more. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 266,000 ReadeRs: 1,775,000 ReadeRs: 800,000 ReadeRs: 532,000 CiRCUlaTion: 26,640 CiRCUlaTion: 127,983 CiRCUlaTion: 80,020 CiRCUlaTion: 53,160 Men: 97% Men: 97% Men: 98% Men: 99% Median age: 29 Median age: 40 Median age: 48 Median age: 50 Median HHi: $58,666 Median HHi: $71,900 Median HHi: $79,321 Median HHi: $94,190 wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE• Enthusiasts’ authority for • Resource for everything “off- • Forum for the wildest custom selecting, buying, equipping and road motorcycling” Harley Davidsons and the using ATVs • Video provides a range of source for die-hard Harley• Comprehensive product listings content, from race footage to enthusiasts include descriptions, specs, ride maintenance & repair • Features a smooth blend of prices, & photos of ATVs • Blogs and forums enable users the newest bikes and radical• Easy-to-navigate site offers to connect about the latest machines from top pro builders numerous links to articles, blogs, models, modifications forums, and online content & industry news wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 46,000 Page Views: 280,000 streetchOpperWeB.cOM wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs wEBsITE DEMOs UniqUe VisiToRs: 151,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 245,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 99,000 Page Views: 607,000 Page Views: 1.1MM Page Views: 429,000 EvENTs wEBsITE pROFILE UniqUe VisiToRs: 42,000 Page Views: 179,000 chooSE thE branD that’S right for you [SoURCES – Print: June 2010 ABC, Statement of ownership, Management, and Circulation 10/1/09, Reader Surveys, SIM Research Estimates, 2010 Spring Gfk MRI. Digital: Nielsen online SiteCensus, September 2010]
  15. 15. MOtOrcycle grOUp MOtOrcyclecrUiser.cOM MOtOrcyclistOnline.cOM spOrtrider.cOM sUperstreetBike.cOM BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE BRAND pROFILE Motorcycle Cruiser is the Motorcyclist, the flagship Sport Rider is the largest Super Streetbike is the only brand dedicated title of the Motorcycle brand catering to high largest brand devoted to exclusively to “real world” Group, covers all facets performance sportbikes. the rapidly growing custom cruising. It offers advertisers of motorcycling. Issues With an emphasis on sportbike market. Covering a targeted medium to regularly cover sportbikes, product testing, the Sport radical customs, stunts, and reach enthusiasts specific cruisers, tourers, adventure Rider editorial team is lifestyle, it helps readers get to this segment, whether bikes, and standards, with the most respected in the most from their bikes. they own a Honda, Victory, significant details on parts the industry for their A distinct style and attitude Star, or Harley. Issues cover and accessories and the informative and unbiased make it the authoritative accessories, apparel, and experience of owning and opinions on motorcycles, voice for the new culture of riding locales. caring for motorcycles. apparel, and products. thrill-seekers. pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs pRINT DEMOs ReadeRs: 429,000 ReadeRs: 2,845,000 ReadeRs: 630,000 ReadeRs: 353,000 CiRCUlaTion: 42,887 CiRCUlaTion: 217,848 CiRCUlaTion: 63,044 CiRCUlaTion: 35,298 Men: 97% Men: 97% Men: 98% Men: 99% Median age: 50 Median age: 52 Median age: 43 Median age: 27 Median HHi: $75,000 Median HHi: $78,300 Median HHi: $89,980 Median HHi: $52,682 wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE• Targets the fastest-growing • Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide • Brings the exciting world of • Source for enthusiasts segment of the motorcycle enables consumers to research sportbikes up front and personal customizing their MV Augusta, marketplace – affluent, mature makes, models, types, pricing, • Covers high-performance Suzuki GSX, Yamaha & others audience and specifications streetbikes, racing motorcycles • Coverage of the hottest• Features modern cruisers with • Covers motorcycle cruisers, and high-performance riding sportbikes & streetbikes laidback styling and ergonomics sportbikes and touring bikes • Video showcases events and• offers technical articles, video, • Features design articles, riding techniques interactive forums reviews, opinions, image galleries & video wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE wEBsITE pROFILE UniqUe VisiToRs: 293,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 481,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 173,000 UniqUe VisiToRs: 127,000 Page Views: 1MM Page Views: 1.9MM Page Views: 754,000 Page Views: 706,000 chooSE thE branD that’S right for you
  16. 16. markEting oPPortunitiES enthUsiast WeBsite pOrtFOliO• An aggregation of niche, content-driven websites• Editorial authority brought by world-renowned editors• Features video, blogs, forums, and user-generated content• Each website provides brand equity, community, deep content, and credibility pERFORMANCE TUNER TRUCk sTREET ROD MOTORCyCLE LOwRIDER ViSit www.SIMautoMotIve.coM to accESS our Portfolio of wEbSitES.
  17. 17. cconsumer auto/ a t truck/in-Market lowrider Motorcycle performance s street rod Off-road t tunerPage Views** Page Views* Page Views* Page Views* Page Views* Page Views* Page Views*56.8MM 2.3MM 7MM 10MM 2.5MM 11.1MM 6.2MMUniqUe Visitors** UniqUe Visitors* UniqUe Visitors* UniqUe Visitors* UniqUe Visitors* UniqUe Visitors* UniqUe Visitors*11.1MM 284,000 1.7MM 2.2MM 480,000 2.3MM Source: *Nielsen online SiteCensus, YTD Monthly Average, September 2010. additiOnal Online advertising OppOrtUnities vEHICLE TARGETING: MICROsITEs:Reach New and Used vehicle shoppers! Target shoppers via our Semi-Custom Microsites provideautomotive enthusiast sites focused on specific makes and/or turnkey promotional campaigns.models of vehicles, i.e. focuses on all things Jeep; Leverage one of our microsite covers all years of the Chevrolet Corvette; we also to go “beyond the banner” and engagefeature multiple Mustang-related website properties. directly with your core target audience. Custom solutions are also available. TOTAL sITE spONsORsHIp: If you are planning a contest or prize promotion, we offer full-service management of the promotion. Please consult your Digital Sales Representative for more information.The Total Site Sponsorship gets your brand and product visibleon every page and every section of your chosen Enthusiast site. BUyERs GUIDEs:Your logo appears in a premium location, clean, uncluttered and Buyer’s Guides with specificaccompanied only by other industry-relevant brands. TSS delivers inventory pages by vehicleenormous “top of mind” exposure and offers excellent co-branding make and/or model arewith the site itself. available in select Enthusiast websites. Retention and BEHA BEHAvIORAL BEHAvIORAL TARGETING: Conquest opportunities areTarget ads to users based on their online behavior on our websites available.through Behavioral Targeting opportunities. vIDEO spONsORsHIps: MINI-CATALOG (RICH MEDIA) Place a :15 second Interactive advertising video commercials technology that allows before or after all shopping before a click. Clicking videos played on select will show more products by websites. Repurpose expanding the ad to reveal a your TV commercials! mini-catalog of products. COOpERATIvE ADvERTIsING: HOMEpAGE spOTLIGHTs/pRODUCT sHOwCAsE: p pAGEUse available co-op advertising funds to promote a product/brand Showcase a product directly on thewith “clicks” routed to authorized resellers. homepage and section Index pages of our websites. Exclusive placement for an REGIONAL/LOCAL ADvERTIsING: entire month.Target your ads regionally or locally, even down to County level.
  18. 18. markEting oPPortunitiES diverse advertising sOlUtiOnsMoBIle AdverTIsIng ProgrAM• Over 300 trucks in our fleet• Expanded reach of urban, suburban, and rural routes• Over 8 hours per day per truck; 5 days per week; over 160,000 miles per week• Delivery of products to stores; identify with your top retailersAdverTIsIng oPPorTunITIes:• Product Introductions• Local/Community Events• Seasonal CampaignsMeTro AreAs servIced Include:Chicago, Los Angeles , Baltimore/Washington D.C. , Philadelphia, and more.Why use The sIM MoBIle AdverTIsIng ProgrAM• Mobile media is the most cost effective form of advertising compared to radio, magazine, newspaper, and TV• Bring your company’s message in front of consumer at street level, where they live, work, and do business daily• Reach into affluent suburban and residential areas that no other out-of-home media reaches• Extend your brands to larger than life at the point of sale• We offer customized geographical programs to optimize targeted reach with fixed truck routes• Our framing system allows quick and easy installations of graphics and the flexibility to change message on different routes• Increase the opportunity for impulse sales of your products at major supermarkets, mass-merchandisers, drug stores and bookstoresWIreless/MoBIle Phone oPPorTunITIes• SOURCE INTERLINK MEDIA™ Mobile provides the latest videos and premium content from the most popular SOURCE INTERLINK MEDIA™ titles, delivered to the consumer’s phone anytime and anywhere!• Users have instant access to an amazing collection of interviews, road tests, car reviews and special events, updated to provide the most current look at the hottest action on the road and beyond!• Reach consumers through targeted marketing using the newest in emerging technologies.• Current opportunities in static ads, sponsored SMS/MMS alerts, WAP sites, and video pre-rolls allow communication in various ways with our enthusiast audience.• iPhone & iPad apps for Motor Trend and Automobile Magazine, plus Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 editions, and the rollout of additional brands, including Hot Rod, Super Street, JP and Import Tuner.dATABAse/eMAIl/dIrecT MArkeTIngPostal and Email addresses enhanced with demographic and lifestyle data is available! Leverage customer data to gainefficiencies, better targeting, and identify profit opportunities.BenefITs:• Reinforcement of advertising message and delivering the right message to the right consumer through measurable media.• Offer true integrated marketing opportunities via multi-media campaigns.• Set your brand apart from the competition.• Increase your brand’s value and relevance to recipients.• Use demographic data to support non-endemic advertising.• Target subscribers within specific retail areas.WhAT’s In The sIM dATABAse:• Publications Data – Magazine Subscribers• Newsletter Data – Email addresses• Ancillary Data – Opt-ins from Contests, Shows, Product Buyers
  19. 19. sOUrce interlink BUsiness develOpMentconsuMer ProducTs• Automotive accessories (jumpstarts, spotlights, inverters, air compressors, emergency crank lights, jumper cables, work lights, LED lights, electrical power, multi-tools, and roadside emergency kits)• Automotive parts (oil filters, air filters, cabin air filters, and wiper blades)• Cellular, iPod, and GPS accessories• Sunglasses• Books• Men’s apparel • Sunglasses• Accessories (jewelry, wallets, lighters)• Head phones and ear buds • Collectible figurines• Collectible metal signs • Automotive accessories• Men’s apparel • Model kits, die cast cars, and pedal cars• Collectible resin cars • Limited edition guitars• Retro metal signs, thermometers, and clocks• BooksInTernATIonAlInternational licensed magazine editions and internationally-syndicated content. Titles includeMotor Trend® in Korea, SLAM in China, and Super Streetbike in Australia. Syndicated contentincludes Four Wheeler, Import Tuner, and Super Street.servIce lIcensIngYour service, backed by the SIM brands! Examples: UTI – Universal Technical Institute, the leading providerof technical education uses “HoT RoD U” specifically designed curriculum for repairing domesticperformance vehicles. Also, Motor Trend® Certified Advantage powered by EasyCare offers consumersa Motor Trend® approved extended warranty and benefits for used vehicles that have been thoroughlyinspected, repaired, and guaranteed.TelevIsIon• As America’s longest running performance automotive series, Hot Rod® Television is one of the SPEED Channel’s highest rated series.• 4 Wheel & Off-Road® Ultimate Adventure® Television and Top Truck Challenge TV on the outdoor Channel challenges the participants to take their customized 4x4s through some of the country’s harshest terrain to give viewers an off-roading adventure.• Endurocross Television brings all of the off-road motorcycle excitement to fans across the country.rAdIoThe award winning Motor Trend Radio broadcasts nationwide on terrestrial stations and reaches over19 million subscribers on SIRIUS/XM satellite radio. Hot Rod Magazine LIVE radio show is alsobroadcast nationwide.