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9.3 Foil Method


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9.3 Foil Method

  1. 1. Algebra WU: pg. 430 # 39 to 45 odd
  2. 2. 9.3 Multiplying Binomials pg. 438 to 441 First do you recall what a monomial is? Do you recall what a binomial is? What are you doing when you are doing distributive property?
  3. 3. First can you do distrubutive property AND use your exponent rules at the same time!
  4. 4. Now try 436 # 22 to 33
  5. 5. Now you are going to combine all these things into the FOIL method.. What is that? Multiplication of 2 binomials! (2 sets of () next to ech other) First Outer Inner Last