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The cycling accident


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A cycling accident(Minor) Copyright goes to me.

Published in: Education, Sports, Business
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The cycling accident

  1. 1. It was the school holidays! Being a daredevil, mysister looked out of the window and thought toherself, it is a perfect day for cycling, not toosunny, not too windy. She dashed to take outher bicycle and ran downstairs to her favouriteplace, a long, steep slope.
  2. 2. My sister tightened his fingers around the brakes ofhis bicycle as she descended the steep hill. Thewheels of the bicycle took on a life on its own as itfree-wheeled down the slope. With every turn ofthe wheel, she speed increased by leaps andbounds. The bicycle sped down like a racingFormula One car as trees and bushes flew by in ablur. She could only watch in stupefied terror as herbicycle heading for the drain. Her legs turned tostone and his knuckle turned white she bracedhimself for the abrupt landing.
  3. 3. “Wham!” The bicycle crashed headlong onto thefloor. The impact sent my sister flying forwardhead first and over the handlebars of her bicyclelike a ragged doll. Her life flashed before his veryeyes before she landed with a sickening thud.Everything blacked out a few moments beforeher vision resumed blearily. My sister lay in atwisted heap of arms and legs, wincing inexcruciating pain.
  4. 4. Luckily, Emma, her best friend, saw her and quicklyran towards her. “Are you feeling well?” Sheasked, patting my sister’s arm gingerly. “Yes, I amfeeling well, thank you. How did you get here?” Sheasked. Emma quickly explained that she washelping her mother to buy food. Then, my sistertold Emma the story of how she fell. My sister thentried to get up. She struggled and at last, she stoodup with the help from Emma. She bade Emmagoodbye and set home with her bicycle beside her. What an eventful day!