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  • I have holding holding three post paid connection (5305150-52) since launching of Warid network. at some later stage I authoriised Bank Al falah to pay on my behalf my monthly bill to net-work. This system continued to operate up till yesterday when I reported displacement of my of my credit card and requested to block the card temporaly. I was surprised to know that cell numbers also made blocked. On inquiry I came to know that bank has blocked these numbers which will remain a surprising ever. May someone from Warid management clear this position.
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Strategic management warid

  1. 1. Introduction Warid Telecom is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Group & SingTel Group. Abu Dhabi Group entered into a strategic alliance with Singapore Telecom. Launched in Pakistan on 23rd May 2005. It is well equipped to serve in the field of service based cellular industries in Pakistan. It is the fourth largest cellular service provider with a market share of 17%.
  2. 2.  Provides two services Major competitors Widespread network. Brand values Corporate values
  3. 3. Vision Statement To become the primary service provider of all communication needs of subscribers in Pakistan‚ supported by exemplary customer care”.
  4. 4. Mission Statement We will continue to challenge ourselves and set new performance standards by investing in the future of our people and seeking knowledge and innovation in order to exceed customer expectations and serve our community”.
  5. 5. COMPONEN COMPONEN COMPONEN COMPONEN COMPONEN T T T T TOrganization Customers Products or Markets Concern for Technology Services Survival, Growth, Profitability Warid yes no no yes no COMPONENT COMPONENT COMPONENT COMPONENT Organization Philosophy Self-Concept Concern for Concern for Public Image Employees Warid yes yes yes no
  6. 6. Revised Mission Statement “Warid will continue to challenge themselves and set new performance standards in cellular communications globally by investing in the future of our people, combining latest technology, valuing our employees and seeking knowledge and innovation in order to exceed customer expectations and serve our community”.
  7. 7. Strengths Better customer relationship than competitors----Corporate lounges are set up at 24 fully–equippedsales and service centers Modern network capabilities----- advanced network that is EDGE compatible‚ 3G–compatible
  8. 8.  Financial strength of share holder and their telecom expertise------ IR services available in over 148 countries with GPRSroaming in 102 countries and prepaid roaming in 28countries Large Post paid based generating high ARPU----- lowest consumer complaints, Generates arpu of $3.5.
  9. 9.  State of the art IP based contact------2G, 2.5G & 2.75G enabled GSM technology Adding value: ------ significant proportion of users are moving towards GPRS and EDGE data-------The operator is also introducing a greater range of (VAS)-------with about 9% of Warid’s revenues are now generated byVAS
  10. 10.  Technical partnering involving “SingTel”, “Nokia” and “Wateen”.-------the operator which is 70% owned by the UAE’sAbu Dhabi Group-----30% backed by Singapore’s leading operator,SingTel.------SingTel, which bought a 30% stake in WaridTelecom in 2007.
  11. 11.  Extensive network----services in 496 cities that covers more than 12500Kmroad length area throughout Pakistan. -----It covers Northern areas as well as Kashmir• Most powerful sim------Warid presents the most powerful 64K SIM.----- 64K SIM gives its users added flexibility to store upto 500 numbers and 50 text messages.
  12. 12. • Sponsorships-----This is part of a new strategy to support the growingmusic industry and to help foster creativity and talent inyouth.----Warid has recently appointed the music band “Jal” asa brand ambassador and sponsored the band’s secondalbum‚ “Boondh – A drop of Jal”.
  13. 13. Weakness: Need to increase brand awareness and improved market positioning---- Zong aggressive campaign Lack of proactive churn management and stimulate programs to address---- three months, is a normal churn period that showsthe active subscribers could be recorded in the base,otherwise, these users were declared non-active by thecompany to the authority and declines users’ number incompany and authority record officially.
  14. 14.  Low promotional packages activities---- lost its fourth position to go on fifth after Zong outnumberedWarid Tel’s subscribers in February 2012. The product line is too narrow.---- Mobilink has lot of product line and value added services Need to expand network coverage---- Globally present only in Middle East and Pakistan Inactive subscriber---- SIM Jagao Offer for its inactive subscribers through 1,000 FREEon-net minutes and 1,000 SMS without any additional charges.
  15. 15.  Need to expand network coverage---- Globally present only in Middle East andPakistan Inactive subscriber---- SIM Jagao Offer for its inactive subscribersthrough 1,000 FREE on-net minutes and 1,000 SMSwithout any additional charges.
  16. 16.  Less time in market as compared to major competitors---- The subscribers’ numbers dropped by 2.99 million inpast 10 months. Its users’ base stood at 17.38 million– thesecond highest all-time high position– in June 2011, which isnow standing at 14.39 million. Less coverage as compared to major competitors---- Covering more than 10,000+ cities, towns, and villages acrossPakistan.
  17. 17. Opportunities Over 60 percent population in rural areas still underserved pent up demand by aggressive network expansion. Multiple SIM---Warid being used as secondary connection opportunity to stimulatethe growth by improving network coverage Bring innovation in products-----come up with innovative strategies to increase the brand nameand revenues as well . Market Growth and industry expansion A developing market
  18. 18.  Mergers, joint ventures or strategic alliances---- Associations with musical bands Develop new product lines---- Nano sim for iPhone 5 Extension to overseas---- Expand to Europe, America
  19. 19.  Decline of major competitors---- Telenor maintains a market share of 16.6% Technologically better environment----18m population best industry to earn revenue More customers after re-launch----New packages and offers for non active users.
  20. 20. Threats High taxation rate-----activation tax is causing a slowdown in consumergrowth especially all in rural areas. Price competition------warid is the lowest pricer now zong is majorcompetitor
  21. 21.  Larger competitors network coverage----The major brand in Pakistan is orascom’s Mobilink,which as of April 2008 had a market share of 37 percent.------ Telenor Began operations in 2005, Warid with acurrent market share of 17%, also got launched in thesame year with a beautifully shot “slice-of-life” TV add. -
  22. 22.  Political instability---- PTA has been striving hard and trying its level bestto create playing field in the cellular mobile industry. Presence and the acceptability of competitor brand like jazz, talkshak and Ufone with increased public demand---- Mobilink and other brands old in comparison toWarid
  23. 23.  Strong advertisement and media presence of competitors----- uses an aggressive advertising campaign ontelevision to promote its products. Theseadvertisements, while communicate an image ofmodernity and newness, still tend to show the heritageof Pakistan. Entrance of new competitors like Zong---- low sms/call charges, greater sms bundles internetpackages
  24. 24. SWOT MATRIX
  25. 25. SO Strategies1) Warid can fulfill the demands of network connection in rural areas by taking the advantage of it’s extensive network along with the most powerful sim.(S8,S9,O1,O2) 60% rural population is still underserved It’s a Tailor–made network designed for Pakistans geography‚ climate and subscriber patterns.
  26. 26. 2) Warid should increase it’s brand popularity by coming up with innovative ideas or strategies like associating the brand with some particular company or particular event or any cause.(S10,O3) Warid supported the growing music industry to help foster creativity and talent . Should focuss more on youth.
  27. 27. WO Strategies1)Warid should come up with new product lines because the current product line of Warid is very narrow.(W5,O7) considering the fact that there is a lot of potential and scope of introducing new product lines in the telecom industry2)Warid should introduce multiple SIM system as a secondary connection opportunity to stimulate growth by improving network coverage (W1,O2)
  28. 28. ST Strategies1) Take advantage of it’s association with the music industry as a plus point to compete with the competitors promotional strategies S10,T4) Strong competitor’s promotional strategies Should focus more on promotional campaigns to media presence Sponsor album‚ “Boondh – A drop of Jal
  29. 29. 2) Utilizing their strength which is better customer relationship with the customers than their competitors to avoid the threat of already existing successful companies(S1,T7)24 fully–equipped sales and service centersExtensive network of 300 franchises at significant locationstrained sales and customer services team
  30. 30. WT Strategies1) Need to increase brand awareness and improved market positioning in the minds of the customers in order to avoid the threat of new entrant(w2,T6)2 )Company needs to increase the network coverage in order to compete in the market(w1,T3)
  31. 31. THANKYOU