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Yc may 20


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Yc may 20

  1. 1. 419798510529570It is always amazing to come across a fast learner, but at what age does learning really begin? This is the first thing you ask when you hear about Aaisha, who could read and write the alphabet when she had barely turned 2 years old.Winner of the Maars state level exam, Aaisha is all set to take the National level challenge come July. Having been in an exam with roughly 30 schools participating, Aaisha emerged as a clear winner.What does a prodigy like her indulge in between books? According to her mother Zaiba Ahmed, Aaisha is big on drawing and coloring pictures. It is quite clear then, that Aaisha is a kid of many talents. In fact, she’s quite certain of her ambitions for when she grows up to be a lady. Aaisha has been pretend playing with the doctor’s set for kids since she turned 3. One day, she confided in her grandpa that she will not need to play with the set for too long because she’s going to be a real doctor in a few days! On the other hand, she loves watching Ninja Hattori on T.V. She’s fond of the color pink, loves karate too! When it comes to food, however, Aaisha is known to be very moody. Only one dish is her clear favorite – fish!As Aaisha gears up for the National level exam in Mumbai, slated for July, we can be almost certain that this will be another feather in her cap. Pranks adores Aaisha for the genius of her quick learning skills and the fun kid that she is too!Image courtesy: Outlook IndiaWell, there has been a raging debate over the 2G scam and we have been hearing of politicians being involved. Our parents and News readers relentlessly accuse A. Raja of being involved in the 2G scam. Well what is the scam all about? And who is A. Raja? And why are people accusing them? Well let’s do a peek a boo and find out. What is 2G?2G stands for second- generation wireless telephone, or the mobile phone. 2G networks are basically for voice calls and SMS. 2G does not include internet emailing and other features. It only includes basic calling and SMS services. Mobile service providers need to buy a license to use the airwaves or spectrum through which these mobile signals travel. So what is the scam all about?The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), issues these licenses at a hefty cost. However, the previous telecom minister, A. Raja issued them to some favourite companies at lower rates, without following the set procedures. Companies like Unitech (Uninor) and Swan Telecom (which sold stake to Etisalat), which is known to be connected to the Reliance ADAG group, benefitted. OVER THE TOP: LITTLE CHAMP, AAISHA’S STORY7399655772033079857606108700What is 2G? What’s the scam about? And who are the people involved?51689003314700 Osama Bin Laden was born in Afghanistan many years ago. Some time ago, you must have heard your parents and their friends talk about this man and how he was killed by the troupes from America. You must have really wondered why they were cheering when someone had died!Well, that’s because Osama had hurt many people, and when you hurt other people, you get punished so you can’t keep hurting and learn a lesson. You’ve all watched cartoon films in which the bad guys who try to hurt other good people and in time, get punished for their deeds. Remember Jafar from ‘Aladdin’ or The Green Goblin from ‘Spider Man’? That’s exactly what Osama got after many years of being hunted.He was the leader and founder of a group of malicious people called Al Qaeda, and this group ran operations to destroy buildings, monuments and above all, people because they wanted to gain more power. They were just like bad bullies in school who would kick up a storm if they didn’t have things their way!Osama and his men are most known for having attacked two very tall and important buildings in the city of New York in 2001. The two imaginary buildings you see in the picture, they actually existed. Thousands of lives were lost and a lot of people got afraid. Countries around the world tried to hunt him down for years till he was finally caught and punished a few weeks ago.Everyone is happy about his death because justice has been done. It’s just like a fairy tale where the bad guys lose and pay for whatever wrongs they have done, and Osama Bin Laden is no different.6597652324100WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE OSAMA BIN LADEN?The Young ChronicleThis gadget is called Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder. It can help you find your luggage thanks to the built-in wireless transmitter and key chain recognition device. So how does it help you find your luggage? Simply put, all you need to do is just attach a transmitter to your bag and whenever the transmitter is in 20 meters range your key chain will start flashing, vibrating and beeping, so you’ll know that your bag is somewhere near. What makes each Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder so special is that each device is equipped with a different individual code, so your device won’t alert you if someone else’s transmitter is within your range. Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder also automatically deactivates itself when your luggage is inside the plane, so it won’t alert you during the flight. A smart device, isn’t it?64770010617200THE TECH CHRONICLEThought for the Day“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love.In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. ~ Robert Muller (1923-2010)Tom Sawyer’s is a life every boy wants to live. It is so so so much fun, to live across a river, visit a friend at midnight in a cemetery, bunk classes and go swimming in a lake close by. Play Robin Hood in the woods… where are the woods, the river, and the lakes? Rambo finds living in a society very mundane! All he does is go to School, do his homework, and go to the nearby park to play. What has the world come to? Going farther from the park is also unsafe! He wishes he were born in Tom Sawyer’s time, 160 years ago. According to Rambo, Tom’s character is very appealing. The mischievous boy rings a chord across time. We all want to be as precocious as Tom. Tom’s story is based in Missouri along the Mississipi River. He lives with his Aunt Polly, half-brother, Sid, and cousin Mary. Sid and Mary are AchaBacha’s, unlike Tom. Tom manages to get into trouble, even when he doesn't do any thing wrong. His best friends and partner’s in crime are Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn, who he loves meeting at the graveyard with a dead cat. Tom also has a crush on a girl, Rebecca (Becky) Thacher. Tom keeps exchanging treasures for his gain. He knows the worth of a frog; and the knob of an andiron. He uses these treasures to get a Bible, show his love, or bribe a friend. He is one street-smart boy. One night, Tom and Huck witness a murder, and are afraid of their own lives and swear to keep quiet. The know Injun Joe would kill them as well if he gets to know they had seen his act. Now what do they do?Tom’s character is very relatable, touching, and entertaining. The book reflects a beautifully spent childhood of a regular notorious boy like Rambo. There is no way you will not like the book. So read the book and share it with Rambo at The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain5461005727700Acha Bacha, Rambo’s Book of the week: Tom SawyerRambo’s take on Stanley Ka Dabba!4572001461135Rambo was extremely animated while watching Stanley ka Dabba. He said, that his teacher always asked all students to get her favourite dishes in their Tiffin. Rambo being a poor eater was initially quite happy, but then he realized that his mother would get up early each day to cook, and was really happy seeing his empty tiffin box each day.Rambo salutes Stanley for being the winner he is. He loves Stanley’s ‘never say die spirit’ and the way he fought all odds. Rambo says that the Tiffin box is only a metaphor for life and he gives the movie a four star rating, urging every child to watch it. Three cheers to Amole Gupte for making Taare Zameen Par, and now Stanley ka Dabba. We finally have a director who understands us children MIND BENDER5 pirates of different ages have a treasure of 100 gold coins. On their ship, they decide to split the coins using this scheme: The oldest pirate proposes how to share the coins, and ALL pirates (including the oldest) vote for or against it. If 50% or more of the pirates vote for it, then the coins will be shared that way. Otherwise, the pirate proposing the scheme will be thrown overboard, and the process is repeated with the pirates that remain.Assuming that all 5 pirates are intelligent, rational, greedy, and do not wish to die, (and are rather good at math for pirates) what will happen?QUIZ YOUR MINDWhich component is responsible for the Green colour in leaves? Stamen Ovary Chlorophyll Petiolesend in your answer at YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU PUT A TOOTH IN A COLA BOTTLE, IT WOULD DISSOLVE IN A MONTH?Most cola companies tell you that they are the right choice, and they are thanda, etc. What they do not tell you is that colas are very corrosive and nothing more than sugared carbonated water. What you buy for 25 rupees is actually worth only 50 paise. They say, if you take an aluminum can and dip it in cola, you can clear rust with it. Pranks and Rambo were very confused at hearing this. They love cola. Then Rambo came with another smart one, he said that anything lasts in our mouth for just a couple of seconds, how can it cause any harm. To this, Pranks cleverly remarked, ‘what’s the point of putting anything so corrosive in our mouth in any way’. She also added, ‘they don’t even distillate the water they use to make the drinks. Remember the Pesti-Cola issue? Pesticides were found in the drinks because they did not bother to distillate the water’. Pranks says, ‘she likes Sharukh, Aamir, Salman, and Akshay but she won’t have the drinks from now on’. Rambo is still undecided though. But his mother has been making absolutely delicious Aam Panna and no other drink can win over that. Former New Zealand cricketer Adam Parore hopes to reach the summit of Mt Everest. This weekend, after spending months training and acclimatizing for the harsh conditions, he finally hopes to make it to the top!Parore, who is climbing the world's highest mountain to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, has overcome altitude sickness and the disappointment of a first attempt in which his climbing group was forced to turn back because of bad weather.Parore left New Zealand on March 27 for Nepal to spend a month acclimatising at the Mt Everest base camp before trying to summit it.Of course, he isn’t the first one, but this is a brave attempt no matter who it is!51054007391400THE NEXT MAN TO SCALE MT. EVERESTFollowing a spell of bad fielding amongst other factors, the Kochi TuskersKerala team lost to the Chennai Super Kings at their last game of the IPL.'Chennai definitely fielded better than us. They are one of the best fielding sides in this tournament. Having been part of the Super Kings side for three years, I know how they prepare for the game. The results are showing for them.’ Said Parthiv Patel.'We have been working really hard. We had fielded well throughout the IPL till today. Our intensity was a bit less today,' said Patel, who last week was named in the Indian ODI side to tour the West Indies next month.’Looking back at the Tuskers' maiden IPL season, Patel said he hoped that the players would regroup and perform better next year.47771051816100This year has been the year for cricket in india. As Rambo and Pranks celebrated our second world cup win over Sri Lanka, we headed towards a glorious start of yet another episode of the Indian Premier League. This year’s IPL has been quite cold as compared to its previous editions. We believe that it has been too much cricket to digest for the Indians fans who otherwise follow cricket like religion. This fact is substantiated by half empty stadia and TV ratings going down with each match. It has been a very disappointing tournament especially for Delhi Daredevils’ fans. Having lost 9 out of the 13 matches it played, the Delhi team led by Virender Sehwag resides at the bottom of the table. Rambo is fairly upset with Gambhir too for leaving the team but then what can be done, right? Perhaps we should learn from our Shahrukh khan’s team which after performing so badly in the previous editions is now placed at 3rd position in the league and is one of the super sixes. Out of the three new teams added in this season on Mohali is doing fairly well challenging the hotshots like Mumbai and Jaipur. Pranks says Shane uncle needs to do get some magic out from up his sleeves. Surprisingly today, Rambo and Pranks are glued to the IPL match between former champions Rajasthan Royals and favourites Mumbai Indians. IPL has created a space for itself in their heart, as a matter of fact in all the children’s hearts. We shall see in the next edition of cricket update what all has happened as the week goes by and Rambo and Pranks gear up again for the next glorious match of IPL. But, we all have our fingers crossed as India, the current world champions, visits West Indies for a 5 ODI, 1 t20 and 3 Test match series starting June 4.What’s Up With the IPL?7112002222500KOCHI TUSKERS LOSE TO CHENNAI SUPER KINGSThe Sports Chronicle723900762000Email us your solutions at and win Acha Bacha and Achi Bachi Mugs. All the Best!! Sudoku49911009500870Courtesy: group of people traveling together: Usually an army or a group of performers.Malicious: Delibrately harmfulBullies: Aggressive people who use force and intimidate people to do something.Hunt: Seek prey; searchJustice: FairnessRaging:Very angry, intense, considerableAccusing: BlamingLicense: Permit, legal authorisationRegulatory: Control something by rules, Make something regular Amazing: OutstandingEmerge: To come outProdigy: Someone with exceptional talentIndulge: PamperPretend: Act as if something were trueAdore: Like something/ someone very muchMundane: Ordinary, boringFarther: To greater distanceMalicious: Deliberately harmfulPrecocious: Growing/ blossoming/ ripening earlyHalf Brother: StepbrotherTreasures: Something valuable (like gold)Notorious: Famous for something badGlorious: Exceptionally lovelyEditions: VersionsSubstantiated: With proofResides: LivesTournament: Series of gamesIntensity: With great depth or magnitudeSummit: Top, pinnacleAcclimatizing: Getting used toAnimated: LivelyMetaphor: Implicit comparisonUrging: Advice someone strongly, or persuasivelyTransmitter: Agent or means of sending signalsRecognition: AppreciationDeactivates: Becomes inactiveCorrosive: Chemically destructiveDistillate: Pure liquid (usually water)Proposing: Stating intention clearlyScheme: Plan of action, secret plotGreedy: Strongly desiring for more than requiredNew Words In This IssueThe Brain Train4572001905000<br />