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SumáRio Executivo Neoway


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SumáRio Executivo Neoway

  1. 1. www.neowayusa.com! " ! !EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! " "MAY 2011! !
  2. 2. www.neowayusa.com! "! EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY     !      CONTEXT    AN  OVERVIEW  OF  THE  BRAZILLIAN  MARKET            PG.  01    CHALLENGES  IN  THE  BRAZILLIAN  ECONOMY            PG.  02    COMPANY    COMPANY  PROFILE                  PG.  03    NEOWAY  SOLUTIONS  (SIM)                PG.  04    NEOWAY  SOLUTIONS  (SQF)                PG.  05    CASES    MINING                    PG.  06    OIL  &  GAS                  PG.  07    HEALTH  CARE                  PG.  08    FINANCE                    PG.  09    RETAIL                      PG.  10    INTERNATIONAL  TRADE                PG.  11    CIVIL  CONSTRUCTION                PG.  12            
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! " "MAY 2011! !   ! An overview of Brazilian Market!     Brazil   covers   nearly   half   of   South   America   (47,3%)   with   an   area   of   8.5   million   km2.   It’s   popula_on   –   nearly   190   million   –   are   steadily   working   to   modernize   and   transform  their  dynamic  society.  Brazil  is  a  federal  republic  comprised  of  26   states.   Beginning   as   a   Portuguese   colony,   Brazil   has   estabilished   a   solid   democracy   and  has  implemented  one  of  the  world’s  most  modern  vo_ng  systems.       A   single   way   to   define   Brazilian   popula_on:   Mul_cultural,   mul_-­‐ religious   and   mul_-­‐ethnical.   It’s   people   are   free   to   celebrate   their   varied   religious,  ethnic  and  cultural  heritages.  This  mul_  complex  society  it’s  emerging  from  a   poor  society,  for  a  society  with  dreams  and  purchasing  power.         Brazil’s   economy   achieved   one   of   the   highest   economic   growth   rates   in   the  20th  century,  transforming  it’s  economy  from  one  that  was  primarily  rural  into   one  that  is  strong  and  industrialized.      EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  01  |  MAY  2011  
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! " "MAY 2011! !   ! Challenges within the brazilian market!     Brazil   is   the   largest   na_onal   economy   in   La_n   America,   the   worlds   eighth   largest   economy   at   market   exchange   rates   and   the   seventh   largest   in   purchasing  power  parity.     Characterized   by   large   and   well-­‐developed   agricultural,   mining,   manufacturing,   and   service   sectors,   Brazils   economy   outweighs   that   of   all   other   South   American  countries,  and  Brazil  is  expanding  its  presence  in  world  markets.       Therefore,  to  step  into  this  market  it  is  primordial  to  have  tangible  informa_on  of   the   local   market,   such   as   the   local   players   and   main   compe_tors.   On   the   other   hand,   having   a   consistent   supply   chain   management   can   lead   your   company   to   cut   costs  and  prevent  loss.    EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  02  |    MAY  2011  
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! "MAY 2011! !   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! " "MAY 2011! !   Company Profile! ! Neoway   arouse   out   of   its   clients   need   to   transform   corporate   informa_on   into   compe__ve   advantages.   The   company’s   solu_ons   work   with   its   clients’   informa_on   in   order  to  organize  it  and  complement  it  with  qualified  public  data,  providing  Business   Intelligence  services  through  IT.     Neoway’s   solu_ons   work   towards   enabling   its   users   to   have   access   to   all   necessary   informa_on   for   decision   making   at   all   levels   within   the   organiza_on,   and   to   keep   it   always  at  their  disposal  in  the  simplest  and  most  reliable  way.     Vision! To   provide   crea_ve   solu_ons   with   advanced   technology   through   services   which   involve   intelligence   on   a   large   volume   of   data,   being   acknowledged   for   its   source,   quality,  speed  and  effec_veness  of  its  informa_on.     Mission! To  become  a  global  benchmark  in  business  intelligence  solu_ons.   ! !      EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  03  |  MAY  2011  
  6. 6. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! " "MAY 2011! !   ! ! !         The   SIM   (Market   Intelligence   System)   is   a   solu_on   that   helps   companies   increase   their   market   awareness.   The   solu_on   was   designed   and   developed   to   highlight   the   rela_onships   between   the   various   en__es   that   compose   the   market   (customers,   compe_tors   and   suppliers),   providing   value   informa_on   to   the   company,   effec_vely   assis_ng  in  decision-­‐making  and  sales  opera_ons.     The   system   enables   sales   people,   managers   and   directors   to   view   regularly   updated   informa_on   about   your   market   in   formats   appropriate   to   their   level   of   decision   making,   highligh_ng   new   business   opportuni_es   and,   consequently,   maximizing   the   success  of  business  opera_ons.   ! Enhance your market perception.  EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  04  |  MAY  2011  
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! " "MAY 2011! !   ! ! Neoway’s Solutions!             The   SQF   (Suppliers   QualificaEon   System)   intends   to   enhance   the   management   process,   automa_cally   valida_ng   documenta_on   from   suppliers   of   materials   and   services,   through   the   use   of   management   somware,   which   is   integrated   to   the   portal   or   to   the   applica_on   used  for  rela_onship  with  the  supplier.     Among  the  documenta_on  that  is  automa_cally  validated,  the  following  can  be  highlighted:   Registra_on   card   with   CNPJ,   Federal   and   State   Registra_on   Status,   Federal,   State   and   Municipal   CDN,   CDN   INSS   (Na_onal   Social   Security   Ins_tute),   CND   FGTS   (Severance   and   Indemnity  Payment  Fund),  QSA  (Shareholding  and  Management  Structure),  and  refusal  to   pay.     Increase your supply chain efficiency.!  EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  05  |    MAY  2011  
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! "MAY 2011! !   www.neowayusa.com! "!   !   Brazil   is   trying   to   aoract   new   investment   and   to   diversify   its   mining   industry.   The   challenge   it  has  to  face  is  that  there  is  only  a  small  number  of  areas  open  to  explora_on  with  quality   geological  data.  They  are  usually  controlled  by  a  few  large  companies  and  data  on  extensive   areas  of  the  country  are  scarce.       Under   this   scenario,   one   of   the   largest   Chinese   Mining   companies   invested   on   Neoway’s   Solu_ons   to   the   perfect   understanding   of   the   Brazilian   market   and   tangible   informa_on   about  licenses  and  raw  material  to  extract.       The   company   also   enhanced   their   percep_on   of   loca_on   for   extrac_on   and   has   already   invested  U$S  200  million  dollars  at  the  Brazilian  market.      EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  06  |  MAY  2011  
  9. 9. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY! "! "MAY 2011! !   www.neowayusa.com!   "!   !   In   2010,   the   major   distributor   of   Oil   and   Gas   in   Brazil   demanded   informa_on   about   poten_al  consumers  -­‐  specially  fleet  owners  of  cars  and  heavy  vehicles.       In  control  of  more  than  7.000  gas  sta_ons  across  the  country,  the  company  implemented   the   SIM   (Market   Intelligence   Solu_on)   in   order   to   have   a   beoer   understanding   of   the   market,  and  upgrade  the  sales  department  control.     Neoway   provided   the   company   the   visualiza_on   of   maps   with   company’s   performance   against   the   domes_c   scenario   within   the   fuel   market   and   mapping   informa_on   on   the   company’s  opera_ons  within  a  specific  region,  enabling  a  global  vision  of  performance  for   each   sales   outlet   and   allowing   planning   of   necessary   ac_ons   to   achieve   its   goals,   helping   with  the  acquisi_on  of  more  than  40.000  new  clients.    EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  07  |  MAY  2011  
  10. 10. www.neowayusa.com!   "!   ! The   health   care   regulatory   agency,   known   as   ANS,   implemented   new   guidelines   to   the   companies  in  this  segment.  In  2010,  it  was  necessary  for  all  of  them  have  a  updated  data   about  their  clients,  including  those  with  a  corporate  plan.       One   of   the   major   companies   in   this   segment   implemented   Neoway   services   for   data   authen_ca_on,  data  processing,  data  upda_ng,  data  enhancement  and  data  monitoring.     Neoway  provided  the  complete  database  for  this  company,  updated,  clean,  enhanced  and   with  a  complementary  report  about  all  the  procedures  done  with  all  the  data.    EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.08  |  MAY  2011  
  11. 11. www.neowayusa.com! "!     ! Total  consumer  loans  rose  six-­‐fold  over  the  past  eight  years,  to  US$  495  billion,  and  jumped   from  24  percent  of  gross  domes_c  product  in  2003  to  46%  day,  according  to  the  brazilian   central  bank.       About  a  fimh  of  these  loans  are  paid  by  automa_c  deduc_on  from  paychecks.  Since  2004,   bank  credit  cards  have  tripled,  to  159.5  million,  and  retailer  cards  have  nearly  quadrupled,   to  233.5  million.  (BLOOMBERG  BusinessWeek.  6-­‐9,  MAY2011)     One  of  the  largest  financial  ins_tu_ons  in  Brazil  implemented  Neoway’s  Solu_ons  in  order   to  clone  clients  profiles  and  set  their  sales  force  to  a  specific  target.  The  ins_tu_on  detected   35%  on  sales  performance.    EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  09  |    MAY  2011  
  12. 12. www.neowayusa.com!     "!   !   Santa  Catarina’s  largest  retail  company  have  more  than  18  stores  across  the  south  region  of   Brazil.   During   2007,   the   head   of   the   company   decided   to   expand   the   number   of   stores   loca_ons,  but  there  was  a  lack  of  informa_on  of  how  and  where  to  go.  The  company  had   one  requirement:  posi_on  their  stores  close  as  possible  of  their  poten_al  clients.     Neoway   Solu_ons   has   iden_fied   the   company’s   specific   consumer,   providing   them   with   informa_on  of  the  best  loca_on  to  implement  the  new  store  near  these  consumers.     Neoway   also   provided   specific   data   of   these   clients,   such   as   address,   phone   number,   etc.   These   data   helped   the   company’s   Marke_ng   Department   reaching   these   clients   with   a   more  effec_ve  Marke_ng  Plan.    EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  10  |  MAY  2011  
  13. 13. www.neowayusa.com! "! !         One  of  the  largest  banks  in  China  was  planning  to  give  the  “start”  of  opera_ons  in  Brazil,   and   needed   comprehensive   data   about   the   interna_onal   trade   between   the   two   countries.   The   informa_on   regarding   local   companies   can   help   enabling   sales   force   to   have   the   capacity  of  iden_fying    a  greater  number  of  business  opportuni_es,  with  a  lower  number  of   ac_ons  and  visits  .     In   order   to   deliver   this   specific   need,   Neoway   searched,   captured   and   delivered   accurate   informa_on   regarding   expor_ng   companies   on   the   na_onal   scene,   main   products   imported   and  exported,  values  and  currency  ,  volume,  business  opportuni_es,  among  others.     This   informa_on   provided   to   the   bank   a   great   compe__ve   advantage   and   the   lead   in   the   capture  of  new  business  opportuni_es,  that  was  previously  unknown  to  the  ins_tu_on.  EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  11  |  MAY  2011  
  14. 14. www.neowayusa.com! "!   !   The  main  producer  of  ceramic  _les  in  Brazil  and  one  of  the  largest  in  La_n  America  planned     a  strategy  to  relocate  their  sales  strategy  from  a  interna_onal  trade  only,  to  a  local  strategy.         Therefore,   the   company   requested   Neoway   SIM   (Marke_ng   Intelligence   Solu_on)   to   help   and   assist   the   viewing   and   management   of   sales   opportuni_es.   By   implemen_ng   SIM   Construc_on,   the   company   found   the   possibility   of   expansion   and   increase   their   internal   sales.       According   to   the   CEO   of   the   company,   having   access   to   qualified   informa_on   enhanced   the   Market  percep_on  of  sales  team,  increasing  50%  the  iden_fica_on  of  poten_al  customers.    EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY  |  P.  12  |  MAY  2011  
  15. 15. www.neoway.com.br   www.neowayusa.com     contato@neoway.com.br     Florianópolis  Rua  Patrício  Farias,  131  –  3o  andar     CEP  88034-­‐132   Florianópolis  –  SC   (48)  3333-­‐2030     São  Paulo   Rua  Surubim,  577  –  2o  andar   CEP  04571-­‐050   São  Paulo  –  SP   (11)  5505-­‐0581