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8.3 Exponents


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8.3 Exponents

  1. 1. Algebra Warm up: pg. 375 #45-51 odd
  2. 2. 8.3 Laws of Exponents: Dividing Monomials pg. 383 to 389 So yesterday you learned: Raising a power or monomial to a power! What did that mean? MEANS you would start with a set of ( ) and then distribute the exponent to each part of the expression inside
  3. 3. The third rule of exponents: Quotients of powers property: That means now you will be dividing like bases which means you are subtracting the exponents! (like cancelling out what occurs on the top and the bottom)
  4. 4. Using numbers as bases pg. 384
  5. 5. Using Variables as bases pg. 384
  6. 6. Quotients of Monomials: Use the same rule before---when dividing like bases you subtract the exponents BUT also make sure to treat the coefficients like numbers and divide them too!
  7. 7. Try this pg. 385
  8. 8. pg.385 Again word problems!!!!--Just substitute what you need to and simplify according to ALL of the exponent rules you need!!
  9. 9. Powers of a Fraction: Fourth Rule of Exponents: This is like raising a power to a power (applying distributive property to exponents) BUT what is inside the ( ) is a fraction and the quot;rulequot; applies to the top and the bottom of the fraction! (SOOO applying the exponent using distributive property to everything inside the ( ) on the top AND on the bottom)
  10. 10. pg. 386
  11. 11. Try this pg. 386
  12. 12. Now lets try some... pg. 387 # 5-16 DON'T forget you may have to use some of the past rules!