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Young Chronicle, May 30th

  1. 1. 250507512019915Very often, we hear our parents talk about the United States being a super power. But what made it one? How did a land discovered by Christopher Columbus become so powerful in just a couple of centuries; more so in the last century?Recently you would have noticed that many decisions pertaining to countries at a national level are taken after a lot of global influence, rather after U.S influence. U.S troops were stationed in Afghanistan; Saddam Hussain was hunted and hung after operation . And recently Osama Bin Laden was caught and killed on sight. Well, the world saw a dramatic change in world order as a cause and effect of the First and Second World War. The wars posed as opportunities to implement idealistic proposals for global governance and make collective efforts to address worldwide problems that went beyond the capacity of individual nations. While nations had the right to self- determination, they had to comply with certain international norms and pressures. International organisations like the League of Nations and United Nations and NATO, were created to maintain a balance of power in favor of the United States and collaborate and cooperate to maintain peaceful trade and capitalism. Internationalisation was welcomed after the aftermath of the wars. Except that there was a lack of democracy in the way these organisations functioned, which is why they were inadequate in preventing global war and fostering global justice. The United Nations was designed in 1945 as an association of sovereign nations, and not a replacement for a democratic world government. After the Second World War, Soviet Union (Which broke down in 1991 to form Russia Georgia Ukraine Moldova Belarus Armenia Azerbaijan Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan EstoniaLatvia Lithuania ) became really powerful and a big threat to the United States as it was a Communist country where as the U.S was capitalistic. Somewhere, a lot of people feel that there was a conspiracy involved and top Bankers and greedy Politicians were involved in the block politics (which emerged between nations supporting the USSR and the US after the Second World War) which resulted in internationalism when the USSR lost.In advocacy of internationlism, a lot of statesmen feel that the world would have been —a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war had internationalism not been introduced. Now, we can see a new world coming into view. In the words of Winston Churchill, a "world order" in which "the principles of justice and fair play ... protect the weak against the strong..." The United States, being the strongest part of the United Nations Security Council, is a key influencer in all-international matters. Which is why their interference in most national matters is accepted. However, the U.S isn’t all that philanthropic and saintly. The Gulf Wars are evidence of that. In fact even the The New York Times observed that the U.S. had imperial ambitions in the Middle East because the Middle East is resplendent with Oil reserves, which the world desperately needs. The year 2000, changed a lot of things, and Osama Bin Laden was partly responsible for that. When Al-Qaeda attacked the twin towers, the power and might of the big giant was unleashed over innocents in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Even though, the U.S. military overthrew the Saddam Hussain and the Taliban regime in Iraq and Afghanistan, the involvement of the U.S military in national matters is questionable. Currently, we find Pakistan fighting the same battle with the U.S, as even though the U.S probably did a good dead by killing Bin Laden, they were not authorized to do so, without Pakistan’s knowledge. Of course, many feel that officials from the Pakistan Government were involved in ensuring Osama’s Safety, and he wouldn’t have been caught had the Pakistan Government been informed of the attack. Needless to say, terrorism and the bomb attacks in the U.S and all over the world have brought the world together. Fighting terrorism is one agenda that has brought a lot of nations together. India has faced a number of attacks too, however, the United States has an upper hand when it comes to taking decisions that could cause international uproar. Even though, the current world order stinks of political propaganda, it is true that we make the world a better place together as one people. In the Words of Michael Jackson, ‘We are the WorldWe are the ChildrenWe are the ones who make a brighter daySo let’s start givingThere’s a choice we’re making, we’re saving our own livesIt’s true we make a better day, just you and me.’3479800795020034734505092700834390040760656604002324100WHY IS THE WORLD THE WAY IT IS?What is 2G? What’s the scam about? And who are the people involved?The Young ChronicleIn India, the monsoon is the most awaited season. Rambo decided to find out what causes the monsoon. Now that he is an expert in the subject, let’s find out what monsoons are, from him. Rambo says that the heat in the summer makes air lighter and rise. This creates a vacuum, which needs to be filled with heavier air. This is when cold winds gush into the space from the sea, carrying with them, loads of moisture. It is this moisture that condenses in the form of rain. You must understand the basic principle of monsoon winds. They blow from cooler to warmer temperatures. Monsoon also occurs in the Winter, however it isn’t very severe as the wind blows from the land to the sea. We will discuss that sometime later; however let’s understand the Summer monsoon for starters. The path taken by the monsoon is reflected in the map below. I wish we had a colourful map but Rambo found this map most explanatory. The monsoon hits the western coast of the country first somewhere in the month of June. Most of the winds crash against the Western Ghats and the area experiences heavy downpour. The Mumbai floods? Well, these winds are responsible for them. Some winds headed towards the north and those which go over the Bay of Bengal are responsible for rains in the rest of the country. Orissa gets flooded each year because of the winds that travel over the Bay and gather more moisture in route.You might wonder why Rajasthan became a Desert then? Well this is because, when the winds reach Rajasthan, they are almost parallel to the Arravali Mountains, they don’t crash against them and hence it doesn’t rain there… some of these winds travel further, and reach Delhi and Punjab. Delhi primarily receives rain from the winds that travel over the Bay of Bengal, and this happens usually in the month of July and August.blow from cold to warm regions because cold air takes up more space than warm air. Monsoons blow from the land toward the sea in winter, and from the sea toward land in the summer. India’s winters are hot and dry. The monsoon winds blow from the northeast and carry little moisture. The temperature is high because the Himalayas form a barrier that prevents cold air from passing onto the subcontinent. Additionally, most of India lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the equator, so the sun’s rays shine directly on the land. The temperature can reach as high as 110oF during the Indian winter. The summer monsoons roar onto the subcontinent from the southwest. The winds carry moisture from the Indian Ocean and bring heavy rains from June to September. The torrential rainstorms often cause violent landslides. Entire villages have been swept away during monsoon rains. Despite the potential for destruction, the summer monsoons are welcomed in India. Farmers depend on the rains to irrigate their land. Additionally, a great deal of India’s electricity is generated by water power provided by the monsoon rains. Isn’t Darshita absolutely cool? Well, if you have a talent, and want your work to be featured as the ‘Acha Bacha or Achi Bachi talent of the week’, then send in your entries to us at and be the coolest kid in the country. Achi Bachi, Darshita Rohera’s Sketches781050098933005473700991870029464009918700546100993140023914101714500Source of Map: Great Indian WesterliesOBAMA’S TECH SAVVY! And how do we know that? Well, that’s because he just made history by using an autopen- an automatic signing machine- from an ocean away. This spurred a lot of controversy but Rambo and Pranks were more interested in how the autopen actually works. Essentially, news is that a White-House aide would hand-carry the Patriot Act, a set of anti-terrorism and law enforcement measures, to Europe (where Obama was attending an important international summit). This act had been passed after 9/11 (you all know what happened on this date, don’t you? Well, the famous World Trade Centre towers were brought down in a heinous act of terror on September 11, 2000). However, the process was delayed and Obama would have missed the deadline, so he authorized the use of an autopen. This pen is more commonly used to mimic the President’s signature on Christmas Cards and other trivial formalities. Well, Rambo is quite bored of the IPL. His newfound hobby is reading about cars and Grand Prix rallies around the world. James bond’s chase sequences on his Aston Martin amaze him no end. And he is amazed at the finesse with which Jason Statham dodges the ‘bad guys’ with his W12 Audi A8. He winces at the fact that Robert Langdon absconded with Leigh Teabing in the Da Vinci Code, as what they left in, was a Range Rover.These wonders of automotive innovation have left many dumbfounded throughout the years, coupled with a desire to one day see these masterpieces on Indian roads. As if these companies from the world over, primarily Europe have suddenly woken up to the urgency of entering the Indian market, our shores are being flooded with cars, super cars and hyper cars!First off the block was Porsche and with no less than the 911! Do what you will, the 911 has managed to remain the clear winner in terms of sports touring and straight-line performance. The Boxter and the Cayman add to the list of affordable sports cars which have been well accepted here.Then came Lamborghini with two of its road-going bulls: the Gallardo and the Murcielago. Considered to be the ultimate sports machines, the company is expected to bring in the even more devastating Reventon and Aventador to India, after production of the Murcielago was stopped.Big daddy Volkswagen was not contended to see its siblings (Porsche & Lambo) doing duty in India. Enter the A8 from Audi. A rival to the world’s best car: Mercedes S-class, the A8 seems menacing and hell-bent to take over this title from the three-pointed star. And it seems Mr. four-rings has done an excellent job at that.Italian player Fiat did not have a lot of sports goodies to offer in India apart from their standard sedans and hatchbacks. But so what! We have two biggies known for their super car culture around the world in India now: Maserati and Ferrari. With all the three variants of Maser and four hyperactive models from the prancing horse in India, options could rather kill you!Then there was always JLR. After Tata’s acquisition of these two premier British marquees, things have not only started looking up for the Tatas, but also sounded a revival for JLR, which was in desperate need of a change. So, now we have a host of offerings from Jaguar in India and the world’s best SUV: Range Rover is parked at your nearest dealer; have the bucks, no stopping you!End customers are the ones have the last laugh. Never were they treated to such a great variety in terms of design, engine options or the overall appeal from a car. Intense competition between manufacturers has ensured that when a model is launched globally, it makes its way to India within a few weeks, as no one can currently afford to neglect the second fastest growing economy in the world that is becoming a manufacturer’s dream destination and a driver’s paradise.Aston Martin Some Congressmen feel that the use of such a pen for matters of such supreme importance is a danger. Nevertheless, Rambo feels that the use of such technology is actually quite cool. When Rambo further investigated the news, he got to know that Thosmas Jefferson was the first one to use such a pen to sign bills back in the 1800’s. He also figured that only two such companies in the U.S, make these devices and each signature template costs about 175$ each. Some expensive autopens are automated and require programming a person’s handwriting into a computer. Wonder which kind of pen Obama uses, but Rambo certainly wants the most expensive one to recreate his father’s signature. Trust him to get such ‘Ganda Bacha’ notorious thoughts. Tech ChronicleThe Sports Chronicle723900762000DID YOU KNOW??God must love animals – There are so so so many of them.Some animals are in fact invisible to the eye. That means that we cannot see them with out the help of a microscope. And others are so huge. The diversity in the animal kingdom is interesting to observe.Coming to the facts, Pranks was quite flabbergasted to hear that here are more than a million animal species.There are 6,000 species of reptiles, 73,000 kinds of spiders, and 3,000 types of lice, to be precise. This means, there are about 200 million animals for each person. The 4,600 kinds of mammals represent a mere 0,3% of animals and the 9,000 kinds of birds only 0,7%. The most abundant bird species is the red-billed quelea of sub-Saharan Africa, numbering almost 2 billion.Surprising right?!Which place receives the maximum amount of rainfall in a year?South Dakota, USAAmazonian forest, South AmericaCherrapunji, IndiaHawaii IslandsEmail us your solutions at and win Acha Bacha and Achi Bachi Badges. All the Best!! 82175359169400Thought for the Day“Don’t judge each dayby the harvest you reapbut by the seeds you plant!”~ HYPERLINK "" t "_self" Robert Louis Stevenson(1850-1894)5588001663700Mind BoggleFind the number of times the word Boggle appears in this crossword. Email us the answer at and will email you the correct answer. 4953008839200Source: Brain Train<br />