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  1. 1. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES OPPERTUNITIES THREATS StrengthsCompetitive advantage: Mobilink’s strength lies in the establishment of a strong, fundamental and coherent long- term business plan, designed to sustain economic challenges in the country. In 2012, it capitalizes on its infrastructure investment, increased coverage and great customer relationship management. Mobilink’s subscribers already have access to the best cellular service in Pakistan. Pioneer cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway. Mobilink has invested USD 393 million in Pakistan over 2010 – 11, resulting in an enhancement of footprint and its voice & data network as well as the induction of cutting edge technology. Mobilink’s uninterrupted connectivity to 20,000 cities, towns and villages nationwide. Mobilink as the market leader with 34.70 million subscribers. Mobilink has highest market share of 30 %. Pioneer in GSM service in Pakistan. Large number of corporate customers use Mobilink post paid connection Indigo andMobilink’s Blackberry handsets. Mobilink and Muslim commercial bank have made a combined effort in order t o maximize the ease and the satisfaction of their respective customers by offering them all banking services from their very own mobile handset. Only company offering corporate packages.
  2. 2. Resources, Assets and People: As a multinational company Mobilink has huge resources in terms of capital. It has billions of capital to invest in various projects. Its offices are luxuriously equipped with every facility. Mobilink while choosing people for jobs follow the strategy of “choosing the best among all” therefore majority of its staff people are highly qualified from renowned universities of Pakistan. A certain percent is foreign qualified as well.Innovative aspect: 2012 promises to be another landmark year for Mobilink, following the implementation of Mobilink’s state of the art intelligent network (IN). Mobilink has marked 2012 as the year it will create a paradigm shift in Pakistan’s cellular environment by elevating consumer experience to a level that is unparalleled within the local industry. Mobilink brought innovation in Pakistan by offering “First GSM Network Connections”. Previously interphone was operating with old technology. The concept of post-paid and prepaid was also introduced by Mobilink. Mobilink is the pioneer in Mobile Commerce services as well. Previously no other company had made such an effort.Location and geographical coverage: Mobilink is the first cellular service which covered the northern and other remote areas of Pakistan such as Muzzafarabad, Chitral, Kaghan, Naaran and Kaalaash. It is the achievement of Pakistan’s First GSM service Mobilink to widespread its network across whole Pakistan. Now the theme line of Mobilink is “Poora Signal Poora Pakistan” Wherever you go wherever you are, you’ll never have the message of “No service” with Mobilink connection.Government dealing: Mobilink pays a huge amount in taxes to the government of Pakistan. So it’s a big source of revenue to the government as well.
  3. 3. It conducts its business by abiding by the rules and regulations setup by the government and cooperates with the government in every aspect. Weaknesses Although mobilink has highest market share but it shares has decline over the year from 60% in 2007 to 37% in 2008 and from 37% in 2011 to 30% in 2012. Fewer investment is done on advertisement, hardy see any advertisement of indigo. Most expensive telecom company both in call rates and SMS. Customer retention Side is weak due to expensive packages.Quality of network: Mobilink must have planned very good network quality but the results are opposite as described below. Mobilink’s network mostly remains busy in thickly populated cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Multan so people face a lot of difficulty while trying to connect to their friends and families. However Warid’s network provides crystal clear voice quality. So many of Mobilink’s customers (including me) have shifted to Warid. Currently providing not good quality service because of changing their network from900 MHz to 1800 MHz Mobilink has been fined twice by Pakistan telecommunication Authority over its bad service. It must try and emphasize on providing better services to its customers instead on concentrating only on expansion. Opportunities Development: Mobilink can make itself more stronger market by focusing on teenagers, older people, ladies and office worker by providing them with packages. It can segment their packages for different age groups for example less expensive packages for teenagers and old people as their pocket is small, and little expensive package for working people and adults. Mobilink can advertise more to increase its popularity; it will target more customers and which will lead an increase in market share. Mobilink can lows it charges such as call rates, SIM charges, Mobitune charges, GPRS charges and can cut extra charges it will be beneficial for it as offering different from their rivals. In this way it can segment a larger market and may capture the customers of low income group as well. Before start of new companies can target as many new customers as they can.
  4. 4. Mobilink is completing field-testing and certification of its General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) products; targeted to a market that delivers Internet Protocol packet services to over 650 million GSM subscribers Services in the future can be: •Telephone •Wireless •Calling Cards Can expand its networks in the uncovered areas. Threats New market players are coming in near future. New companies can offer packages for corporate customers in better way. Wireless local loop service providers too targeting areas which are less developed. Due to expensive quality of service now a day’s customers can shift to other companies. Employee retention is also issue because mobilink fired 1000 employees in October 2008. Loss of loyal customers. Price Wars: Current price war among cellular service providers may reach at a position where only brand names survive. Unreasonably Restrictive Trade Practice Mobilink is involved in an unreasonably restrictive trade practice, prohibited under the provisions of MRTPO, 1970 by not allowing its blackberry subscribers to other service providers. This can lead to legislative proceedings against Mobilink. ConclusionConcluding, it is analyzed that Mobilink has a number of strengths which could be utilized toavail the opportunities & overcome its weaknesses. However, as threats to an organizationareaways external therefore they cannot be eradicated however they could be handled efficientlyto minimize the unforeseen problems.