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Products, Implementation of MGT. function on its different departments

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  1. 1. Pakistan’s largestVoice + Data Signal
  2. 2. GROUP MEMEBERS: ARFA ASLAM(11090920-012) MOMNA ARSHAD(11090920-022)BISMA SHAHZADI(11090920-023) IQRA BASHIR(11090920-024)
  3. 3. Post-Paid Pre-Paid
  4. 4.  Mobilink launch their post paid connection in 2001 in Pakistan it was biggest and best campaign ever launched by any cellular company in Pakistan. Mobilink have launched the service with new name Indigo. Mobilink Indigo is the new complexion of communication. Indigo, BlackBerry, City Mobilink Credit Card, Call & Control, Indigo Reward, Indigo Genie.
  5. 5.  Jazz is an amazing prepaid service that allows freedom from monthly bills and gives complete control over cellular expenditure. Jazz is simple, easy and loads of fun. Jazz Budget, Jazz Octane, Jazz Ladies first, Jazz Easy, Jazz Share,Jazz load.
  6. 6. Mobilink launch their post paid connection in 2001 inPakistan it was biggest and best campaign ever launchedby any cellular company in Pakistan. Mobilink havelaunched the service with new name Indigo. MobilinkIndigo is the new complexion of communication. Indigo, BlackBerry, City Mobilink Credit Card, Call &Control, Indigo Reward, Indigo Genie.
  7. 7.  GPRS ,Mobilink must services, SMS messaging, Power tool. Mail services, Info services, ON Call services, Misssed Call alerts, IVR ring tones, Conference bridge, FAX Mail, Stock watch, PSO cards, PIA reservations, Mobilink Game, Mobilink TV, Mobilink WI MAX and lot more….
  8. 8. The organization is divided into divisions which are further divided into departments and then sub- department. Some of them are mentioned below:- Human Resources management Corporate Affair Marketing department Customers Care Sales & Distribution Technical department Finance
  9. 9.  Human Resources management Corporate Affair Marketing department Customers Care
  10. 10.  HRM is a process for staffing the organization and sustaining high employees performance. The management function that deals with recruitment, placement, training, development of an organization members.HRM Strategies: HR strategy refers to the specific human resource management course of actions that a company pursues to achieve its objective.At Mobilink the people have been empowered to a large degree by minimizing out dated rules / regulation and plan to further eliminate
  11. 11. the bureaucratic barriers to capitalize on their ingenuity and talents.Components of HRM: Planning Recruiting Selection Orientation Training and Development Performance and Appraisal System Career Development Reward Management Compensation and Benefit Plans Occupational health and safety measures Employees Relation
  12. 12.  Corporate Affairs constitutes Legal affairs, Government relations and Interconnect. Legal affairs provide legal and corporate support and advice at all levels to ensure effective decision making and strategizing. The department also engages in policy- making, overseeing contracts and transactions, ensuring compliance with applicable rules, regulations and laws. Regulatory matters and assistance and support to the holding company and subsidiaries also falls within Legal Affairs purview.
  13. 13.  Interconnect department makes arrangements for providing connectivity between Mobilink and other operators in coordination with engineering and billing departments. Government Relations Inter Connect Legal Affairs As their corporate level strategies they entered into partner ship with different organizations.With the threat of new entrants into the industry due to deregulation, Mobilink strategy took a new turn. To keep abreast with the new company, Mobilink took the following steps during last two years:
  14. 14.  Expanded its international roaming Service scope in 14 more countries. PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS LAUNCHED. JAZZ BUNDLE OFFERS. INTERNATIONAL SUMMER PROMOTION. “JAZZ AUR SUNAO”, “LIFE M JAZZ LAO”. Indigo packages deliver nation wide cellular freedom at local Call rates.Joint promotional agreements with various organizations: JAZZ-HYUNDAI BUNDLE OFFER: Jazz connection and a latest Hyundai L-120 phone set for only Rs. 2750. Mobilink nokia 9500 offer.
  15. 15.  MOBILINK-AVIS partnership: Mobilink joined hands with AVIS, a global brand and the world’s leading car Rental company to offer discounted car rental rates to all Mobilink post paid customers. Mobilink and UBL launch online bill payment facility for indigo subscribers. MOB-MOTOROLLA V3 launch. Mobilink-CITIBANK joint promotion. Handset Kiosk inside mobilink service center
  16. 16. “Keeping your customer on hold is no way to hold a customer.”Provides services to customers pre and postpurchase to ensure that customer expectationsare exceeded.It is the largest division in the company. Customer Operations Support Centers Contact Centers Quality Assurance, Standardization and Training Business Planning and Customer Retention Credit & Collection
  17. 17. Mobilink uses theseMarketing tools topursue its marketingobjectives.Thesetools are classifiedinto four broadgroups, called thefour P’s ofmarketing.
  18. 18. Promoting a product requires varioustechniques and tools to enhanceand to attract customers to buythe company’s products.Promotion tools are follows: Advertising Sales promotion Public relations Direct marketing Personal selling.
  19. 19. Mainly there are tow product lines of Mobilinkwith each having separate target market sandpositioning. Mobilink Indigo Mobilink Jazz
  20. 20. Mobilink re-launched itspostpaid services onthe 11th of May, 2004Under the brand name,Indigo.Indigo ignited anevolution in thecommunication industryredefining the essenceof the post-paidservices in Pakistan.
  21. 21. Jazz is an exciting andenergetic offering ofMobilink, targetingspecifically thoseenthusiastic teenagers,Middle class and the youthmarket of the country,wishing to enjoy freedom,fun, lower rates and Apackage thatmatches their personality.
  22. 22. Mobilink is theundisputed marketleader,Which isbelieved to beExpensive ascompare to othertelecommunicationService providers.
  23. 23. Pricing Strategies:Mobilink uses psychological pricing.They have set their target price onConsumer perception of the productvalue e.g. outgoingcalls at any 3 Mobilink numbers costRs.0.99/min.They haven’t set theprice exactly on Re.1 but have usedpsychological pricing to attractcustomers.
  24. 24. Distribution Strategy of Mobilink:There are three types of distributionstrategies. Intensive Distribution Extensive Distribution Selective Distribution.However mobilink follow bothintensive and exclusive distributionstrategies.
  25. 25.  promoting a product requires various techniques and tools to enhance and to attract customers to buy the company’s products. Mobilink not only tries to attract the customers through ads but also to retailers and Franchises by giving them handsome profit margins. They use promotion tools of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, sales
  26. 26. force, direct marketing, and personalselling.Mobilink uses following factors for itsPromotion:- Advertising Budget Advertising Media Advertising Campaigns Business and Sales Force Promotions Event Sponsorship Direct Marketing.
  27. 27.  Strong brand image. Potential coustomers. Highest coverage. First to introduce HR. M2 motorway coverage. Biletral roaming with 50 operators. Motorola time port Tri band handsets. Tracking and fleet Management services.
  28. 28.  Currently providing not good services because of changing their network from 900MHz to 1800MHz. Fewer advertisements now days. Most expensive telecom company. Weak coustomer retention. Engineering department of mobilink is not well competent
  29. 29.  Can expand its network in the uncovered areas. Services in the future can be Telephone,wireless,calling cards. Can target maximum corporate coustomers. Lower prices.
  30. 30.  New market players. Competitors can offer packages for corporate coustomers in better way. Wireless local loop providers. Brand names survival. Corporate coustomers can shift to other companies. Employee retention. Loss of loyal coustomer
  31. 31.  Mobilink should attract maximum customers and satisfy them. Lack of job within rotation department and not enacting on job advancement rules and procedure. I would recommend that the department officially start job rotation. The major benefit of which would include even more motivated employees with enhanced skills.
  32. 32.  They should try to improve their customer service center for customer’s satisfaction. Mobilink should target those areas which are less developed for providing their service. As far as their charges are concerned they are a bit expensive as compared to their competitors so we suggest that the charges should be reduced.
  33. 33. In this report we have discussed the working ofmobilink.We have done the analysis of thecompany,Mobilink has very strong brand imagebut the cost rate is high.Its leading brand but it isnot doing good advertisements as compared to itscompetitors.Theri were losing their coustomersbecause of bad internet quality but now they havedone work on this.their high pricing strtigies can result into the lossof loyal coustomers.
  34. 34.  Mobilink Frenchise Gujrat.