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Yc june 6

  1. 1. YOUNG CHRONICLE June 6th , 2011 THE YOUNG CHRONICLE WILL THE WORLD MELT DOWN? WHY IS THIS HEAT CAUSING A Rambo and Pranks did a bit of investigation and PROBLEM? found that the Earth was getting warmer. They then Just like Pranks, learnt that the Earth was once very very very cold, in many of us might an era called the ice age. Then it started warming up not think of the and with the process of evolution, man evolved. heat as a problem. Evolution as a process is not that fool proof and More heat means scientists are still studying how man came about, but more Air we are not going to discuss that here. Well, with Conditioners man’s activities and the progress of industries, the (ACs). And an increase in Sale for more ACs would Earth has started heating up at a faster rate, it is reduce their prices so they would become quite getting polluted, and plundered. affordable too. After all, most developed countries have built in Air Conditioning and heating systems in houses. WHAT IS ACTUALLY So can India, what’s the big deal? HAPPENING TO THE EARTH AND WHY? Well, here http://globalwarming2009.blogsp comes the ot.com/ Well, answer. More ACs meansRambo found out that the Earth’s global average air more powertemperature near its surface rose by 0.56-0.92 C consumption,(0.98-1.62 F) degrees during the last 100 years. And and this wouldwhen he went through the Intergovernmental Panel worsen theon Climate Change’s website, he found that that this Green Houseincrease is very likely due to the increase in Effect causing Glaciers and Icecaps in the North andgreenhouse gas concentrations. The Green House South Pole to melt. This melt down could have severeeffect warms the earth’s surface and lower repercussions. The sea level could rise causing floods inatmosphere. Let’s learn about it briefly. areas close to the sea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BA greenhouse is a glass or plastic structure otanical_Garden_V.L._Komarov_Bota Extremewhich allows solar radiation to enter the nical_Institute.jpg climatic changesstructure but tends to trap most of the heat after would bethe plants absorb most of it and heat the experienced.atmosphere inside. Much of the heat is retained inside the greenhouse this way. Greenhouses Like extremeare predominantly built in cold areas to grow plants. winter and summer;Now, the Earth doesn’t have a glass or a plastic covering around it. But certain gasses in the extreme or veryatmosphere act as such a cover. The most important of these are water vapor, Nitrous Oxide scanty rainfallcarbon dioxide, methane, and ozone. too… just like certain parts of India experience each year.HOW DO WE REDUCE THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT? Additionally, there could be frequent and intense weather events, such as more intense hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, thunderstorms, blizzards, etc., though it is difficult to connect specific events to global warming. If you notice, most parts of the world are experiencing some or the Plant Trees Limit Waste Energy other form of weather related hazards already. Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide for Most products we use (like Electricity is commonly Global warming also changes agricultural yields Photosynthesis and hence, we should magazines, boxes, food produced by burning because of erratic rainfall and temperatures. It causes ensure that less trees are cut, and if products, toys etc) require coal, which results in the extinction of Species and increases the incidence of we do cut them, we should ensure energy for production and releasing Carbon Dioxide disease. than an equal number are grown. disposal. Hence we should in the air. Therefore we consume judiciously so that must switch off lights only the amount required is The increased volumes of carbon dioxide and other when we are not using produced, and not much is greenhouse gases released by the burning of fossil fuels them; and encourage the wasted. use of solar heaters and like coal, land clearing, agriculture, and other human cookers when possible. activities are the major causes of global warming.
  2. 2. YOUNG CHRONICLE June 6th, 2011 So What Can Be Done About This Huge Problem?   Just yesterday, Rambo was telling Pranks about last November when he and his friends got drenched in the heavy rain! While he  went  on  and  on  about  how  much  fun  they  had,  he  did  not  realize  that  rains  in  November  in  a  country  like  India  are  an  odd  phenomenon. It was only when Pranks pointed out that unusual changes like this, and others like unbearable temperatures in  summers, floods in some places and draughts in others are all a result of global warming did a bell ring in Rambo’s head. So he  read his encyclopedia and found out the following ways in which we can all save Planet Earth:  The 3R’s that form the basis of saving the environment are Reduce,    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Reuse and Recycle. ‘Reduce’ means to buy less and use less. Little  actions  like  turning  off  the  lights  when  not  in  use  and  opting  for    public  transport  go  a  long  way  in  reducing  your  energy  consumption.  ‘Reuse’  means  that  elements  of  the  discarded  item  are  used  again,  rather  than  directly  being  dumped  into  the  waste    bin.  ‘Recycle’  is  the  utilisation  of  waste  materials  into  something  new.  Instaed  of  throwing  away  unwanted  materials,  they  can  be  brought to use again in some other form. Plastic and glass bottles,  baterries,  cars,  furniture  and  even  some  mobile  phones  can  be  recycled.  So  the  next  time  before  you  toss  something  into  the  The Sun is the largest source of renewable energy and  dump basket, think if it can be put to some better use! Or if you are  abundantly  available  everywhere.  This  big  yellow  ball  in the market and need to discard a paper plate, put it in the Green  that shines over us can be used to generate energy in  bin, not the Blue one.  different  forms.  Solar  power  is  being  used  today  for  many  activities  like  cooking,  lighting,  water  heating,  etc.  An  innovative  example  is  solar  energy  vehicles  that, instead of using scarce fuel, run on energy of the  Solar Power sun. Newer methods of tapping the energy of the sun  are being developed everyday because it is one of the  oldest, most reliable and abundant sources of energy.  Wind energy Strong‐blowing  winds  are  not  only  useful  for  flying  kites  but  are  also  a  great  source  of  energy.  Wind  turbines  convert  fast  blowing  wind  into  energy  that  can  be  used  for  producing  electricity,  grinding  grain,  pumping water, etc. Energy produced by this method is clean and saves  the earth from pollution.  2 Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater harvesting stores water when it rains. This accumulated water  is then used for different purposes like drinking, irrigation, washing, etc.  Many  schools,  villages  and  colonies  in  cities  are  adopting  rainwater    harvesting.  You  must  check  with  your  teachers  and  parents,  and  convince  them  to  put  a  rainwater  harvesting  system  in  your  school/colony.  When Rambo was walking back from the market yesterday night, there  Pollution check were so many cars on the road emitting smoke and dust particles that he  could feel the unpleasantness in his breath. Our cars discharge particles  in  the  air  which  are  harmful  not  only  for  human  beings  but  the  atmosphere as well. This is why it is compulsory for all vehicles to get a  pollution  check  done  every  couple  of  months.  This  is  a  sort  of  examination  makes  sure  that  your  car  is  not  emitting  particles  that  will    add up to the pollution level. Make sure you ask dad about when he got  a  pollution  check  done  for  your  car  and  accompany  him  to  the  petrol    pump next time to see how it works?   Page 2 07/06/11
  3. 3. YOUNG CHRONICLE MAY, 2011 FROM NATURAL ENVIRONMENT TO POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT DICTATORS OF THE WORLD   We  all  know  that  the  world  has  millions  of  people,  and  these  people  live  in  different  countries.  Different  countries  have  different  leaders  who  govern  the  country  and  protect  its  people.  Just  like  there are Acha Bachas and there are Ganda Bachas, the world has both good and bad leaders. Good  leaders respect the citizens’ freedom and are fair. Bad leaders, on the other hand, challenge these very  fundamentals and believe themselves to be the ruler whom everyone must obey.   The world has seen many of these bad leaders, all of whom have a record of killing millions of people,  disrespecting human rights and exercising extreme tyranny. Let’s have a look at the worst dictators in  the history of the world:  Adolf Hitler  Perhaps the most famous dictator in history is Adolf Hitler who reigned over Germany from 1933‐1945.  That seems to be a long time ago, but truth is that he was a brutal and cruel leader whom the world  can  never  forget.  The  man  with  a  signature  Charlie  Chaplin‐like  moustache  and  exceptional  oratory  skills ordered barbarities that shocked the whole world.  Historians and leaders blame Hitler for being  the cause behind the Second World War and carrying out the genocide of more than 6 million Jews,  referred to as ‘The Holocaust.’  Ultimately, faced with loss of power and imminent defeat in the War,  Hitler committed suicide, bringing to end a war that ruined the whole world.  Saddam Hussein  Saddam  Hussein  was  dictator  of  Iraq  from  1979  until  2003.  He  entered  politics  while  he  was  still  a  university  student  and  went  on  to  establish  autocratic  rule  over  Iraqi  people,  curbing  their  freedom,  sovereignty  and  human  rights.  He  invaded  Kuwait  and  Iran  which  caused  a  lot  of  a  lot  of  death  and  destruction.  Hussein  imprisoned,  tortured,  maimed  and  killed  a  countless  number  of  people.  Ultimately, a U.S.‐led coalition attacked Iraq in 2003 claiming that the Saddam regime was harboring  weapons of mass destruction which was a threat to world security. Saddam disappeared from public  view, only to be captured, tried and hung to death in 2006.  Idi Amin  Idi Amin presided over the African nation of Uganda from 1971‐1979. The 6‐foot 4‐inch tall dictator, who  was a former boxer, was at first welcomed by the people when he seized power. However, very soon  he changed colours and began harassing his countrymen.  He misused his power to kill people of ethnic  minorities,  capture  property  of  Asians  and  Europeans  illegally,  and  murder  as  many  as  half  a  million  people.  He  is  believed  to  be  a  man‐eater.    Amin  titled  himself    as  "His  Excellency,  President  for  Life,  Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor  Idi Amin Dada, Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and  Uganda  in  Particular".    This  power‐hungry  ruler  ruined  the  ‘Pearl  of  Africa’,  as  Uganda  is  called,  and  made life darker for its people.  3 Hosni Mubarak  If  you  are  an  Acha  Bacha  and  read  newspapers  regularly,  you  must  have  read  the  name  ‘Hosni  Mubarak’ all over the papers recently. He ruled over Egypt from 1981‐2011. Due to his oppressive and  defective  governance,  t he  people  in  this  country  of  Pyramids  were  unhappy  with  the  police,  lack  of  free  and  fair  elections  and  freedom  of  speech,  corruption  within  the  government,  inflation  and  high  unemployment  rates.  So  they  organized  demonstrations,  marches,  acts  of  civil  disobedience,  and  labour  strikes  to  demand  Mubarak’s  removal.  The  protests  were  particularly  loud  in  Cairo  (Egypt’s  capital) and the port city of Alexandria.  Tahrir Square became an iconic landmark where thousands of  people challenged the dominating dictator, and ultimately caused his fall.  Muhammad Gadaffi  Muhammad  Gadaffi  gained  authority  in  Libya  in  1969  after  overthrowing  King  Idris.  He  started  exploiting  the  citizens  by  crushing  voices  of  dissent  and  heavily  controlling  the  media.  The  Libyan  dictator is known to be violent by nature and has inflicted many crimes on humanity. In February 2011,  the  people  of  Libya  raised  their  voices  in  protest  against  Gadaffi  and  asked  him  to  step  down.  However, he refused to surrender before internal and international pressure. For now, the country is in  a  state  of  civil  war  where  its  leader  has  declared  war  on  his  own  people  and  the  end  is  nowhere  in  sight.  What is common between all these dictators is the strong urge to be powerful and that they can go  any  end  to  achieve  this  power.  Another  thing  that  is  also  common  to  their  rule,  and  perhaps  most  important, is that sooner or later people stand up for their rights, overthrow the dictator and regain  their freedom.   And in the end, it’s all that matters. 
  4. 4. YOUNG CHRONICLE June 6th, 2011 Poem of the Week THE BRAIN TRAIN Caughing and Sneezing Basic stuff you the men go by, The cause of smoke can do to save the No trees near by environment. Now is the time • Turn off the Men and women take a lights, vow fans, Grow more trees TV and other electrical And say appliances when not required. • Curtail the use of Air Conditioners and refrigerators emit a dangerous chemical called ‘chlorofluorocarbons’ (CFC) which are depleting the ozone layer (the belt which protects the Earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun.) • Make sure the taps are not running when not in use. Make sure your cars and bikes • undergo the pollution check and do not emit dangerous particles. • Trees are life-givers that emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Every Acha Bacha must plant as many of these green coolers as possible in their school and colony. Use paper wisely and judiciously. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTS • • Every single day, 70 million tons of carbon • Using public transport like buses and metros is dioxide is released into our world’s atmosphere. always more advisable than bringing your own • 20 million tons of ice is lost per day in the glaciers vehicle on the road. of Greenland. • To produce each weeks Sunday newspapers, 500,000 trees4 • Smart kids always ride a must be cut down. bicycle. It causes zero • Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean pollution. kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures every year! • Up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up in the dustbin could be • Travel in Car Pools. recycled. • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours. • Use cloth bags instead of plastic WHY ARE SOME SOURCES OF ENERGY MORE HARMFUL FOR THE ENVIROMENT THAN bags OTHERS? when The harmful sources of energy are called non renewable resources. Non renewable means, substances which cannot get replenished themselves. Which means, once they are gone, they are gone. Examples of these resources would be Coal and Petrol. These two fuels are very important to run vehicles and machinery, but they are present under the earth’s surface in limited quantities and will get over soon if not used judiciously. Moreover, the usage of these resources causes emission of Carbon Dioxide and Pollution. These resources are unlike Solar and other renewable sources of energy, which are present in abundance and cause no pollution. Email us your solutions at admin@achabacha.co.in and win Acha Bacha and Achi Bachi Badges. All the Best!!  Page 4 07/06/11